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Cubee - Dalek 'Doctor Who'

My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Template of a Dalek From Doctor Who.

For more of my Custom Fan Art Cubeecraft of Dr Who found here [link]

Doctor Who (c) BBC
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I love It can't wait to make one 
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Gondor soldier mordor soldier rohirrim
cubeecraft please
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What type of paper do you use to do this? Because it is thick paper right? 
CyberDrone's avatar
Yeah think paper is best. :)
wolfphantom21's avatar
What well work for a printer? 
EnderJoc's avatar
There's a claw arm?
Darkhellion2's avatar
My friend is going to have field day with this, especially with that new printer of his.
A-Kind-Of-Logic's avatar
Oh and there awesome. :)
A-Kind-Of-Logic's avatar
I will make an army of daleks and put them all around my dads room in the morning to scare him a little.   :D (Big Grin)
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oh wow :O
I know what I'll be doing the rest of the day :D :D
that's amazing^^
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Thanks! hope you have fun making it! :)
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Wow. Just Wow... I had seen a TARDIS before and it was amazing... And now I'm looking at all of the ones that are coming up in the more like this... Wow.. Thank you sooo much! I am going to make myself a whole army of Daleks, 1 TARDIS, some Weeping Angels, and so much more! THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ARE AMAZING! Keep up the FANTASTIC work! GERONIMO!!!!
JenniferHedgehog2013's avatar
PUFFINSTUDIOS brought me a link to this. :)
athene155's avatar
excellent! thanks very much
superpika293's avatar
I'm gonna try this.
CyberDrone's avatar
Cool! Have fun making it! :)
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