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Cubee - Classic TARDIS '1980s'

My Custom Cubeecraft Cutout template of a Classic TARDIS (1980's Version) from Doctor Who.

11th and 12th Doctors TARDIS

"Bad Wolf" TARDIS Cubee Template

Another Classic TARDIS Cubee Template

Classic TARDIS 1980's Version Cubee Template

Classic TARDIS 1980's (Pink) Version Cubee Template

Classic Black & White version Cubee template

'Colour Your Own' Tardis

Also another Paper Pezzy Glue together Papercraft of the 11th Doctor TARDIS here

This Cubee is a modified version of the TARDIS Cubeecraft from

More of my custom Cubeecraft fan art Doctor Who Templates (Including The Doctors, Companions, Daleks, Cybermen and Monsters) can be found…

Doctor Who (c) BBC
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I want to make this for my daughter. Do I just save the file. 
These are way cool......also been watching from the 1st show..................
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Now I have something to go along with my Doctor Whooves papercraft!
Hi CyberDrone
Loving these templates watched Dr who from the first show when I was 10ish (feel old LOL).  Could you tell me what is your policy on these templates am I allowed to make them to give to friends.  Thanks.
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Yeah making them and giving them to your friends is fine! And you have been watching from the very first show? Cool. My first Doctor was Tom Baker. So I've only been watching the show from the late 1970's.
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This template are wonderful. Thanks so much!
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Is the only difference the sign color?
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The signs, windows and its a bit of a different shade of blue! :)
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Tardis Blue. >>; Or grey... Or pink... Heheh.
this was awsome, fun to cut out and build, now i can say i built the TARDIS
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Oooo, thank you. Now I can have a little TARDIS on my nightstand. :D
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I've featured this in my journal. :D
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This is one of the greatest things in life ever!
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i need to make this... you are awesome
CyberDrone's avatar
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phew! for a second there i thought i had made this one instead of 11ths!
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