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c3 - Azuhreidii

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Commission for Azuhreidii of her lamia OC!!
I had a lot of fun drawing all of her jewellery /o/



Commission me here: 
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//I'm still trying to get a hold of commenting here in Eclipse because dsjkjgk they just made it even more tedious but that's not gonna deter me...! (9`・ω・)9

Let me just say...

You've really outdone yourself on this one~ You made Lilia look absolutely stunning and I love it~!! :heart: :love:

The attention to detail you've done on this piece really shows and the shading and lighting just accentuates it all even more~ :la: Her hair looks so sleek, her features look so refined and her accessories...! :faint: All those intricate patterns that you've put on them are a nice touch and a VERY welcome addition, it makes them stand out in their own way while at the same time contribute to how amazing she already looks~! :love:

And the moonlight at the background also fits well with the composition and adds a flair of mystery to Lilia. I love what you came up with! :D

Thanks so much for drawing her~! I really love how this came out!! :happybounce:

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They sure have changed a lot, right?

But thank you so much!! I'm really glad you like it! :)

I sure had fun drawing her, and all the little details /o/

Thanks for commissioning me!!! :squee:

I'll look forward to the next one~