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Kate Five vs Symbiote comic Page 22

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Sir Carey's awfully nonchalant about one of his agents being DEAD, and another (2) being taken over by alien symbiotes.
But then, when dealing with the superpowered world, this sorta thing is probably just an average Tuesday.
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In the prose version he's trying real hard to keep cool. Stiff upper lip and all that
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A *PROPER* British boss.

"Your bouncy curvaciousness is simply not acceptable."

"But Kate just killed a man."

"Get dressed."

"But my costume has a huge boob window."

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Haha! You write Sir Carey better than I do
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It's a government building, you can't have sexy naked girls on duty!
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So did she throw on an outfit or did she form one?
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That's her regular Nexi outfit, just extra blueness! I guess there wasn't enough introduction to the characters before the craziness to make it clear!
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I'll imagine she formed her outfit hehe
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I like how the old guy asked Nexus girl to get some clothes on as he was taking in the situation.

It also looks like Mother and daughter are going to start their fox hunt...  Other than that...

Happy hunting girls  

((Note:A Little tip I learned about symbiots after reading what if....
I learned if the symbiots reflects the mind of their host so if someone like The Punisher gets bonded with one it could create wing gliders like spider wrist mounted machine guns , and other sharp objects to use than just their claw so Imagine what could be done with Kate )) 
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Ooh nice! I'll think about that. Thanks as always for the feedback
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No problem always happy to help...  
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