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This took me a while, but at least I got it finished before the finale! Hopefully I can pick up the pace once school is out.

18 hours over 1 week using GIMP and Inkscape.

Click here for rainbowed Applejack: [link]

EDIT: Yay! Made it onto Equestria Daily!
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Copycats. Rainbow always has the best mane.
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Ok, wasn't expecting that
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In the first panel fluttershy and pinkie look so awkward :P
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ponypal155Professional Filmographer
i dye my mane to, its actually gold but i dye it blue
inflationdoom's avatar
could make sense

enter discord

now it makes total nonsense
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Bound-To-The-GroundHobbyist General Artist
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all life was a lie XD
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Rarity Looks Good With Rainbow Hair
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LordSleeperHobbyist General Artist
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PinkiePie-PartyPonyHobbyist Digital Artist
It Fits Fluttershy And Rarity Very Much
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uh apple jack
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twilight and rarity's tale are normal
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pokemonlegend999Hobbyist Artist
Because they already dyed them they have not done their manes yet
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Wait...i thought it was the manes that were dyed. The tails weren't done yet!
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MichaelGS-0148Hobbyist Digital Artist
But she's a natural rainbow-mane!
I think.
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TsundraStudent General Artist
her hair and natural Rainbow des because the foal she has this mane she her father's pull the Rainbow hair appears on the show ...... it and the only mare with natural Rainbow mane. in Equestria ....... I am the only one who finds it odd ?....
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I think that the joke is that ALL OF THEM are natural rainbow-mane's.
But they dye their hair pink and or purple. Like Mayor Mare uses gray dye.
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MichaelGS-0148Hobbyist Digital Artist
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where's aj?
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