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Death Battle: Hank J. Wimbleton vs. Project 154

Fylax: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all.
Paragon: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!
--- ---
Systems Corp.'s genetics research laboratory
 "There he is! Don't let him li- AUGH!!!" A Systems Corps mercenary yelled to his comrades before having his brains blown out from the man they were trying to exterminate. The other mercs seeing their comrade fall attempted to shoot down the bio weapon, but a bullet to the throat and chest stopped them dead in their tracks. The man simply known as Project 154 silently cursed at himself as he quickly stepped over the recently made corpses and into the next room.
 "I should have known they'd setup a trap, it was too easy." 154 muttered to himself as he ran through more rooms trying to find the exit. Every new merc he came across he would quickly dispatch while shrugging off the shots they actually managed to hit him with. He was
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 34 27
Prelude: Hank J. Wimbleton vs. Project 154

Fylax: Newgrounds, a place populated by many flash games and animations devoted to fun violence and shooting. 
Paragon: However its usually these two franchises that are easily recognized for their use in the violence and shooting category and their similarities to one another are very uncanny. Which makes us ask the very important question, Which main character could kick the other ones ass in a fight?
Fylax: Hank J Wimbleton, Killer of Nevada
Paragon: And Project 154, Systems Corps Gamma-Class Bio-Weapon
Fylax: Seeing as both combatants have been shown to use any fire arms they come across we will be listing the ones that stand out most to not overflow the bios with every single gun ever used.
Paragon: Don't worry, more guns will show up in the actual fight
Fylax: He's Paragon, and I'm Fylax. We're here to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... A Death Battle!
--- --- ---
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 17 11
Halloween Death Battle: The Modern Monster Mash

Fylax: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all And get ready for Halloween- Hey! just because you're a zombie now doesn't mean you can eat our co hosts brains!
Paragon: Sorry, I wanted to know what brains tasted like. Anyways IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!

--- ---
Backwoods Kentucky, 10/30/2015, 11:30
 It was an eerily silent night in the local cemetery, nothing but the sounds of the wind could be heard. It was quite a peaceful night for the dead that inhabited the cemetery, however their rest would not last long as a group of uninvited visitors arrived. There were six of them in total and each of them shared a common goal. 
 To get revenge on the bastards that had ruined their lives.
 "Are you sure we should do this?" One of the members, a female named Carrie, asked the others.
 "What choice do we have? It's the only way
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 80 84
One Minute Melee: Dan vs. Dan Hibiki


"Dan this doesn't look like a fast food joint!" Chris said as parked his car in front of what appeared to be a dojo.
 "Alright, so I lied about that. I found this ad for a dojo giving out Kung fu lessons. I mean how cool is that?" Dan replied as he got out of the car and made his way inside the building. His friend Chris simply sighed and followed right behind. He was really looking forward to having a few several dozen burgers.
 The inside of the dojo contained a lot of training equipment, and  the middle appeared to be the owner of said dojo. As Dan approached him he couldn't help but notice how bright a pink his gi was.
 "Are you the guy giving out those Kung Fu lessons?" Dan asked.
 "So looks like someone is intereste
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 39 17
The Modern Monster Mash Prelude

Paragon: Greetings and welcome to another Halloween- wait how did we escape?
Fylax: Tartarus. Pretty certain you had to die to achieve that.
Paragon: .... Well then. As you may recall last year a friend of ours answered the question of who was the baddest monster of the past. But now it's time to modernize and find out who's the baddest monster of the newest monsters!
Fylax: Freddy Kreuger, the springwoods slasher
Paragon: Jason Voorhees, the camp crystal lake killer
Fylax: Pinhead, leviathans lead cenobite
Paragon: and Pumpkinhead, the spirit of vengeance!
Fylax: He's Paragon and I'm Fylax. We're here to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... A Death Battle!
--- --- ---

Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger
First Appearance: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
AKA: The Springwood Slasher, The Bastard Son of a Hundred Maniacs
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160lbs
Occupation: Mass Murderer, Serial Killer

:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 54 57
Season Finale Fight: Discord vs. Tricky the Clown

