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Such a wonderful OC, she seems like she's full of energy! Something I really like about Gina is that you can tall that she looks origin...

Ah, Nero Claudius, one of my favorite Saber servants. I honestly love how small you've made her face. It mostly makes her look super cu...

So first, I want to say that your style is really adorable when you draw your original character. In that way, it's quite effective. I ...

by Ifrit9

Oh wow, I never really know how sexy Neo could be, but you've done an almost perfect job here. I really love how soft her body looks, l...

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Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 8
As Nick Wolfe changed into his normal clothes after just exiting one of the showers, which was white T-shirt with a bright-red circle in the middle along with black shorts, a couple of knocks was heard at the door. As he finished putting his shirt on, the half wolf walked out of his room, adjusting his wet, black hair with a comb made of boxwood. As he opened the door, Nick Wolfe saw two people, young though about the same age as himself.
The first of the two was male, with bright red hair cut into small spikes, though styled quite nicely. While wearing a white tank top embroidered with a few red jewels, most likely rubies due to the exact shade of red, his pants were fairly normal jeans, though with a few Kanji characters stitched on, like Taiyō, meaning sun, which was stitched onto one of the back pockets of his blue jeans. Another was Saru, which meant monkey, being placed near his knee. Like the Kanji character, this young man had a long, monkey tail, being the same
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 1 3
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 7
Slinking down a dark alleyway, both Scratch and Daisy tried to keep away from the prying eyes of society at night. A few small rats scurried along the dirty alleyways, hiding from any light that came their way. Both the roughed up cat and the cyborg dragoness saw a small bar located deep into the alleyway, advertised with a purple neon sign. Daisy looked and seemed a bit confused and asked, “Scratch, where the hell are we?”
“It’s a safe haven for dark beings since Ki users and normal humans can’t sense this bar, it’s known as Kurokage and Lord Yami wanted to meet us here for some debriefing.” Scratch answered the cyborg dragonesses question, opening the dirty, rusted, metal door.
The inside of this bar seemed a bit more metallic than a normal pub that would be located in Tokyo’s inner districts. There was only a couple customers within the bar, exactly four of them together. Sitting at one of the largest tables was a female lami
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 12
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 6
Nurse Sweet wiped the beads of sweat from her brow, placing the last weapon into Angel’s arm, connecting the buzzsaw to a few wires. Taking a deep breath, Nurse Sweet typed a few codes of numbers and letters into a large computer, which was attached to Angel’s cyborg eye. It took a few seconds of booting up, but Angel’s cyborg eye activated, with the rest of her waking up soon after.
Angel slowly got up from the operating table, her head feeling a little dizzy. Lifting up her cyborg arm, Angel had noticed that it now felt a bit heavier than before. Angel looked at Nurse Sweet and asked, “So I’m guessing everything went into normally?”
“Yup! And I’ve added a few extra features to you, try them out.” Nurse Sweet told Angel, disconnecting her from the wires and plugs.
As Angel prepared to activate her newly gifted weapons, the sound of beams firing could be heard coming from somewhere on the highest floor. Nurse Sweet activat
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 8
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 5
Looking at the destroyed remains of his motorcycle, Nick Wolfe and Angel both sighed as they looked upon the parts burned and scattered. Both tires were melted into the street, which made Nick Wolfe cringe in disgust as they were still in the process of melting into a smelly, rubbery liquid. Both Frankie and Regina approached them, seeing the only vehicle now burned and destroyed.
Regina groaned at this scene, crossing her arms and asking Nick Wolfe, “So, how the hell are we getting back to your place, Wolfe? I can’t imagine that we’ll be walking back, as I can see you’re not that stupid.”
“Well, being a part of the Wolfe family has a lot of privileges,” Nick Wolfe replied as he reached into his wallet and pulled out a small, plastic card. “This is what we call the Omniversal Pass, and it allows me to take any train or bus in Japan, taking along passengers free of charge.”
Nick Wolfe handed said Omniversal Pass to Angel. S
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 4 6
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 4
Groaning as she paced around and around in circles inside of her now destroyed laboratory, Scratch stared at the shattered remains of a glass statue, one that had once resembled herself. Balling her hand into a tight fist, Scratch slammed her fist into a piece of glass, shattering it into many pieces, reflecting the ferocious expression on her face. A few of her grunts were busy typing information into a few computers, which were connected by cords to a human-sized robotic being that resembled a skeleton.
“Scratch, your master is here to see you.” A grunt told Scratch, bowing to his knee as Scratch turned to see him, a scowl on her face.
Hearing these words, Scratch’s facial expression changed from angry and frustrated with her minions to terrified, seeing the figure approach form the darkness. Now, under the lights of the laboratory, this figure’s fully armored form was entirely visible, causing Scratch to shake like a small, fearful child cowering in
