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June 10, 2006
I've been waiting for ages for this VS to be released, and now its finally here! Aquanox VS by ~cyberchaos05 is simply awesome, and should be on everyone's desktop!
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Aquanox VS

At last after weeks of hard work finally here's my latest visual style. Aquanox has two substyles (Deep and Shallow) with compact start menu and three different fonts; Arial, Tahoma and Trebuchet MS.
Note: Very few parts of this theme are inspired by `-kol with his permission so thanks to him. Also I'd like to thank ~hsn for helping me out to release this theme much sooner than I expected.

Icons: Aquanox mini Icon Set by me
Applications: Avedesk
Winamp Skin: Aquanox by me

Enjoy! :)


· Run the installer and before installing ensure that you have StyleXP installed on your pc and uxtheme.dll (Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v4.0) is already patched.

Version History

Version 1.1
· Top taskbar gradient when resizing fixed.
· Small captain's right frame fixed.

Version 1.0
· First Release

Terms of Use
© 2006 - 2021 cyberchaos05
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roadtripper6219's avatar
It's been a long time since I last saw this theme! So long ago in fact that I forgot the name of it...
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
This is beautiful.
Deerfox's avatar
Does this work on sp2?
And is it safe? And how do I install uxtheme.dll? Where do i put it?
thank you so much,i love it!!
Aquanox is a series of shots of diving / simulation game set in the distant future. The collection includes Aquanox, Aquanox 2, Revelation and even AquaNox Unrealeased, the tears of angels. The predecessor and the start of the series is MS-DOS as a dynasty of Archimedes.
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svrzic's avatar
can u fix problem with internet explorer?!?!
when you put cursor on some folder(internet explorer) which is opened, we only see name of that folder, but not what's inside
pls fix it :D
Yashkin's avatar
Bug's with Internet Explorer... :(
harada22risa's avatar
nice creation. I love it. Thanks!
Techno--Tinkerbell's avatar
Awesome! Do you know anywhere else I can get themes like this? This is very easy to use & install, Thank you :D
BloodySnowStorm's avatar
UM... I was wondering if I could ask, what program do you use or how do you make it? I'm not sure if I'm asking the right pearson but I just didn't know who else...
cclloyd9785's avatar
before i download, i want to see full size preveiw, which i cant veiw...
LeZaar's avatar
This looks very nice, but I can't apply it after installing.. I'm running XP home on a virtual machine. Might that cause any problem?
Fantastic desktop theme!!, i can see a lot of quality in it unlike several others i have gone through.
still trying to find an easy way to install the icons though but hey i guess that's what Google is for.(would be nice if you left a hint though where to get a nice icon installer)
very nice...
please, add the option to use it with different colors! it's perfect, would just give it more flexibility!
jodelreyes's avatar
it's cool and minimalistic! do you already have a black version of this? may i request for one? thanks!
ShalomR's avatar
Awesome! love how shiny everything looks and how much detail it has!! You should make other color versions. I would use it for the rest of my life! XD
ice445's avatar
Can you PLEASE fix the misalignment of the Back/Forwards buttons in Internet Explorer 7/8? It's the only reason I don't use this theme..If you fixed that I'd use it every day. It's perfect otherwise!
GentlemanGezzy's avatar
I got it right here as I type this desktop. I love it to death. :D I really like your hard work you have done. I hope for more like theses. :D
Guille0301's avatar
just what i've looking for. it has a Windows pocket 6.0 feeling.

Guille0301's avatar
man, do you have that wallpaper? suits great your theme
thanks for share it's great
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