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My Bio

- currently age 37 [as of 2022]

- diagnosed with ADHD, ADD and Autism

- casual gamer/unorthodox animation buff

Discord: sgt.bilby [discord changed how they handle name tags, don't ask - i'm confused too] Miitopia (switch) access key: 5NJP16N

Nintendo Network ID: RetroToonMaster

3DS: 3351-4181-1924 Switch codes Animal Crossing Dream Address: DA-4737-0093-9262 Main Account (Switch Name: Sgt. Bilby): SW-8186-6341-9711

Likes: Preschool Cartoons (good ones), Music (of any kind), whatever TV show i find enjoyable

Dislikes: Being picked on by bullies (even those here on dA), Total Drama (all series), Family Guy, South Park, The Problem Solverz

Please be polite/nice to me, any hateful comments or any threats towards me will be blocked,hidden or marked for spam

The majority of those in my gallery are requests made by me - the artists that drew them for me generously gave them to me and gave me consent to post them as long as i gave credit to them - of which i did

again, I didn't steal them - the people whom drew them GAVE them to me and ALLOWED me to post them here

I wish i could draw but i have ADD and ADHD which can make me lose interest in doing such a task

Please understand that while i WISH to draw but i got a lot things to do and think about

one other thing... any criticism that falsely labels me as an a-hole will be blocked, my life is depressing enough as PLEASE don't make me go mental or suicidal

Occupation: Hangin' up clothes for Goodwill in Knightsville, SC

Current Residence: Summerville,SC

Favourite genre of music: Jpop, Anime, Bubblegum Pop, etc.

Favourite style of art: Furry

Operating System: Windows 7

MP3 player of choice: Winamp

Favourite cartoon character: The Cattanooga Cats, Odie Colognie

Personal Quote: Fantasy Conquers Reality!

Favourite Movies
TRON, The Point, Shinbone Alley
Favourite TV Shows
(too many to write down)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Harry Nilsson, The Wombles/Mike Batt, etc.
Favourite Games
Elite Beat Agents, Meteos & Tetris DS
Favourite Gaming Platform
GameCube, PS2, Wii, Nintendo DS
Tools of the Trade
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To those concerned, I'm not sure what to say For a while, I tried to play by the rules but people like Hermony persecute me no matter what i ask for, even if it's a pic of anthro cat Niko It's like the site has a double standard, everyone can ask for anything.. except people like me I'm sorry if it sounds like i'm being dramatic 'ere but I'm tired of the persecution, i'm tired of the last second blocking (w/o warning) towards me again, My requests (fetish or not) are tame compared to the sick shit i see everyday on this site but i'm being treated like i'm worse than hitler for some reason For now, I'm semi-retiring from requesting* and focus on my other venue, YTP at least people there don't treat me like i fucked someone's pig or something (* until the ire cools down... i hope!)
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[note: Before you ask, No! I'm not whippin' out no victim card, I'm just mad this busybody thinks he/her/idfk has some authority on what i can or cannot request] As you know there's this person with a Zenigata complex targeting my ass by the name of Harmony Bunny pestering people to block me and cancel my requests due to "fetish art" Only... one problem with Harmony's argument against me LITERALLY EVERYONE ON THIS DAMN SITE DRAWS/ASKS FOR IT TOO! i don't get why Harmony is singling me out, Is it because of me being in the [autism] "spectrum"? Is Harmony one of those heartless bullies from Kiwi Farms that want to make people miserable to the point they will not let them redeem themselves? What i ask for in terms of "fetish" is basically harmless and cartoonish compared to the countless heinous shit people draw or photo snap on here which i have little to no interest in (from diaper to scat) also, i don't see Harmony going after people who spam squirrel Mira or camp lazlo focused
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as you know, some busybody named Harmony Bunny is trying to ruin me but here's the part that makes no sense, EVERYONE on dA does fetish art yet i get singled out ? what the fuck!? I mean, i see people not batting an eye on constant pics of a certain camp lazlo character or ship, Mira as a fucking squirrel or ideas like Cream sitting on the fucking toilet yet i'm the bad guy? What pisses me off is even if i did ask for something that's less on the "fetishy" field, Harmony still gets on my ass and forces them to block me... it's like i can't fucking win
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