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 3 5
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 3
Placing the marinated pork loin on a skillet, Nick Wolfe whistled a tune as he set the timer for ten minutes. Nick Wolfe checked the rice in the small rice maker, seeing that five minutes were left on the digital clock. A warm, graceful steam could be felt moving from the machine, tickling Nick Wolfe’s nose as he slowly and gently rolled a small set of omelettes, placing them onto a white plate.
Angel yawned and stretched her arms and legs, feeling her cyborg eye and her normal eye slowly beginning to open. Angel felt her robotic eye open and turn on, which was made of metal and had a black screen, with a dot in the center that moved around like a normal eye. The guest bedroom around Angel had a small Chōchin lamp, though a bit of natural light seemed to flow in through a window, along with the sounds of a small ponds water.
Getting out of the comfortable futon bed she was resting in, Angel noticed that she was wearing pajamas, more specifically male pajamas. These
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 6
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 2
Speeding up a lesser driven steep mountain road, Nick Wolfe kept his absolute focus on the rocky and dusty road ahead, his motorcycle kicking up dust and small rocks as his powerful customized motorcycle roared like a mighty wolf. Surrounding the mountain roads were the lush, evergreen forests of Japanese pine trees and momi firs, which were still holding greenleaves even in the cold weather of Mount Takao.
“Thank goodness armored vans seem to make large tracks in the natural world, otherwise these goons would be a lot harder to track down.” Nick Wolfe thought to himself, following the large tracks left in the road. Small stones were either crashed or thrown aside, making the path seem very clear.
Taking a left turn, Nick Wolfe parked and looked over the bottom of the mountain. There was a small rail station that lead to a system of rails which lead down near the bottom. Nick Wolfe slowly and cautiously opened up the wooden door to the station, which creaked with
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 6
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Chapter 1
It was the early hours before the morning, the stormiest time of a windy day. In the distance, a monsterous, burning fire was raging, burning a wooden estate with an emberous roar. A mix of red and orange sparks of burning flame blew in the wind as one figure stood over another, a man holding his sister’s hand. The man, with his long hair and red eyes, was trying to calm the young woman, whose eyes closed her body going limp.
“This didn’t have to happen at all, Josefumi, I didn’t have to kills them all.” A dark, gravely voice sternly told the man, who wiped the tear away from his cheek. Looking up the source of the voice, Josefumi Wolfe saw a being, cloaked a pitch-blake armor, hiding the being’s appearance.
“You’ve destroyed my home, killed members of my family, what the hell else do you want from us?!” Josefumi Wolfe snarled at the perpetrator. A pair of beastly, yellow eyes glowed from the armor, which resembled that of
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 6
The Legends of Wolfe: The Cosmic War
Chapter 3 - Reclaimed Memories
Sitting up from the bed, Nightmare rubbed her head and breathed deeply, feeling a bit lighter than before. Looking out the window, Nightmare saw the city, her eyes becoming misty as she sat down on a small chair. Looking down at her human hands, Nightmare told both Lifen Fong and Felix Fripp, “My name is Nightmare, and I am a Nara Beast, one of the guardians of the universe.”
“Felix, are you sure that you didn’t accidently fry her brain with that formula or your computer stuff?” Lifen Fong asked her boyfriend, raising at eyelash at these grandiose and fantastical claims.
“I couldn’t have, everything w-went normal f-for now.” Felix Fripp replied, taking a bit of offense over being accused of being wrong.
“No, for I was once a human who looked like this once when I was a young teenager, but a dark being named Abyss and his lackeys stripped me of my Nara Beast powers.” Nightmare explained with a sig
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 3 11
The Legends of Wolfe The Cosmic War
Chapter 2 - Rubberband Man
Things were going normal inside of the Legion of Honor, a museum that held famous art and statues from across history and hundreds of cultures. Dozens of staff were working that day, making sure that each piece was clean and ready for display. A small group of children, lead around by a teacher on a field trip, teaching the children about the history and the importance of each piece.
“Excuse me, ma’am, but is this piece for sale?” A man with red hair and blue eyes asked one of the female staff. While he wore a white suit with a red rose in his pocket. This man also carried a bag, which was black and quite full of a few things.
“Oh no, none of these paintings are for”
The female staff member was interrupted as a group of men stormed the Legion of Honor, pulling out some guns and firing off. As the staff member screamed and ran away, a pair of guards attempted to engage the men, though their small pistols and batons were no much fo
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 3 12
The Legends of Wolfe: The Cosmic War
Chapter 1 - The Girl Who Fell From Space
Now reaching the distant planet of Ronoa, the pair of Nara Beasts had landed on the planet's red, sandy, and ash-covered surface. While Ronoa once seemed like a variable garden in a hidden paradise like one of ancient myth and scripture of the distant past, now the planet Ronoa resembled a hellish wasteland of magma and smoke, with many active volcanoes churning and boiling with hidden rage.
