The Legends of Wolfe

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Published: February 5, 2018
Chapter 4 - Flyday Chinatown (Part 2)

Nick Wolfe stared down the mercenary twins, keeping his eyes carefully focused on their every movement. Art B. prepared his taser again, the electricity coming from inside the taser burst out as if gasoline was tossed onto a burning flame. The crackling of the electricity and the rushing water both seemed to cover the sounds of Chinatown.

Taking a step back away from the twins and their powers, Nick Wolfe raised his fists at the twins. Both Art B. and Paul B. maneuvered towards Nick Wolfe, their electricity and water at the ready for a fight. Nick Wolfe looked at Art B., eyeing his taser.

“I’m assuming that you two were hired by somebody, am I correct?” Nick Wolfe questioned the twins, with them both smiling at the half-wolf. Every movement seemed to be watched by the three, keeping a deadly focus.

“Yes, do you remember Scratch?” Art B. replied, now asking a question to Nick Wolfe.

Nick Wolfe thought for a moment, but the memory quickly came back to him, “Oh, you mean that cat I pounded into the ground? Did she hire you two?”

“Of course! And now we’re going to murder you!” Paul B. roared as the water construct charged at Nick Wolfe, forming a spike.

Nick Wolfe’s eyes widened as dodged the spike of water, which burst through the wall in an attempt to attack him. Art B. held his taser out, using it to fire a blast of electricity, Nick Wolfe ducked down to avoid.

“You,, twin on the right, I’m assuming your power is electricity?”

“Excellent, you’ve got that correct, Wolfe!” Art B. answered Nick Wolfe’s query as he fired another blast from his taser. This blast was shaped like an arrowhead, which travelled even faster than a normal blast of electricity.

Nick Wolfe avoided the attack, jumping down from the attic down to the first floor, with the twins following suit. Angel and Rose Chat watched as Nick Wolfe ran out of the herbal shop, seeing the twins gaining on him.

“This can’t be good!” Angel declared as she and Rose Chat both ran outside, following directly behind Nick Wolfe.

“Hey, is that the panda and the cat girl we were told about from the boss?” Paul B. asked his twin brother as the water he controlled snaked behind him. The water eventually jumped back into Paul’s canteen, ready to be used again.

“Yeah, let’s aim for her! She’s got robotic parts, and my electricity will be effective!” Art B. replied with a deadly smirk. Aiming his taser at Angel, he fired a blast of electricity right at Angel’s back.

Angel let out a scream as the electricity struck her back. The sparking electrical blast seemed to mess around with her robotic parts, her robotic eye seeming to turn on and off, causing her to collapse to the street. Nick Wolfe and Rose chat immediately noticed this, stopping to inspect their friend.

“Good grief, they got her!” Nick Wolfe cried out as he picked up Angel, who felt quite heavy to her mechanical parts.

“Just what kind of ennemi are we dealing with here, Wolfe?” Rose Chat quietly asked as she and Nick Wolfe ran off into an alleyway. Both Rose Chat and Nick Wolfe were breathing heavily, seeing that they were keeping a good speed from their attackers.

“The one with the yellow eyes can manipulate electricity,” Nick Wolfe began to explain to Rose Chat. “And the other one controls water, got it?”

“So don’t touch water and electricity? Got it, Monsieur Wolfe!” Rose Chat replied with a cat-like smile, her tail swishing back and forth.

But as Nick Wolfe and Rose Chat prepared for battle against the twins, they could hear the sound of something opening. It almost sounded like a metal water bottle, or a canteen. Nick Wolfe’s ears twitched a bit before he immediately grabbed Angel and Rose Chat, running up a fire escape before the water below them changed into a large row of spikes.

“Damn! I didn’t think this thing could combine with other water!” Nick Wolfe thought to himself as he and Rose Chat reached the top of a building, where both of the B. twins were waiting for them.

“Wolf boy, there’s nowhere left to run now!” Scratch roared a deep growl as she jumped down in front of Nick Wolfe, snarling at both Rose Chat and Nick Wolfe.

