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Kate Five vs Symbiote comic Page 177

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Dammit Kate! Will you stop getting hit by trucks!

Centennia appears courtesy of TheCosmicBeholder
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Idunno, I think Cen could have taken the hit from the truck.
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That's the thing. She totally would have shrugged it off, so Kate's done herself more harm than good
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The Future always finds a way.
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Just because you can see it, doesn't mean you can change it
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wow Kate still gets hit by trucks.... I wondering if it's due to the symbiote having magnetic metals in it's body or Kate's just clumsy? 

Because she still getting hit by trucks when she should be doing this.... Shizuo Truck Flip 

Still cook update.
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Worst part is that Centennia wouldn't even get hurt by a truck. The truck would have disintegrated. Silly Kate
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Ah! The truck came after all! I hope Kate will be after her selfless action...
I'm amazed at how well you make these photographic backgrounds work- even the truck!
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Thanks! It's laziness and lack of artistic ability, but I make up for it with sneakiness.

Centennia really wasn't in any danger. Silly Kate
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Definitely an interesting new look.
Kate meant well, and acted in instinct...
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But, isn't Centennia the most powerful hero on Earth? Wouldn't she just shrug off a collision like that? Kate's heroic sacrifice seems unnecessary.
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You're absolutely right. Centennia would have just walked away from it. The truck would probably have disintegrated.

Kate acted selflessly without thought for own safety, but ultimately she just caused herself unnecessary pain
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OH nooooooooo!  The vision came true anyway!
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It's the universe's way of compensating for Cassandra attempting to change fate.
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