“What the hell happened to this place?” Nightmare, the first of the two Nara Beasts asked aloud. She had long, silky, chocolate brown hair that was long enough to reach her tail.
“I'm honestly not sure, but I know the council wanted us to come here.” Michael groaned, his more animalistic features shining through. His hair was icy and white, in quite a handsomely masculine way. Cold, blue eyes gazed upon the planet, looking for a sign of anything suspicious or dangerous.
Nightmare looked around the ruins of the large ship, most likely
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 3
The Legends of Wolfe
Chapter 20 - Nick Wolfe against Cerberus Knight! The Interrupted Final Battle!
The bands played their golden trumpets and large horns and banged their drums as they marched down the streets of Rio De Janeiro. Samba dancers wore large, bright, colorful outfits, covered with glitter and small, crystal beads that would reflect the bright sunlight and make their costume more colorful. People and fans were loudly and passionately cheering, clapping and dancing as the parades went through the streets of the city.
There were few different booths selling different items, mainly food. These menu items were from all over the word, with hot foods like hamburgers from America, spicy currywurst from Germany, soba noodles served with tempura shrimp and vegetables, and even a bowl of beef stroganoff from Russia. There was even dessert items, like mooncakes from China, mont blanc from France, and slices of chocolate flourless cake from Austria.
“And now, we’ve now come to the final round o
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 14
The Legends of Wolfe
Chapter 19 - The End of the Semi-Finals! The Last Two!
As Rose Chat tightened her boston crab on Nick Wolfe, the half wolf noticed that though she had a hold on his feet, Rose Chat had neglected to grab his knees. Pulling back his knees freed his feet, giving Nick Wolfe the chance to wrap them around Rose Chat’s neck, forcing her face to the ground. Letting Rose Chat go, Nick Wolfe got up and ran to the ropes, heading to the top one and jumping up.
“And Nick Wolfe has escaped Rose Chat’s boston crab with a triangle hold escape! What amazing technique will he use next?” Miyuki declared to the audience as Angel and the others cheered for him.
“Ieyasu Flying Tackle!” Nick Wolfe called out, now heading straight towards Rose Chat, who’d just picked herself up from the ground.
Rose Chat could only watch as Nick Wolfe flew towards her headfirst. Both of his arms were stretched out, while his legs were pressed together, similar to Knightmask’s ow
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 3 7
The Legends of Wolfe
Chapter 18 - Kiss of the Rose
“And now, we have our four semi-finalists! It's now come down to Nick Wolfe of America, Knightmask of England, Rose Chat of France, and Cerberus Knight of Russia!” Miyuki declared as the four fighters waved to their fans. Most of the fans were now leaving the stadium, to the shock of Nick Wolfe.
“Hey, why’s everyone leaving the stadium?” Nick Wolfe, tilting his head ever so slightly, his tail wagging. There was quite a few less people, who were all exiting the stadium.
“The next two fights will be held at two different stadiums,” Knightmask replied as he began to answer Nick Wolfe’s question. “The first stadium is Stadium A and other is Stadium B, then they both converge at Stadium X for the final round.”
“Right, and all Battle Olympics stades use state of the art Virtual Reality simulators to create an active environnement that helps change things around for fights.” Rose Chat added t
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 5
The Legends of Wolfe
Chapter 17 - The Claws of Blood
As the rings were being prepared for the fight, Nick Wolfe was doing some push-ups on the ground. However, instead of using the palms of his hands to move up and down, Nick Wolfe used his thumbs, which seemed easy, as he barely struggled to do these very difficult. Angel and Purple watched the half-wolf exercise, both seeming to stare with hungry eyes.
“You’re so lucky, Angel,” Purple whispered to the cyborg panda. “He’s so hot, if you hadn’t asked him I would’ve started dating him, he’s just so hot.”
“Oh Purple, I’m sure you’ll meet someone just as hot as Nick Wolfe someday, I know it.” Angel assured her friend, putting her robotic hand on Purple’s shoulder.
“And now, it’s time for the second half of the second round,” Miyuki began to announce as both rings were prepared for battle. “And now, in the first ring, we have Nick Wolfe, the half-wolf fr
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 2 7
The Legends of Wolfe
Chapter 16 - The War of the Roses
“Welcome back, to the second round of the Battle Olympics! We’ve eliminated half of the fighters, and now only eight remain! Who will win these next rounds?!” Miyuki announced, seeming to hurt the eardrums of Reo. The crowd cheered as the last eight fighters had now entered the stadium.
There was Glide, Bicorn, Rose Chat, Knightmask, Purple, Nick Wolfe, Weiss, and Cerberus Knight all entered the Rio De Janeiro stadium. Nick Wolfe and Purple waved at the crowd and received cheers from Rocky, Josefumi Wolfe, Thea Calico, Lifen Fong and the rest of Nick Wolfe’s family, along with Angel, Frankie and Regina, though Regina herself tried to ignore Nick Wolfe.
“Regina, why aren’t you cheering for Nick?” Angel asked her younger sister, nudging her shoulder.
“Screw him and his stupid face, that’s why.” Regina groaned, going back to the candy game on her smartphone, sticking her tongue out at Angel. Life
:iconcyberbeastswordwolfe:CyberBeastSwordWolfe 3 6