“Deux contre trois, Scratch? I didn’t know you were this dishonorable!” Rose Chat sneered as she pinched her nose mockingly at both Scratch and the B. twins.

“You’ll pay for your mocking of me and your constant blabbering, you freaks!” Scratch snarled as she bared her teeth and pulled out her sharp claws.  Paul B. brought the water he controlled, which had now tripled in size due to gaining water. Art B. pulled out his taser, flaring up electricity for a shot. Nick Wolfe sighed as he looked around what become the battlefield.

“Good grief, I might end up having to use my Ki today. To think that such a fun trip would become an emergency.” Nick Wolfe sighed as he grabbed the bill of his gakuran hat turning it to the right side. His eyes seemed to glow with a burning fire, which all on the battlefield noticed.

“Oh, you use Ki energy too?” Rose Chat playfully questioned Nick Wolfe, who looked a surprised at the french cat girl. However, Nick Wolfe’s expression changed from surprised to joyful.

“Yes, I do. Do you want to see mine first, or shall we see yours first, Rose?” Nick Wolfe responded as a new, dark blue energy began to surround him. This energy felt much more powerful than Nick Wolfe had channeled before, and it began to pulse through the top of the building.

“Let’s see yours. Show moi what you can do!” Rose Chat encouraged Nick Wolfe, giving him a thumbs up.

“Hey! Don’t turn away from me!” Scratch barked at Nick Wolfe and Rose Chat, who just seemed to ignore the angry white cat.

“Now, time to show off my Ki power!” Nick Wolfe declared as he began to pool Ki energy around himself once again. This Ki was much warmer and hotter than any kind Angel and Scratch held felt before. Rose Chat powered up as well, her Ki being a bright pink and slightly warm in color.

“We’re not afraid of some Ki users! Let’s show them, Art!” Paul B. countered as the moving water made another charge at Nick Wolfe.

Nick Wolfe as he punched the controlled water, splitting the attack away from himself. Paul B. gasped fearfully as Nick Wolfe, an energy flowing from hi whole body, from his fists to his feet, as he began to approach the water wielder, though Art B. quickly blocked the way.

“Don’t get cocky now!” Art B. warned as he fired an arrowhead shaped electric blast at Nick Wolfe.

As the attack approached, a quick slash from Rose Chat’s Ki arms cut the blast of electricity in two pieces, sending them in two different directions. Rose Chat confidently smiled as she flicked her hair, her ears twitching happily. Nick Wolfe once again charged at Paul B., preparing to punch the man in the face.

Blocking the fist, Scratch grabbed Nick Wolfe’s arm, baring her teeth at the half wolf. Scratch looked back at Paul B. and told him, “Get him, now!”

“With pleasure, Scratch!” Paul B. obliged as he changed the water’s shape into a drill, sharp and spinning, aiming above Nick Wolfe’s chest as Scratch held him, her claws sinking deeper and deeper into his skin. Nick Wolfe struggled against Scratch’s grasp, gritting his teeth as blood began to trickle out from his wounds.

Preparing to finish off Nick Wolfe, Paul B. was interrupted as the launching blade of Rosy Red flew towards him. Hitting its dead center target, the blade cut into Paul B.’s arm, hitting straight through the flesh and bone. Paul B. let out an ear-shattering screech as the pain hit his body, his eyes becoming redder.

“Coup direct! I never misses my target!” Rose Chat happily declared, not noticing Art B. sneaking up from behind her, striking her with an electric attack.

“Rose! Get away from her!” Nick Wolfe cried out as he tried to push Scratch away from Rose Chat, kicking her directly in the stomach. Scratch mewed as she fell to her knees, allowing Nick Wolfe to charge at Art B., who was preparing to strike Rose Chat.

Nick Wolfe landed back on his feet, looking at Art B. straight in the face. Sending a sharp, Ki-powered kick to Art B.’s groin, he used his own strength and Ki induced speed to throw dozens of punches in only a few seconds at the man, throwing him off the building, landing in a trash can.

