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Kate Five vs Symbiote comic Pages 175 and 176

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First double-pager in Kate Five history :) Liath explodes onto the page with a massive kick to Centennia's face. That's what she gets for intercepting a Fastball Special

How many other comics can you name that feature ancient Irish warrior buttholes?

Centennia of course appears courtesy of TheCosmicBeholder 
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Ouch that's painful. Gorgeous and great artwork 
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I was pleased with this page. You don't get naked kicks showing the ladies' bits anywhere
Well its a good job 
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OH I have to say I love the combat as well as the view. 
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Thanks! It's an explosive kick. I had fun researching the pose. Quite pleased with the anime style speed lines in the background too
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... Doing the splits never looked so cracking... @_@
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Haha ^_^ Researching the pose was interesting
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I can't think of any other comics, but i hope you will inspire more!
An awesome new page, with a lot of action, motion, and, insights.
Well done!
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As I said on tumblr, That action shot angle! Unf!
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Very proud of that. Researching the pose was awesome
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I can't name many comics with ancient Irish warrior buttholes. You've made a-hole new genre!
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That was an inspired pun. You really should be proud :)
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:bow: Kinda used it from Viva La Bam.
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