.: super_stars [Shade_01] :. by UniverseOfNightmares .: super_stars [Shade_01] :. :iconuniverseofnightmares:UniverseOfNightmares 8 1 .: super_stars [Nightmare_02] :. by UniverseOfNightmares .: super_stars [Nightmare_02] :. :iconuniverseofnightmares:UniverseOfNightmares 8 2 .: super_stars [Nightmare_01] :. by UniverseOfNightmares .: super_stars [Nightmare_01] :. :iconuniverseofnightmares:UniverseOfNightmares 5 2 Me by Dimonika Me :icondimonika:Dimonika 17 0 Plain Doll by Noir-Black-Shooter
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Plain Doll :iconnoir-black-shooter:Noir-Black-Shooter 29 0
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Ram (Hourglass) :iconalphaerasure:Alphaerasure 225 11



Chapter 8

As Nick Wolfe changed into his normal clothes after just exiting one of the showers, which was white T-shirt with a bright-red circle in the middle along with black shorts, a couple of knocks was heard at the door. As he finished putting his shirt on, the half wolf walked out of his room, adjusting his wet, black hair with a comb made of boxwood. As he opened the door, Nick Wolfe saw two people, young though about the same age as himself.

The first of the two was male, with bright red hair cut into small spikes, though styled quite nicely. While wearing a white tank top embroidered with a few red jewels, most likely rubies due to the exact shade of red, his pants were fairly normal jeans, though with a few Kanji characters stitched on, like Taiyō, meaning sun, which was stitched onto one of the back pockets of his blue jeans. Another was Saru, which meant monkey, being placed near his knee. Like the Kanji character, this young man had a long, monkey tail, being the same red color as his hair. A pair of gauntlets were placed on the man’s arms, covering his knuckles and halfway across his arms, painted red like the hair on his body.

