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Well, going to attempt another OCT, I hope this one turns out well.
My submission for :iconangelzoneoct:


IZ-44, although he prefers to go by “Izz” instead



Approximately 237 years old in Earth time



Tektronoid (Essentially an advanced space-faring race of androids with unclear origins)



While he doesn’t have a gender in the traditional sense, he has masculine programming and has a rather masculine voice.



5’1” or approximately 1.55 meters tall (not counting antenna)



He loves to collect random knickknacks and things he thinks are going to be potentially useful later. He also likes meeting new people and seeing new places, as both were rather rare where he came from. What he wants most of all though is to have a meaningful and fulfilling purpose in life.



He especially dislikes feeling bored and useless, something he faced quite often before he accepted the invitation. He’s also not a big fan of fighting, and would rather prefer to avoid a confrontation, but will very reluctantly defend himself if necessary.



Being composed of an advanced space-age alloy, he is extremely durable and can take a surprising amount of punishment despite not being built for combat. His body is also designed to be relatively easy to repair and modify if need be, and he carries plenty of spare parts for himself. His system includes internal nanites that can do minor repairs, such as dents, cracks, and small tears, but cannot regenerate any major components. He can also perform minor mechanical repairs, although he isn’t an expert on the topic. Still, he is knowledgeable enough to quickly cobble together something useful out of random parts and junk he has collected.


He has a scanner built into his chest that allows him to do a quick and rough evaluation of an object’s properties and purpose (and monetary worth). Granted, the information gained from this may be limited and/or incorrect, but it can be invaluable at times. Knowing something’s structural flaws for example, or possible uses of an item can come in really handy.


His arms were modified so that he could lift and carry extremely heavy loads; he is able to lift a few tons with relative ease. While they aren’t exactly weapons, they grant him a somewhat slow, but extremely powerful punch and insanely strong grappling ability. His arms also include deployable forklift attachments, that while supposed to help him carry cargo, can be used as blunt tonfa-like weapons if need be.


His biggest strength however is his subspace storage compartment. It utilizes extremely advanced technology to compress spatial dimensions, granting him a huge internal inventory; even he doesn’t know how big it truly is. Granted, the objects he stuffs in there have to be sized within reason (roughly the size of an average person at maximum), but he can still hold a huge assortment of items, and is more-or-less a walking storage unit. It is technically possible to store living objects inside him for short periods of time, but he doesn’t recommend doing it, because the shrinking and enlarging process tends to be strenuous on all but the toughest of bodies, not to mention the possible lack of oxygen in subspace.



As durable and strong as his metal body may make him, he is vulnerable to its logical weaknesses as well. For example, he is very heavy and thus cannot swim, and is vulnerable to high voltages. In addition, while his “brain” is shielded against strong magnetic fields, he can still be hampered and immobilized by it. His body is also rather bulky and not designed with flexibility in mind, making his movements somewhat clumsy.


He has no real weapons, being largely reliant on his huge inventory and repurposed tools. He has no ranged attacking ability outside of what he has picked-up and stored.


His power core, while being able to sustain him a few days without charging, is still vulnerable to being depleted if he exerts himself too much over a long period of time. He is capable of regenerating his charge on his own in addition to recharging the traditional way, but he needs an extended period of rest to do so.


His subspace generator, while granting him one of his greatest strengths, is also possibly his greatest weakness. Other than his “brain”, his storage compartment is the most fortified part of his body. But if containment is ever breached, it could cause a catastrophic explosion as the compressed space within expands to its true size, violently ejecting its contents like a huge frag grenade. If absolutely necessary as a last resort, Izz can purposefully deactivate his fail-safes to turn himself into a makeshift bomb, but this will kill him without a doubt.



Izz is somewhat meek and tends to panic easily if in a stressful situation. He tends to not do well under pressure, but somewhat paradoxically still loves to be relied on and feel important.


He loves to be of use to others, loves to make friends, and finds immense satisfaction in feeling needed. In general, he’s a very friendly guy, and more likely than not, will gladly lend you a hand if you ask nicely.


He has a habit of stuffing anything he finds salvageable or possibly useful into his storage compartment, as he tends to believe in being prepared for nearly everything. Unfortunately, that leads to a very disorganized inventory, sometimes making it hard to find what he’s looking for, but this somewhat obsessive habit has gotten him out of difficult situations before.


Other than that, he is curious and eager to learn about others after being in general isolation for so long. He’s easy to distract, and lacks a lot of knowledge about the outside world other than what he has heard from others. That’s not to say he’s naïve though, he is still a very good judge of character and has learned several tricks in his centuries of existence.



In his home universe, he was in charge of a small supply depot/self-proclaimed pawn shop on the outer rim of the Quanztyl solar system. Due to its remote location and the fact that most shipments to and from his station were automated, he didn’t get to see many other people, other than the odd traveler who happened to be passing through the area. Overall, after a couple centuries of monotony, he was feeling rather dissatisfied and bored with his life, craving something new and wanting to see the rest of the universe, but unable to afford setting-up in a more populated and/or interesting area.


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AndYetNoBananasHobbyist Digital Artist
Im really digging Izz~ What I really like is that his strengths and weaknesses are really well defined. His design and personality is really cute, too!
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Thanks a lot! I spent quite a bit of time thinking of his abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

I purposefully wanted to have him lack strong offensive qualities for the most part, but I must admit, I'm kind of worried now how he'll fare in a fight, looking at how powerful a lot of the other competitors are.
But I suppose half of the fun is to be creative and use everything I have to beat them, hah.
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VIRAMEMHobbyist General Artist
You've got a really cool character here! He seems like he's a blast to draw--very expressive. 

Good luck in the tournament!
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Oh, thank you for the compliments! Are you a competitor as well?
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VIRAMEMHobbyist General Artist
You're most welcome!

Not currently, but I'm hoping to get my stuff together and submitted before the deadline! It looks like a pretty fun tournament.
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Alrighty. If you do participate, I wish you the best of luck!
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
What a neat little guy : D
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Thanks! Your characters are pretty neat too.
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
Thanks ^ ^
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I certainly hope our characters never have to fight each other; I think they'd probably get along fairly well though for the most part.
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
I have a tendency of making very friendly characters XD I could see them befriending anyone lol
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