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A plague upon thee!

What could be cooler then a potion-hurling, mad alchemist in a plague doctor outfit?

A lot of things, actually... but Plague Knight is still pretty high up on the list!
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Plague Knight is aweeesome!
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aw yiss plague knight

Probably the most fun boss fight in the game if you ask me, and in a game full of great boss fights, that's saying something! You did a great job on the little dude here. :D
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It looks awesome!
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Beautiful, shading is perfect!
can't wait to play the dlc ;D
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Wasn't Plague Knight supposed to get his own Spin-off Game?
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He's getting a playable campaign in Shovel Knight, but it'll still be Shovel Knight.
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This looks like it's official artwork, nice!
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That'd be because I used the official artwork as a reference while I was working this out.
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I absolutely love every pixel art you make, never stop doing what you do! I hope I can be as good you someday, cause you are incredibly talented!
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Well, thanks a lot! I'm glad to be an inspiration.
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