The other figure was female, with long, strawberry blond hair with a small streaks of jet black dyed hair, like Nick Wolfe’s hair but just a bit darker. While her male partner wore simple clothing, this girl was dressed more modestly, wearing a long, green skirt, along with a white vest with a black shirt underneath, with a white cartoon cat in the center. This girl’s gauntlets were like the half-monkey’s, though hers were white rather than red. Her expression seemed a bit more tired than her male partner, though her cat ears and fluffy tail seemed to be swishing back and forth.

Nick Wolfe seemed a bit confused as he saw them both looking at him, “Okay, so who are you both?”

“My name is Kazane Nonaka of the Nonaka family,” The half-cat introduced herself to Nick Wolfe, a smile never seeming to grow on her face. “And this is my boy-”

The half-monkey immediately interrupted Kazane as he shook Nick Wolfe’s hand and excitedly introduced himself, “I’m Eiji Oda, it’s nice to meet you! It’s really an honor to meet a member of the Wolfe family, here in the flesh! You have a really cool hou-”

Eiji Oda was stopped as Kazane Nonaka pulled on his monkey tail, dragging him away from Nick Wolfe, who looked a bit overwhelmed by these new people. Kazane Nonoka sighed as she apologized, “Sorry about that, my boyfriend gets a bit...excited sometimes. But it is a honor to meet a member of the Wolfe family for the first time.”
“Ah, well, come on in, I’ve got some leftovers from breakfast if you guys are hungry.” Nick Wolfe told both the half-monkey and the half-cat as he let them into his home.

“Sorry for the late arrival, we just needed to check in with Rocky and Josefumi, so we’re help to out with your dark energy problem.” Eiji Oda told Nick Wolfe as he set down a bright-yellow bag.

“Dark energy problem? What dark energy problem?” Nick Wolfe asked, slightly tilting his head in confusion at this question.

“Both of our parents sensed a new presence moving to Japan from somewhere deep in Eastern Europe,” Kazane Nonaka explained as she poured herself a cup of water and took a seat on one of the wooden chairs. “I’m surprised you guys couldn’t feel that energy, its honestly much larger than any of ours.”

“I mean, does it have to do with Scratch and her attacks?” Nick Wolfe asked, to which Eiji Oda nodded, his smile seeming to peeter out.

Walking through the hall and into the living room, Angel yawned as she stretched a bit, her eyes widening as she saw the two new stranges in Nick Wolfe’s home. Angel seemed a bit quiet, sighing as she scratched her head. Eiji Oda gasped as he looked at Angel’s arm, asking with great suspense, “Can I touch your cyborg arm? It just looks so cool!”

“Wolfe, who are these people?” Angel asked in an annoyed tone, crossing hers indignantly, pouting a bit as Eiji Oda tried smiling and wave, which made Kazane Nonaka roll her eyes and groan. Though her mood was a bit angry, one couldn’t deny her cheeks were super cute when she pouted, showing a bit of natural chubbiness.

“Don’t worry Angel, these guys are allies, they’re here to help us.” Nick Wolfe explained to the cyborg panda, who sighed as she sat down.

Kazane Nonaka, trying to change the mood, asked Nick Wolfe, “So you’ve been able to take out Scratch and her minions, right? I heard about your battle with that cyborg dragoness and Scratch, how did it go?”

“Honestly, it was Angel that beat Daisy,” Nick Wolfe told the half cat with a small but proud smile at Angel. “If it wasn’t for her, I might not be here talking to you two.”

Angel blushed at this, her cheeks turning a bright red at this bit of praise from the boy that she cared about. As Nick Wolfe went into the kitchen, Angel went up to both Eiji Oda and Kazane Nonaka, sighing a bit as a nervous feeling rushed through her head. Angel asked both the half cat and the half monkey, “Do you guys know who Scratch is working for?”

Kazane Nonaka sighed as she softly crossed her arms, “Unfortunately, whoever is leading this circus seems to cloaking their identity from us, though their energy levels are off the charts.”

