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December 8, 2006
Aquanox mini Icon Set by =cyberchaos05 is a beautiful little set of icons. The reflections on the search, pc and recycle bins are particularly lovely, and the sleek appeal of the design makes me pine for more.
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Aquanox mini Icon Set

This icon set was supposed to be released as a complete system replacement icon set but unfortunately due to lack of time I couldn't continue designing the rest of icons and I was forced to put the progress on hold. After receiving a lot messages from people asking me to release the icons, I finally decided to release what I've made so far as a mini icon set, I may get back to designing again in future. There you go! :D

Aquanox visual style

Aquanox winamp skin

Aquanox mini icon set for mac
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thank you very much :)
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I have installed the Aquanox Visual Style and downloaded the icon set. How do I install the icon set. Please Help !!!
iMPRESIONANTE, muy buenos tus iconos!
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Those are some nice icons. Good job. :D
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those are sexy

i mean, you know, for icons
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uber quality set!
Wondering if i can use them for a little personal software i'm currently developping ?
Nice job ;p
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can you please tell me how to change into all these icons. I only know how to change only some of them.Thanks!
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Its a great icon, Thank You !! :)
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thats cool, thanks for sharing :)
=\ a little help on how to use em for my desktop?
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How to set these icons? :)
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Amazing My Friend Love Ya xD
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simply stunning work
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Wow, these are awesome!

I downloaded the VS and it looks amazing...but I am having trouble applying the icons.

I'm not too computer savvy. So any help would be greatly appreciated
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