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May 1, 2006
"I love these icons. They are so glossy, clear and crisp. They just look great on my desktop." Microsoft Office Icon Pack by ~cyberchaos05
Featured by rocksicle
Suggested by bennettboy14
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Microsoft Office Icon Pack

Microsoft Office Icon Pack including 11 icons for each application plus an extra icon for Project and Publisher

Mac users: Entourage Icon

You can use the icons in:
· AveDesk
· Y'z Dock
· ObjectDock

Enjoy! :)
© 2006 - 2021 cyberchaos05
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Studio384's avatar
Nice, but why is the Publisher icon a b?
ivanymathias's avatar
wowww it so awesome!!!
Yomismo2's avatar
Para descargar el Pack donde se encuentra el icono animado de Outlook:

Para descargar el Pack donde se encuentra el icono animado de PowerPoint:

Para descargar el Pack donde se encuentran los iconos animados de logos Office y OpenOffice:

Si alguien puede aportar el resto de iconos que faltan (animados) que deje los links por acá... Salu2
Yomismo2's avatar
Alguien puede subir un pack de office: Access, Excel, Word, Power Point, FrontPage, Outlook, etc de iconos .png animados???????
En Rocketdock sólo he encontrado animados el PowerPoint y el Outlook... pero faltan todos los demás...
PianoArt's avatar
Cool icons, nice!
salanos's avatar
I'm just curious as to why nobody's seem to have noticed they're exact copies of the icons for Office for Mac.
Oobemu's avatar
Make a whole alphabet!
Stickbomber's avatar
publisher looks like a b.
LamboMan7's avatar
YES, i finally found this pack!
What i mean is that....well, i found this icon pack of yours on another site (i think Rocketdock's official site or maybe from somewhere elso, im not sure) and then i downloaded it. But the pack contained no info about the original author whatsoever. No readme file, no nothing, just the icons. But i still wanted to use them for making icons of my own.
I knew that for doing this i needed permission from the author first. So i really scoured the net and rocketdock's site and deviantART, but believe me i couldn't find this pack nor any info about the author :no:
Thus, i decided to use the icons anyway. ^^; Here they are >> [link] and [link]

Im really sorry for making the icons without taking your permission but trust me, i've been looking around for you(the author) ever since.
Now that i've found you, i'll surely fix my icon's description and give you proper credit. :nod: :)
And believe me, i never took credit for your icons and i had written in the description that the icon was not made by me. Im saying icon because, till now, i've only used your MS Word icon, not the others.

Cheers mate! :)
starlightmania's avatar
These icons look fantastic! But how could you use them in Windows XP? Microsoft office doesn't let me change the icons...
Ryan-Cheale's avatar
very nice, defintly going to use, have you an microsoft expression icon though?
zee7's avatar
coOOol all in photoshop. Am i right?
cyberchaos05's avatar
You have to discover the great power of photoshop.
datamouse's avatar
Nice work!
(Only just come across this)
FireTomas's avatar
hey your icons are for free download . I use it in my icons . Where is problem Man? I dont need you premission . Its Free
cyberchaos05's avatar
My icons are only free for PERSONAL use. You're not supposed to redistribute or modify them without my written permission.
FireTomas's avatar
you are idiot ......i have a lots of fans ...Office icons download lots of people .they likes my colours orb no your office objects ....i deleted my office icons because you are dissatisfied .. In the future i post Office icons again
so-bluk's avatar
dude!!! this looks awesome!!
What I need to install???????
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