Fylax: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all and wrap up the season.
Paragon: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!
--- ---
 "Well Flash, seeing as everything else we had planned was destroyed, we're just going to have to move onto the cake."
 "Oh please, a little chaos never hurt anyone before."
 Twilight rolled her eyes at the Draconequus' statement. Today was the special birthday party she was going to throw for Flash Sentry. Everything was going well until Discord decided he needed to liven things up a bit. Needless to say the only thing still in one piece after the ensuing chaos was the cake.
 "Come on Flashy! Blow out the candles and make a wish!" Pinkie shouted with her normal excitement.
 Flash walked up to the cake before thinking carefully what to wish for. Having made his decision, he blew out all the candles on the cake to which all the
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 52 55
Season Finale: Discord vs. Tricky the Clown

Paragon: You know reality sucks, limited to the same boring old logic. It's madness! Don't you wish you could warp reality?
Fylax: For today's combatants, reality is their playtoy
Abe: Discord, the master of chaos
Paragon: Tricky the Clown, the physical embodiment of madness
Fylax: Welcome to the Season 3 Finale everyone. He's Paragon, those two are Queen Chrysalis and High Heel, and I'm Fylax. Joining us today is Abe. We're here to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... A Death Battle!
--- --- ---

First Appearance: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Age: Thousands of years
Height: Possibly several feet tall
Weight: Unknown
Species: Chimera(referred to as a Draconequus in the show)
-Ruled Equestria for an unprecedented period of time before being defeated by the Princesses
-Turned Ponyville into the Chaos Capital of the World
-Helped Tirek steal the ma
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 21 59
Death Battle: Deadpool vs. Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie: Enough chitchat! Time is candy!
--- ---
Ponyville, Near Sugarcube Corner
 It was just another beautiful day in Ponyville, Celestia's sun was shining brightly, the birds were singing, and the ponies were happily going about their ways like it was any other day.
 However little did they know that this was not any other day, as it would soon turn out this day a epic battle would take place that would easily bend reality and risk the lives of millions.
 It began the moment the enquines laid eyes on the new visitor that arrived to the humble town. The ponies all stared at this weird ape like creature in red spandex as he causally pranced around like it was nobody's business, none of the ponies knew what his goal was or how he arrived in Ponyville. But the one thing was certain was that the ponies of town were too scared to even dare speak to it.
 "What? Did you expect some complicated story as to how the hell I got in
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 126 136
One Minute Melee: I. M. Meen vs. CDI Ganon





Random Ass Library Inside A Castle
 Books, nothing but damned books as far as Ganon could see. If there was one thing he hated just as much as light in his lair it was books.
 To say his anger was a little out of control would be a generous understatement. As the false demon king began burning every book in sight he picked up one to toss in pile of burning books a puff of smoke appeared right before the CDI abomination.
 The actions of false demon king had caught the attention of Ignatious Mortimer Meen, better known as I. M. Meen. While the burning of the books didn't mean anything to him the fact that yet another goodie goody (
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 13 10
One Minute Melee: The Guyver vs. The Predator





Random Jungle 
 An armored being rushed past the many vines and trees that surrounded it, leaping over fallen trunks and sliding under low branches. This was Sho Fukamachi, however he was currently in the form of his biometal alter ego, The Guyver.
 The Bio-Boosted unit continued racing through the jungle before something made him stop in his track. Multiple skinned corpses of men that hung upside down from the trees, many were missing their heads.
 Fukamachi stared at the dead bodies wondering what was responsible for this bloodshed when his Hyper Sense detected something, someone was watching him. Turning around The Guyver immediately
:iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 21 9
Let's dig into: Power Ponies by CyberAgent369 Let's dig into: Power Ponies :iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 39 19 MAG Agent Cyber v2.0 (Mag Agent Contest Entry) by CyberAgent369 MAG Agent Cyber v2.0 (Mag Agent Contest Entry) :iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 19 12 Gypsy by CyberAgent369 Gypsy :iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 2 6 Madness Combat Adoptable by CyberAgent369 Madness Combat Adoptable :iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 5 5 Big and Bad by CyberAgent369 Big and Bad :iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 45 43 Omnicide and Homicide by CyberAgent369 Omnicide and Homicide :iconcyberagent369:CyberAgent369 9 16