“But I’m sure we’ll kick his ass, whoever he is!” Eiji Oda declared, raising his fist up confidently.

Nick Wolfe  quickly returned with a black cast iron tea kettle, along with a tray of green ceramic tea cups decorated with painted-on black leaves. Placing the four tea cups on the small table in the living room, Nick Wolfe gently poured steaming hot matcha green tea into each cup, forming a stream of green liquid that gracefully flowed down into the cup. As Nick Wolfe handed out a cup to each person, he also gave them a small plate of chocolate covered cookies, brought in specially from Hokkaido.

“I do feel that Scratch has a big part in this, especially with making me into a cyborg.” Angel told the group, taking a sip of her tea.

Nick Wolfe nodded and added with a sigh, “Yeah, Scratch doesn’t seem to be smart enough to be pulling these large scale schemes, there’s something else going on.”

Suddenly, Nick Wolfe, Eiji Oda, and Kazane Nonaka all felt a surge of energy pulse through their body, making themselves all stand up. Angel stood up as well, looking a bit worried as she tapped on Nick Wolfe’s shoulder. His attention turning back to Angel, Nick Wolfe quickly told the group, “We have to reach Toshimaen, there’s something going on down there.”

“Yeah, that was a large amount of energy I felt,” Kazane Nonaka noted as she put on her pair of white glasses. “I think that there might be a really powerful enemy ahead of us.”

“Nah I think it’s more than one enemy, I just hope to kick more butts!” Eiji Oda declared in his excitable tone, slamming his fists together, which created a few sparks of electricity that went off in different directions.

As the group quickly left, heading outside, both Frankie and Kyoko Wolfe peeked out of their doors, seeing they were the only people awake in the house. They both headed into the living room, watching as the small van left the driveway, going towards the city. Kyoko Wolfe looked at Frankie and asked, “Hey, should we go help them? I really felt there’s something dangerous in Tokyo.”

“I agree Kyoko, we need to make sure they’re okay.” Frankie replied, heading to garage with Kyoko Wolfe. Inside there was a pair of child-sized bikes, one being blue and the other being green. Each one was heavily customized, with a small basket in the front, with Frankie and Kyoko Wolfe placing a few snacks and water bottles in their baskets.

Now reaching their destination, Toshimaen, the group of four saw a large cloud of smoke erupting from the amusement. Instead of people heading towards the amusement park in search of fun, instead the streets were crowded with people trying to run away, screaming out in fear and horror. A few armored vehicles sat around the amusement park, with a few SDF forces heading into the amusement park, firing at the unknown enemy.

Stopping their car, Nick Wolfe and his team left the car, seeing a figure fly out from the smoke and landing into view. This figure was entirely robotic, his body painted a light magenta color, with its eyes being a dark yellow, seeming to have a glow against the black smoke. Though having a bit of a boxy body, this being having jet-like wings that seemed to fold up into his back, along with its head looking like an android human style, complete with a mouth. As Angel took a look at this figure, she noticed its whole body resembled Angel’s own cyborg parts.

The field commander of the Japanese SDF quickly ordered the small group of soldiers, “Fire everything at that robot!”

The group of ten soldiers immediately began to unload a storm of bullets at the robotic figure, all of them seeming to simply bounce off the beign’s armor. The being groaned in annoyance as he raised his arm, his hand swapping out for a blaster cannon, firing upon one of the armored vehicles. As soon as the blast hit its target, the armored vehicle exploded into a ball of fire, sending flames and debris across the street. Seeing the giant balls of fire heading his way, the field commander began to run with the rest of his troops following behind.

Looking upon the fleeing soldiers, the robotic being noticed one of the smaller troopers, smiling as he jumped up into the skyline. Activating its robotic wings, the being flew down and tackled the soldier, drawing a long, metal saber and preparing to stab through the man, who begged, “Please, I’ve got a wife and kids!”

“Sorry, but I just really wanna test my power against weak little bugs!” The robotic being declared, raising his saber to stab the soldier.

However, before the being’s saber could impale the soldier, he was blasted in the chest by a beam of Ki, freeing the soldier from the robot’s grasp. Getting back, the robotic figure saw Nick Wolfe, whose hand was giving off a bit of smoke from his beam attack. Nick Wolfe looked at the soldier and told him, “Get out of here, we’ll take care of this from here.”

