The Legends of Wolfe

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Published: March 12, 2018
Chapter 5 - Flyday Chinatown (Part 3)

Scratch grunted as Nick Wolfe, Rose Chat, and Angel now surrounded her. There was a few fire escapes, but she wouldn’t be able to reach them fast enough, especially since Onyx Fang seemed incredibly fast with its deadly punches. A fall down to the street would result in broken legs, and nowhere left to run from the trio.

“Scratch, you’re done for!” Angel declared as she pointed her gun at Scratch, who hissed and puffed her fur at Angel.

“There’s nowhere to run now.” Rose Chat added as she drew Rosy Red, taking a sword fighting stance at Scratch.

“You can make this easy,” Nick Wolfe began to tell Scratch as he raised his fists as Onyx Fang raised its own. “Or you can make this hard. I’m willing to go both ways with you, but it’s your choice.”

A deep, powerful fog began to surround the area, seeming to advance from the bay. Fog was quite normal in Bay City, but this fog was different. The Bay City fog was either grey or white, this fog had an odd silver shine to it, along with being somehow darker than the normal Bay City varieties of fog.

Gritting her sharp, jagged teeth, Scratch felt something shiver down her spine. She turned to look up, and saw a strange, ghostly figure floating above her. Nick Wolfe, Rose Chat, and Angel noticed this as well, seeing the ghostly figure descend from the sky. Scratch couldn’t make this figure out completely, but she knew it was telling her something.

“Scratch, take my hand and join me!” A ghostly voice told Scratch, which seemed to echo through the entire area. Each word seemed to echo through her ears, almost as if they were bouncing around in her head. The white cat held out her hand, and was pulled into the dark fog.

“You’re not gonna right away, Scratch!” Nick Wolfe declared as he tried to jump at Scratch, though she seemed to disappear from sight. A strange figure appeared behind Nick Wolfe, which made Angel and Rose Chat gasp.

This figure seemed to shirtless but wearing a pair of red leather pants with eye decorations on the ankles. Its body to have a mixture of flesh and metallic parts, similar to Angel’s cyborg parts. The being’s face was covered with shadow, though the red of its eyes seemed to glow in the fog.

“I can’t find her on my sensors.” Angel noted as her robotic eye was scanning the area, giving Angel a good look as the fog began to disappear.

“That was definitely odd, but I’m sure that whatever it was, it probably took Scratch far away from here.” Nick Wolfe sighed as he adjusted his hat, looking back at Angel and Rose Chat.

The sun began to shine once again over Bay City, and now everything seemed normal. But now, Nick Wolfe, Angel, and Rose Chat were left alone. Rose Chat looked down below, seeing that Paul B.’s corpse was no longer on the ground, just a pool of blood, his canteen, and the bullet from Angel’s gun.

“Oh mon Dieu! The body of the water twin has disappeared from the street!” Rose Chat cried out as Nick Wolfe checked the other side of the building. As expected, the body of Art B. was gone, leaving only his taser.

“But what kind of thing would benefit from taking their bodies and leaving all of their weapons behind?” Angel asked Nick Wolfe, checking through the scanned data. However, the only thing to appear was just static and a blank screen.

“I don’t know what this thing could be, Angel,” Nick Wolfe answered with a sigh before preparing to leave the top of the building. “But I’m sure my mom might know something about this thing.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea, Wolfe. I’m sure Rocky knows a lot about evil beings and such.” Angel replied as the trio left the building, heading off the building and down to the underground parking lot of Chinatown.

“Besides, I’ve already got the herbs that we need,” Nick Wolfe sighed as he pulled out a small jar of herbs. “I grabbed them while I fought those twins.”

“Good thinking, Monsieur Wolfe.” Rose Chat complimented Nick Wolfe, rubbing her hand on his right shoulder. Angel gently pushed Rose’s hand off Nick’s shoulder, nodding at her, to which Rose Chat nodded and grinned.

“Rose, you don’t mind riding at the back of my motorcycle, do you?” Nick Wolfe asked Rose Chat as he started to put on his motorcycle gear, putting his helmet on his head and his riding gloves on his hands.

“I’ll be assez bien, Monsieur Wolfe.” Rose Chat replied, getting on the motorcycle with both Nick Wolfe and Angel. Revving up the engines of his motorcycle, Nick Wolfe smiled as he drove out of the parking lot, heading back on the road.

“Wolfe, may we stop by my home in Oaktown?” requested Angel as they drove through Lower Bon Hill. This was a neighborhood district known for its large, steep hills and their trendy coffee and tea cafes.

“Of course, Angel, I’d love to meet your family.” Nick Wolfe agreed as he took a right turn, heading down towards the Platinum Bridge, cutting through the Marina and South Beach districts.

After about forty minutes of driving, the group came into Oaktown, the city just across the Platinum Bridge. Oaktown was not as well known as Bay Town, but it was actually bigger and had even more attractions, such as Lover’s Lake, which took in water from the bay and was known for lots of fishermen, or even the London Jack Square, which was built out of an old harbor building.

Pulling up to an old apartment building, known as the Orange Sunset, Nick Wolfe, Rose Chat, Angel, entered, heading up to the highest floor. When one walked up the stairs of the Orange Sunset, one could hear a strange creaking. Whether it came from the old, dusty wood or the rumored monster under the stairs, it creaked ever since the building was first made back in 1955.

“My apartment number is twenty-two,” Angel began to explained as the trio approached an old, red door. “I’m sure that everyone will be happy to meet you for the first time, Wolfe.”

