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Kate Five vs Symbiote comic Page 172

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First glimpse of Kate in digital colour :) It doesn't take too long to colour so I'm quite happy with the process.

Centennia of course appears courtesy of TheCosmicBeholder       
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I guess Rhys should be saying uncle here... 

I he really should look before he leaps because he thought his powers alone were enough to avenge his comrade...

Now Professor Kate is teaching him otherwise!Freddy Laughing Chat Icon 

Wonderful update!  
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Very nice!  I'm really liking your new digital colors!  Looks like Centennia is catching her wind there... I wonder what's coming next!
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It's going to be big!
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Love it! It still looks like you!
Cute closeup of Aideen, Kate looks fabulously ferocious, Rhys is loosing his pants and Centennia is worried, but thankful for the breather. Despite her strength, beeing in a holding grip seems to be a weakness of her ;-) (like we've seen in that glorious SymSurprise fight)
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Yaay! Glad you approve :)

For the record, Rhys is loosing his shirt, not his pants! Haha. Maybe later..

Martial arts is very much about using your opponent's weight and momentum against themselves. So I figure as powerful as Centennia is must mean her muscles, joints, ligaments etc must all be very strong too, so if you apply the right kind of pressure, the body hurts itself. You'd have to pretty damn strong though to be able to put that kind of pressure on Earth's Most Amazingly Cool Hero
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Yeah totally! It looks great!

It's true, you'd have to have some super-strength to pull that off. And as we've established before, there are a few cyberkittenverse characters who can at least hold against her...
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But they best not piss her off, or else they might see just how powerful she is! ^_^
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Yes! Let's hope they know when to stop ;-)
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Likin the new style!
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