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Cubee - Dalek 'Blank'


My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Cutout template of a Dalek from Doctor Who. This Blank Colour-less Version lets you print it off and colour in yourself to any way you like and them cut, fold and build it! Make your own Customs Dalek Cubees!

(All My Custom Fan Art Cubeecraft Templates are made on MSPaint and The 3D illustrations on the free Gimp program.)

And if you don't want to colour it in yourself, My other coloured In Doctor Who Custom Cubees can be found here [link]

And More of my D.I.Y. Colour In Cubee templates can be found here [link]

Doctor Who (c) BBC
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...and they just keep on coming...
You, sir are a cube genius.
Looking forward to putting this one together!
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And now to make a rainbow dalek...
dwarvenbarbarianrage's avatar
This was really cool to do and fun! :D I made it before DND so there was this joke that the boss fight would be against a giant Dalek XD
CyberDrone's avatar
Cool! Glad you had fun making it! :)
lovefistfury's avatar
those guys were so creepy, but still not as creepy as the scilence
lovefistfury's avatar
how do you get the faction logos on your tf cubees?
CyberDrone's avatar
Well I drew some out the just adjest to fit them using that free gimp program! :)
sonickingscrewdriver's avatar
I am so going to color one of these at some point... :D
CyberDrone's avatar
hehe cool! muti-coloured dalek!? hehe ;)
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