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If you like something, let me know, please. Faves are nice, but improvement only comes with criticism.


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by JINNdev

This... This is absolutely gorgeous! This is what pixel art is all about! I've dabbled in HD-izing sprites into pixel art before, so I ...

This was brilliant! I figured it had to be a video after I couldn't control the title screen, but I wasn't expecting the end at all! Fi...


I am discovering that I am both better than I thought I was at drawing, and worse than I thought I was at drawing....
Orbit Man
CYN-005 Orbit Man, a robot master made for orbital simulations.

Orbit Man was designed to calculate and simulate orbits around planets of varying densities for the purpose of installing space-stations, moons, etc during extraterrestrial expeditions. His torso contains a powerful Tachyon Capacitor (Designed by Dr. Light) that allows him to manipulate gravitational fields around himself. He uses these to practically simulate orbits after he's done calculating them in his head. 

Due to the sheer processing power his orbits and calculations require, his twin processors constantly need ventilation, ironically preventing him from operating outside an atmosphere. He often consults with thermal based robot masters in hopes of developing a more efficient method of keeping cool.

Orbit Man is very brilliant, but lacks social graces. This, combined with his odd sense of humor, leads him to seek companionship with other intellectual robots rather than humans.
Flood Man
CYN-006 Flood Man, a robot master made for emergency water relocation. 

Flood Man was created to respond to heavy flooding by pumping floodwater into his hyper-spacial storage tanks and then re-distributing it into less-flooded areas. His twin nozzles can fire his stored water in many different forms. From dispersing fine mists to blasting pressurized water cutters. Despite his considerable mass, he's capable of using his water jets to propel himself, often preferring hovering to walking. 

Flood Man has a serious disposition. His work can mean the difference between life and death, and he has no time for nonsense. When not on the job, he loosens up considerably, and likes to spend time as a traveling attraction for water parks.
Custom Robot Masters Redux
I'm alive! And I've been working on refining my style.

From left to right, we have Fridge Kid, Sand Man, Volt Kid, Flood Man, Flower Girl, Dragon Man, Toon Man, and Orbit Man.

If you've been following me, you may remember my set of eight robot masters for a theoretical Megaman game I wanted to make.……, and…

After Megaman 11 happened, I got to thinking about the art of Megaman. I liked 11 well enough, but I didn't like how far it strayed from the NES aesthetic in visuals and sound. At the same time, I could see how that style could get old after 8 games in that format. With that in mind, I set out to create a new style that would maintain the style and limitations of 8-bit, and yet also be more detailed and modern.

To go along with this style, I decided my robots also needed updating. Most of them were very bland and generic, and even the ones I liked didn't stand out in comparison with the rest. With that in mind, I kept half of them, redesigned them to varying degrees, and made four new ones. For practice, I also made them in the classic style too, because why not?


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a massive fan of video games, and such, most of my work is sprite related or game related in some fashion.

My dream is to one day work as a graphical developer for games, TV shows, and movies.

I also enjoy reading, writing, acting, and watching cartoons.


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