“One down, two more to go.” Nick Wolfe quietly told himself under his breath as he went to Rose Chat, who was staring to get up from the attack. Some of her clothes were a bit burnt from the electric attack, though she didn’t appear to have any physical injuries.

“Wolfe, I’m pretty furieux right now,” Rose Chat told Nick Wolfe as she got back to her feet and picked up Rosy Red. “And now, I want to kick their butts.”

“Sounds good to me, Rose.” Nick Wolfe agreed with a soft grin, bringing Onyx Fang to his side.

Now Scratch and Paul B. looked each other, seeming quite afraid. Paul had his injury and Scratch was now much weaker since the attack. As Nick Wolfe and Rose Chat stared down both Paul B. and Scratch, Paul B. noticed something on the ground. Looking closer, these were plastic water jugs, whose caps were taken off.

“I’ve hit the jackpot! My power increases tenfold!” Paul B. declared as he dropped some of his water into the jugs before joining, creating a small wall of water around himself. Paul B. used this newfound wall to protect himself, forcing both Nick Wolfe and Rose Chat away.

“I bet I can break through this!” Nick Wolfe replied as he tried to punch through the wall of water, his fists forcing water away with each punch getting stronger and stronger. However, the splashed water would rejoin the construct wall, allowing Paul B. to take a few steps back.

“You’re wide open!” Scratch laughed as she jumped down at Nick Wolfe, pouncing on the half wolf, pinning him to the ground. Rose Chat charged at Scratch, although she was pushed away by Paul B.’s newest water constructs, which was a group of large, spiked shields that could push someone away from a spot.

“Rose!” Nick Wolfe’s cry echoed as it punched Scratch in the face in the blink of an eye, creating a powerful shockwave that broke a few of Scratch’s teeth. The angry cat screamed as she felt the pain of her front teeth shattering away.

“I got her! Now let’s get Scratch and kick her ass!” Nick Wolfe told his Ki Shape, who grinned as Nick Wolfe charged quickly at Scratch. As he prepared to send a rush of bullet punches to Scratch’s face, Nick Wolfe was grabbed by hands made of water, with Paul B. breathing in and out, controlling the water.

“My water constructs are invincible! There’s no way you can stop them!” Paul B. laughed as he seemed to become more and more unhinged as time went on. Rose Chat slashed away one of the water shields with a burst of Ki.

“Ne sois pas confiant, Scratch!” Rose Chat declared as she fired the blade of Rosy Red at Paul B.’s head. Though the blade easily cut through the water, Paul B. dodged slightly, causing the blade to only fly past his head.

“You missed, little girl!”

“Perhaps I didn’t mean to hit you, imbécile!”

Paul B.’s eyes widened as Nick Wolfe struggled and broke free from the water constructs, sending the water across the rooftop. Paul B. snarled at this, trying to gather all of the water that was now seperated. Scratch looked horrified, as Art B. was now out of the picture and Paul B. was trying to gather his water.

“Scratch, there’s nowhere left to run!” Nick Wolfe told Scratch, cracking his knuckles as Onyx Fang appeared behind him. Rose Chat gave a sly but dangerous smile at Scratch, with both gestures freaking out the now frightened cat and making her fur poof out.

“Wait, I’ve got my water together!” Paul B. declared as he prepared a massive spike of water, launching it at Nick Wolfe and Rose Chat.

However, before the attack made impact, a shot rang out. Standing behind Nick Wolfe and Rose Chat was Angel, whose robotic arm was now shaped like a gun. Angel blew the gunsmoke away as Paul B. noticing there was now a bullet sized hole in his chest. Paul B. then fell off the side of the building, landing in an alleyway below. Scratch looked at her fallen ally, then turned back to face Nick Wolfe, Angel, and Rose Chat.

“I’m back, bitches!” Angel declared, changing the automatic gun into a sharp but short metal sword and now taking a fighting stance against Scratch alongside Nick Wolfe and Rose Chat.

(To Be Continued)
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Aaand here's chapter four! The battle against the B. Brothers continues, but can Nick Wolfe and his newfound friends overcome this threat and come out on top?

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