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CyberSearch for Rainmeter

By CyberGen49
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CyberSearch is a Rainmeter search bar suite that's both elegant and functional.

- Google, Reddit and YouTube search bars are included
- Expandable to just about any search engine out there
- Light and dark modes (double click the search bar icon to change)
- Compact design
- Ability to view your 5 most recent search results, unique to each individual search bar

To create a new search bar:
1. Open the skin's folder. By default, it's C:\Users\(yourUserName)\Documents\Rainmeter\CyberSearch
2. Copy/paste one of the premade folders and give it a name
3. Open the new folder and double-click Search.ini
    - If prompted, open the file with Notepad
4. Scroll down to the search settings
5. Change engineName to the name of your search engine of choice
6. Find and download an (ideally transparent background) icon for your search engine
7. Copy the path of the downloaded image with Shift Right-Click > Copy as path
8. Paste the copied path in the file after engineIcon
9. Open the search engine you would like to use and search for something
10. Copy the URL of your search and paste it back into the file after engineURLQuery=
11. Replace every occurrence of your search text in the URL with {q}.
12. Once your edits are complete, save the file with Ctrl + S
13. Open Rainmeter from your system tray and reload all skins
14. Select your new search bar under CyberSearch in Rainmeter and load it
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How do I change the size?

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fkexNew Deviant

how do you change it black

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double tap the icon

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rpzambadNew Deviant

Is there any shortcut to access the bar with keyboard?

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Great One!

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its great. I'm loving it

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im trying to change the font inside the search bar when typing. i changed every font in every file, put fonts in the fonts folder, installed the fonts on my pc but nothing seems to work.

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nevermind, for people who have this problem. install font and restart your pc. then the fonts work properly

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Builder-04Hobbyist Digital Artist

You can also restart rainmeter... (taskmanager).:D

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Works like a charm, thanks for sharing

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I've Modified your Cyber Search bars again now I can make it launch any bowser, remember history for each search bar not show google history for each bar and now it can also open the browser in FULLSCREEN MODE or as an App using the parameters --start-fullscreen or --app

this is how i did it!

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Hello! I like your search bar design. However, I have a few questions to address.

1. can I make the bar bigger and change the font?

2. can I stop showing history?

3. I am using BAIDU.COM as searching engine as well as google. but i didnot figure out how to set up parameter.

would you mind suggesting accordingly?


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when i click it, it doesnt let me type! :/

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Como hago que sea mas transparente

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Hi, I love the skin! However it does seem to have quite a big bug: whenever I go to my desktop with Windows 10's gestures or pressing the desktop button in the bottom right corner, the search box doesn't work. When I click it it just flashes the suggestions box open and closed and won't let me write. This makes it pretty useless for me, as I use gestures a lot! Any chance of a fix? Thanks!

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Sorry you're having problems with CyberSearch. This is a known issue and I'm working on a fix. Thanks for letting me know.

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Is there a way to make it smaller?
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Skin scaling is planned for the future.

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Xsenia2013 Digital Artist

How to make Google search bar black

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Hey, sorry about the delay.

You can switch between dark and light mode by double clicking the search bar logo.

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This is great! Thanks so much!!!

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Love this! It would be cool if there was a way to switch between the different search engines by scrolling with the mouse wheel.

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Seems like we're on the same page. I considered that but decided to save it for a later release if I were to add it.

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