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Cubee - Doctor Who Arcade Game

My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Cutout template of a Arcade Machine Game of Doctor Who. This Arcade Game never existed. It was a BBC Mirco Game from the 1980s. But I thought it would be fun to make it as as one.

(All My Custom Fan Art Cubeecraft Templates are made on MSPaint. and The 3D illustrations on the free Gimp program.)

I Also have another Cubee Arcade Machine 'Space Paraniods' From the Movie Tron can be found here [link]

This Cubee is based of the Cubeecraft TMNT Arcade Machine from the the offical site here [link]

Doctor Who (c) BBC
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I totally dig the fuchsia on the black background on the cubecraft design. It reeks of 80s style for sure. Kudos.
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The Doctor was always my Doctor
DanCameron's avatar
I remember there was a Doctor Who pinball game in the early 90s.
in-der-nacht's avatar
I'm going to print out some of these but I thought this was awesome!

Thank you so much for making them!
CyberDrone's avatar
Cool! Hope you have fun making them! :)
Gray-Vizard's avatar
wasn't there an episode where another time lords TARDIS disguised itself like an arcade cabnet?
CyberDrone's avatar
not sure! the Master did have his TARDIS disguised as an on Computer at one point tho.
Gray-Vizard's avatar
yea i know they just released a toy of him that comes with it

the one i remember is when it looked like a roman pillar
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I vaguely remember this (though I had the 6th Doctor platformer on my CPC). So was the 7th Doctor wasn't the first to own a pink TARDIS? But pink cricket outfit too? Is the Fifth Doctor planning on going on some gay marches or something? =p
CyberDrone's avatar
hehe yeah there was a lot of pink on the box! i still have this game. although can't play it! hehe besides would take about a afternoon to load up from the cassette! hehe ;)
Carnivius's avatar
Were the BBC Micro's that slow at loading? I know a friend of mine often had trouble with his C64 tapes taking ages and then failing to load properly most of the time. Never had an issue with my Amstrad CPC though. Still loads the tapes just fine and most games load within 3-5 minutes which isn't really that bad.
CyberDrone's avatar
yeah mine was! sometimes if the volume was off just a little bit it would say loading error! although it wouldn't tell you till about 40 mins into loading the tape! hehe
Carnivius's avatar
Yeah. I think the CPC was the most reliable at loading tapes. The fact mine still does within a few minutes without any fault 27 years on is proof of that =) There's still something quite appealing about putting a cassette in and pressing play and watching the little things turning about and the clunking of the mechanism. Seems so primitive yet somehow beautifully thought out.
CyberDrone's avatar
yeah your sounds alot better than mine! but yeah those old games were fun and very primitive these days.
Carnivius's avatar
I still play them. Even got a CPC and Spectrum emulators on my PSP.
CyberDrone's avatar
thats cool! can go back in time and play the oldies! hehe =P
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