Nodding, the soldier ran away, joining the retreating crowd. Nick Wolfe drew his Ki-powered sword, taking a preparing stance against the robotic being. Angel, Eiji Oda, and Kazane Nonaka joined with Nick Wolfe, which intimidated the attacking robot, causing him to back up. Nick Wolfe asked the robot, “Who are you and why are you attacking this amusement park?”

“Now that’s a good question, my human name was Sen Nagaari,” The robotic being began to introduce himself to the group of four. “But know, I’m known as Garuda Knight.”

“Let me guess, you’re working for Scratch?” Angel asked, crossing her arms though trying to stay on guard. She seemed a bit unnerved, staring at Garuda Knight’s metal parts, which resembled a more powerful version of Angel’s own cyborg parts.

Garuda Knight just grinned and pointed at Angel, “No, I work for Scratch’s own master, but you could say that you’ve been a wonderful member of my team.”

“Guys, I’m sensing some strong dudes coming in!” Eiji Oda told Nick Wolfe, tapping on his shoulder. The sound of metal footsteps were heard coming from burning amusement park, revealing three new figures stepping out to face the group.

The biggest of these figures was blocky and large, about the ten feet tall. Made of a gunmetal grey and black being. His hands were thick, only having two large grabbing pincers for hands, with fairly blocky legs. With a single, glowing, red eye and a large upper jaw, who introduced himself, “I was Nagatani Kiyomoto, now I’m Golem Knight!”

“And I was once Ikejiri Senu, but now I’m Medusa Knight!” Medusa Knight declared, walking out from the smoke. With her slim but still strong body, Medusa Knight had a few wires attached to small laser shooters hung at the robotic woman’s side. Medusa Knight’s face was humanoid with yellow eyes, though her mouth was covered with a metal faceplate resembling a cloth.

Finally, the third and final member of this group appeared, with a grey and yellow paint job that seemed to jump out to whoever saw him. With a single red eye on the right side of his face, there was also a scope, like the one that would be used on a gun. Carrying a single laser rifle along with a pair of laser pistols holstered on his belt, the robot introduced himself, “I’m Cyclops Knight, the new and improved horror sniper, Ujie Naotoki!”

“Well, I woke up to meet Nick Wolfe for tea and some snacks, and now we’re gonna fight some robots.” Kazane Nonaka sighed as she pulled out a large green bow decorated with painted on cherry blossoms and a set of traditional arrows, carrying them on her back.

“Hell yeah, this is just like an anime!” Eiji Oda cheered, summoning his Bo staff, painted red with a pair of golden dragons heads on the end of staff.

Angel pulled out her cyborg axe and asked, “Wolfe, are you ready to fight?”

Nick Wolfe gave his confident smile and drew his sword, responding to the cyborg panda, “Yes, I’m always down for a nice battle!”
Ki Warrior Wolfe
Woo hoo! Here we go into Chapter 8! Now we've got some new friends, new enemies, and a brand new battle! Now things are ramping up!
Nick Wolfe, Kyoko Wolfe, Eiji Oda, Kazane Nonaka, Garuda Knight, Medusa Knight, Cyclops Knight, and Golem Knight belong to Me
Angel, Frankie, Regina, Daisy, and Scratch belong to AngelTheCyborgPanda 
Rocky belongs to k0shkaa 
Tagged by k0shkaa 

Shooting Star Emoji LETS START WITH YOU:
001. Real Name: Nicholas Hisashi Roy
002. Nickname:  Nick
003. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
004. Male Or Female: Male
005. Elementary (Primary): Done
006. Middle School (Intermediate): Done
007. High School: Done 
008. Hair Colour: Black
009. Long Or Short: Long but curly
010. Loud Or Quiet: Queit
011. Sweats Or Jeans:  Shorts
012. Phone Or Camera: Phone
013. Health Freak: No
014. Drink Or Smoke: Neither
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Yes
016. Drawing or writing: Writing 
017. Piercings: None
018. Tattoos: None

