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Gnomeking by Cyberdoom5 Gnomeking :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 0 0 Gnomezerker by Cyberdoom5 Gnomezerker :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 0 0
Convergence of Four teaser.
   Legend says that at the beginning of our world the universe was vast and shapeless, a sea of stars was all that remained of time for it had crumbled away as did the old world. In this vast expanse a shining golden light arose from nothingness and with hundreds of golden arms it reached into the darkness and from it pulled 4 worlds; worlds that had been lost to the evils of the old world. The entity took these worlds and began to shape and fold them; it was not only these worlds that were being shaped, time was being reborn and space rewoven, this was the creation of the new world. Whilst the entity created our world, 4 gods, the gods of the 4 races stood on high watching this all transpire. They had faced many trials to get to this point; one last faced them however, for the void itself awoke and sought to prevent the rebirth of the universe; the Void sent 4 beings that represented the opposite of the 4 gods, the god of the Bio races whom had been seen as symbolizing life
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Cora Magna: Chapter 2 -The Descent
      The story of what happened to The Great after that day is known and recorded; after that day they came to be known as Great Beings, and settled upon a world much like there old world, they lived in relative peace for a few decades, until a war broke out that split the world in 3. A world of Oceans, A world of Forests, and a world that was a combination of the two, a entity was devised two repair this world and after many trials its mission was completed and the world became whole once more.
       Many years later the last few surviving Great Beings turned to the past longing to return to their once great home , so a plan was devised and a new entity was born from the bodies of the two colossus that had battled to reunite the thrice shattered world, this new entity towered high into the skies and its head scraped the edge of space, this being’s body glowed with runes and its very essence of power was life itself, and its name would shape t
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Cora Magna: Chapter 1 - Nightmares Rise
   Long ago in a time all but lost to memory, on a world whose name is lost forever. A race of entities known as The Great lived in relative peace; one could almost describe this world as earth like in terrain, climate and even the culture of The Great. One day the high prophet of The Great, the prophet for told that a black star would fall from the heavens and bring about the end of the world, the prophet for saw two vessels one bound in stone and lost to the ages, and the other cloaked by starlight and filled with hope, years later cloaked in life a colossus will reach the world since lost, and meet its end, machine and hero raise arms in an endless war, and a second star black as night will descend and herald in a new age for this world at the core of events.
   Sure enough within five years of the prophecy the day turned black as night and from the heavens fell a black crystal, upon impact, the crystal absorbed all matter and energy around it until a body was fo
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Light Prevails by Cyberdoom5 Light Prevails :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 7 14 Beautiful High Hrothgar by Cyberdoom5 Beautiful High Hrothgar :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 3 0 Beautiful view of Dragonsreach by Cyberdoom5 Beautiful view of Dragonsreach :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 0 0 Bloody the Soul Messenger by Cyberdoom5 Bloody the Soul Messenger :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 2 2 Arwin Arcane Gem Master of The Sea Plane by Cyberdoom5 Arwin Arcane Gem Master of The Sea Plane :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 1 3
Legend has it that long ago in an age gone by or perhaps it was a different world all together; it seems to be fading now this old tale, so someone needs to tell it before it is lost to the ages. In our world we call home, water is one of the most valuable resources, when it comes down to it no amount of magic or alteration can change that, without it we would surely shrivel up and die. For as long as man could remember water has fueled its war machine, they would wage against each other, and even nature itself. Brother would slay brother in an endless cycle of blood and despair, all in the name of continued survival.
Ages ago in a time lost to memory in an overworld far different from the one we currently call home. This place was a desolate land nearly nothing could grow and no water flowed in the land, those who could even obtain the smallest amounts of water were hailed has royalty, so society centralized around two kingdoms whose names are lost to the tides of the great river of b
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Solar Legacy Michael by Cyberdoom5 Solar Legacy Michael :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 4 2
Michael and the legacy of the Solar Angel
    Or culture is one that lives in the light of the sun; we are a species that basks in the glow of the ever guiding sun. Long ago a war divided the heavens, angels each a guardian of a different aspect of the universe; forces of nature itself battled in the heavens for the future of the world. What could be described as a war could be better described as a lone angel fighting against his kind on the behalf of humanity. The strongest of the angels, known as SOL, betrayed his kind when they threatened to bring their war to the world of humanity, embodying the sun he used his power to halt the angelic war and aim the angels focus at him sparing humanity a war that would leave the Overworld in ruins. To end the threat, SOL sacrificed his angelic status and fell from heaven sealing his home world from both inside and out, trapping the angels so that there war couldn't harm other beings. When an angel falls its life force is shattered and blown to the wind. Do not confuse the pr
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Eternity Void
                               Eternity Void
    It is said that knowledge is the one true and timeless power one can obtain in this world.When asked the question, most would say that they would wish for power, or status, there are even those who would wish for all the knowledge life has to offer. Knowledge gained through the means of wishing, can never contain the strength of knowledge gained through experience. On the outskirts of a small town in a tiny house lived a bookworm named Tobias. He craved knowledge, with a collection of books and encyclopedias rivaling that of the largest libraries in the world. Unfortunately for Tobias he was faced with his own mortality, he was a meek and scrawny man, and knew that his dream of becoming the most knowledgeable person in all of creation. One dark knight Tobias was sitting at home alone reading by the candle light, as he read he failed to notice a shad
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Blood Reaper Revamp by Cyberdoom5 Blood Reaper Revamp :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 1 3 Pyroclast, Relic Pyromancer by Cyberdoom5 Pyroclast, Relic Pyromancer :iconcyberdoom5:Cyberdoom5 2 1




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Cyber or Infinity which ever you may prefer
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am big into the game Oversoul and currently I am creating characters and stories I hope to one day get implemented in game.
Doctor Who Stamp by Zalina678 Gurren Lagann Stamp by BLUE-F0X :thumb372544316:
Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-Nino STAMP: Dialga Fan by Graphrite Stamp Torchwood by DwayneF
Portal 2 Stamp by parallellogic pokemon X stamp by ingart15 AQW: Shadowscytre stamp by Yula568
How is It Going, so i just wanted to do a quick update.

1. There will be no chapter added to Cora Magna this week, im really swamped :iconbruhpertplz:  with school stuff.

2. I also have a bunch of pictures drawn but am currently unable to upload them due to the fact my scanner has given in to the robot uprising ClapTrap by Sinister-Starfeesh  and refuses to work, so once i get that fixed expect a bunch on new drawings!

Till then 
Claptrap Dance by Majikthise-110


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you should do a update to the vordread son and dad pic sense there are 3 new armors with the same style of art uncle varen(varens armor) cousin varen jr (varens knight)and older borther (dages dark legion vampire)
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hi !
I love what you do !
I'm form argentina and I have a band,and will be great if u can hear it
Nothing especific just passing by :)

Thanks for all (I know my english sucks )

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