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Kate Five vs Symbiote comic Page 178

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Uh oh.. It's Ohmega!

Tried out a new shading method, which I feel for the skin tones works a lot better, especially Kate's! Also I've tried to make Aideen/Liath's hair more multi-coloured like in the original pencils :)

Centennia appears courtesy of TheCosmicBeholder 
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It looks more like classic cell-shading now, I like it a lot! The soldier looks really intimidating, and that panel with Centennia and Kate is perfect.
Oh those nasty Ohmega- showing their true colors might be what brings our heroes together, which will be bad for our favorite clandestine conspiracy organization.
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I'm much happier with this shading. It's funny that the epiphany came while watching hentai before bed!

Glad it's been well received. I shake my fist at those Ohmega jerks!
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Those bastards! We'll show them!
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Wow wonderful update and I have to agree with :iconaraghenxd: the shading does look better....

I also guessing the truck was Omhega's and firing on NY civilians may be their undoing...

Because if the Odds and close at hand Heroes don't get them all ... someone else with Military resources will pay Omhega's Chairman a visit for entering their city without permission...   

Still I love what you've done here.

Oh and before I forget...

Bullet; Black RegentBullet; Black   Gee Captain obvious can think coherent thought without assistance  
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The truck was indeed Ohmega's. We'll see how this plays out!
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This is a nice new shading technique indeed! I wholeheartedly approve of your continuing experiments into digital techniques :D  Looks like Centennia is too busy shielding Kate to beat up Ohmega... I wonder what happens next? :O
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I like it too :)

It's gonna be a slobber-knocker!
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Shading does look better. :D
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