Shooting Star Emoji HAVE YOU EVER [BEEN IN]:
019. Airplane: Yes
020. Car Accident: No
021. First Fight: A bunch of kids tried to jump me in fourth grade, I kicked their asses
022. First piercing: None
023. First Best Friend: This dude named David
024. First Instrument: None
025. First award: A writing contest in first grade
026. First Crush: A girl named Claire
027. First Language: English
028. First Big Vacation: Going to Washington DC when I was ten 

Shooting Star Emoji LASTS:
029. Last Person You Talked To: Mother
030. Last Person You Texted: Mother 
031. Last Person You Watched: My younger brother 
032. Last Food You Ate: A chocolate muffin
033. Last Movie You Watched: Kamen Rider Build: Be The One
034. Last Song You listened To: Every Heart by BOA
035. Last Thing You Bought: A figure of Asuna from SAO
036. Last Person You Hugged: My mother 

Shooting Star Emoji FAVES:

037. Food: Japanese curry with katsu chicken
038. Drinks: Water, Green tea
039. Clothing: T-shirt, shorts
040. Book: If Manga counts, I love the Dragonball Z Manga
041. Colour: Blue
042. Flower: Orchids 
043. Music: Rock, Psychedelhic, Prog rock, Weeb music
044. Movies: Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods, Godzilla 1954, Shin Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider ZO
045. Shoes: Sandals because it's too hot for shoes DX
046. Subjects: History, English, Science 

Shooting Star Emoji IN THE LAST YEAR I (2018):
047. Kissed In The Snow: Snow in the valley? LOL
048. Celebrated Halloween: I do every year, I dress up and give out candy while also binging horror movies
049. Had Your Heart Broken: A few months ago
050. Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone: Nope
051. Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation: Nope
052. Came Outta The Closet: Nope
053. Gotten Pregnant: I'm a dude
054. Had An Abortion: Again, I'm a dude
055. Did Something You've Regretted: Of course
056. Broke A Promise: Nope
057. Kept A Secret: Yes
058. Pretended To Be Happy: Yup
059. Met Someone Who Changed Your Life: Yes
060. Pretended To Be Sick: No
061. Left The Country: No
062. Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it: Yes 
063. Cried Over The Silliest Thing: Yes
064. Ran A Mile: Nope
065. Went To The Beach: Yes
066. Stayed Single: Trying not to but y'know DX

Shooting Star Emoji CURRENTLY:
067. Eating: No
068. Drinking: Yes, water
069. Getting Ready To: Write Chapter 8 of Ki Warrior Wolfe
070. Listening To: Music 
071. Plans For Tomorrow: Just hang out I guess
072. Waiting For: Nothing

Shooting Star Emoji YOUR FUTURE:
073. Want Kids: Maybe
074. Want To Get Married: Of course!
075. Careers in mind: Writer

076. Lips Or Eyes: Eye
077. Shorter Or Taller: Doesn't matter
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Romantic 
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Both would be good
080. Sensitive Or Loud: Both, knowing when to be either
081. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: Hesitant 

Shooting Star Emoji HAVE YOU EVER:
083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: No
084. Ran Away from home?: No
085. Held A Weapon: Yes
086. Killed Somebody: NO
087. Broken Someone's Heart: Nope
088. Been Arrested: No

Shooting Star Emoji DO YOU BELIEVE IN:
090. Yourself: I try
091. Miracles: Nope
092. Love At First Sight: Yes
093. Heaven: No
094. Santa Claus: No
096. Magic:  Magic is just science we haven't discovered

Shooting Star Emoji ANSWER TRUTHFULLY:
097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Yes
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Somewhat
099. Do You Believe In God: No
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five: AngelTheCyborgPanda CandyPurpleCat UniverseOfNightmares Angelceleste Aubergine100 
Don't do it if you dont want to obvs 


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Nick Roy
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Hello! I'm Nick Roy, writer of the Nick Wolfe series! I've got a lot of fun stuff planned for this account and I'm always working on a book. Let's become good friends, artists and writers of Deviantart! I also have a Wattpad, so please go follow me and I'll follow you.


(Art above by ChillyFoot)


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Similar to the short writing, however this would be multiple parts. I'll go up to five chapters, each about 3000+ words.


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