As soon as Angel entered the apartment, she was immediately tackled to the ground a large, black and white labrador retriever. Angel giggled as the happy black and white dog began to happily lick her face, “Yes Carly, I’m happy to see you again too!”

Carly barked happily, panting as she wagged her tail. She approached Nick Wolfe, who held out his hand. Sniffing Nick Wolfe’s hand, and then happily licking his warm hand. Nick Wolfe smiled, gently petting Carly’s head.

“Regina, Regina Angel’s back! She’s here!” A young panda boy called out to another. This boy had bright red hair, which was cut fairly short. He wore a dark blue shirt with an orange bandicoot video game mascot decorated on front, and jeans decorated with skulls and other little decorations.

“Don’t yell so loudly at this time of day, Frankie!” Regina barked as she came out of her little bedroom and looked at Angel. “Oh good, you’re finally back. What took you so long?”

Regina herself looked to be a younger teen, perhaps fourteen or fifteen. Her hair was her most eye-catching feature, being that it was dyed a mix of three different colors which were pink, green, and purple. Her hair was divided into three parts - all of the which were a different type of color. The pink half of the back, the purple half of the back, and the green front was quite noticeable by all.

Another thing about her was that she also seemed to a cyborg, like Angel, as well. However, she wasn’t a half robotic being, like Angel. Regina had a single robotic right eye, similar to Angel’s cyborg eye. Her sensor was red, unlike Angel’s purple sensor. Regina wore a fancy white button-down shirt with black pants.

Carly quickly jumped off of Angel and sat down, allowing Frankie to tightly and warmly hug Angel. Nick Wolfe watched as Frankie looked up at him and asked, “Big sis, who is that standing next to Rose?”

“Oh, I’m Nick Wolfe, it’s nice to meet you.” Nick Wolfe held out his hand for a handshake, which Frankie smiled and returned the handshake. Nick Wolfe smiled at Regina and waved, though Regina glared and turned her back. Seeing this rude gesture, Nick Wolfe’s ears lowered a bit, though Angel put her hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about Regina, Wolfe,” Angel assured Nick Wolfe as she shot Regina a glare from across the room. “She’s just a bit cold with new people, that’s all!”

Regina huffed and walked away, slamming the door to her room. Rolling her eyes, Angel walked with Carly and Frankie into the living room. It was a bit small, with a few comfortable chairs and a small sofa situated around a barely working television. From its make, it appeared to be one made in the 90’s, evident by the older gaming console plugged into the TV.

“So Wolfe, how did you meet my sister?” Frankie asked as Nick Wolfe inspected the gaming console.

“I saved her from Scratch and her thugs,” Nick Wolfe began to explain to the young panda boy with a light smile. “And then I took her to my house where I healed her wounds, and then we fought even more thugs!”

“That’s so cool! You must be super strong!” Frankie gasped, his eyes now shining as if stars had appeared in them. Judging by the shirt with a superhero symbol decorated on the front and how he listened to Nick Wolfe’s story with intent, one could say he was interested in heroics.

“Yeah, one of the thugs could control water, and the other could control electricity.” Nick Wolfe explained to Frankie, though Regina groaned at this.

“I think we’d all make a great team.” Angel noted as she looked at Rose Chat and Nick Wolfe, who nodded at this motion.

"Yes, we all fought pretty well." Nick Wolfe replied with a little chuckle as the group began to chuckle as well. Regina rolled her eyes at this notion, heading back to her room.

“Oh Angel, did you hear the 25th Annual Battle Olympics starts in two weeks?” Frankie asked as he turned on the TV, heading towards the sports channel.

Nick Wolfe, Angel, Frankie, and Rose Chat all stared at the screen as the program came on, showing a large stadium in Rio De Janeiro. There was a large ring, a wrestling ring, with two costumed fighters, one with a red mask and the other a green mask, duking it out with punches, kicks and throws around the ring. Every hit seemed to be explosive in feeling, like bullets striking each other’s body from a powerful shotgun.

“Amazing! Mister Red has scored another victory!” The television announcer declared as the program shifted towards a new screen. This sign was for the 25th Battle Olympics, which was illustrated with the five rings and a pair of boxing gloves hitting each other, striking a powerful impact.

“And this year, we’ve got someone special here, bringing his students into battle,” The second announcer declared. “His name is Hans, and he’s here to interview today.”

The camera turned to a demon-like man in a military style suit, with piercing yellow eyes and a wide grin. Small horns poked out of his head, and he had a long, white, slender tail that ended in a sharp point. Hans’s style was similar to that of Germany, complete with the hat and boots, and even a red sash around his arm. He sat criss-cross on a chair, looking relaxed and quite content with himself.

“So Hans, do you have anything to say before the tournament?” The announcer asked Hans, who grinned as he stretched.

“My students are some of the most powerful fighters in all of the world, they simply can’t be beaten,” Hans replied with a laugh. “Especially to that weakling Rocky’s students. Simply put, I’m gonna win this flawlessly!”

Suddenly, Nick Wolfe’s black cell phone began to buzz and ring loudly in his pocket. Picking up his phone, Nick Wolfe saw that it was Rocky calling, and he answered, “What’s up, mom?”

“Wolfe, your father and Lifen are home,” Rocky told Nick Wolfe in a rushed tone. “And we need to talk about the battle olympics.”

(To Be Continued)
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So yeah, I'm doing a (partial) restart on this series. I'm really sorry for all those who enjoyed the other idea, I'll be working on something similar in the future!
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