Sir Daniel Fortesque is ready to show Death Battle
Daniel Fortesque 

First Appearance: Medievil (October 1st, 1998)
Also Known As:  Target Face, Mr. Johnny Come Lately, Fortisskay, Sir Knight, Mr. Clever Clogs, Lord of the Ants, 
Age: 36 (at death), 136 (first resurrection), 636 (second resurrection) 
Date of Birth: 1250
Species: Skeleton
Height: Unknown
Occupation: Knight, Captain of the Militia, Hero of Gallowmere, Minister of Defense

-Lead the Battle of Gallowmere
-Defeated Zarok and other foes like Lord Palethorn and The Ripper
-Got revenge and defeated on Lord Kardok, the demon who shot him in the eye while he was alive
-Managed to solve Jack of the Green's riddles and maze
-Fought massive monsters and won (skeleton dinosaur, elephant bots, Mecha Imps, Ant Queen, The Serpent of Gallowmere)
-Defeated the Pumpkin King
-Altered his timeline and saved Kiya 
:iconpoketr8ner:poketr8ner 21 15
Happy Halloween Dreams- Death Battle

SilvaGunner: Alright out killers are set, let's see the bloodshed. 
Mr.Spooks: Silva hold me! 
SilvaGuner: Hell no. 
Mr.Spooks: Please? I don't want to be scared!
SilvaGunner: Stop acting like a child, you are a grown man for fucks sake! 
Mr.Spooks: Yeah! Well remember that time Freddy came into the real world- WAIT SILVA DON'T FALL ASLEEP! 

Death Battle. 


"S-Sir you are sure he won't wake up? Right?" The shivering nurse asked her superior who seemed perfectly calm in the current situation. The doctor merely grunted as he looked at the body on the table, working away at the corpse. "Doctor please, I don't feel comfortable with this... thing." The young woman pleaded again but her superior still waved his hands at her preparing to take off the mask. "Listen, we just take off the mask and we are done. Now stop c
:iconcrashrexez:CrashRexez 28 15
Pepsiman quenches DEATH BATTLE's thirst!

Height: 6 ft
Weight: Unknown
First appearance: Pepsi commercials (Mid 1990's) 
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Mascot, Super Hero
Affiliation: Pepsi
Likes: Drinking Pepsi, official licensed Pepsi Merchandise, helping people get their Pepsi, Dancing, and showing off 
Theme Song:

-Has ran all over the world helping to quench the thirsts of those in need of a refreshing Pepsi cola
-Managed to out run a Coca Cola Truck pursuing him
-Has used Pepsi to pacify ghosts and help prevent them from rioting 
-Rushed to the top of a burning building to give the people trapped there Pepsi to ease them while the Fire Fighters were on their way
-Did the whole "City Escape" thing before Sonic himself did
-Saved "Pepsi City" after the main computer went out of control from being over loaded, causing
:iconmr-pepsi-and-pizza:Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza 51 40
Mature content
Hail to the King! Ash Williams Slays Death Battle! :icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 55 46
First Appearance: Dan Vs. The Wolf-Man
Age: 27
Occupation: ???

Likes: Revenge, Chris, Mr. Mumbles, Burger Phile, Hortense, Turkey Sandwich's

Theme Song:

- Escaped a haunted grave yard
- Key'd the Wolf-Man's car
- Defeated New Mexico
- Thwarted a Ninja with milk
- Figured out his dentist was a super villain and stopped him
- Blew up an animal shelter
- Froze Canada
- Blew up a car store
- Gave Bakersfield Vertigo
- Caused a riot that burned down the Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre
- Kidnapped the Commissioner of Baseball  
- Stole a toaster from the Salvation Armed Forces
- Captured a Shark from the Aquarium 
- Trashed the beach
- Blew up Barry Dipmer
- Killed Mike
- Won a hair cutting contest against a barber (Although he won by cheating) 
- Vandalized a art museum
- Figured out Art Artsteen was a fraud
- Saved Elise's Parents.
:iconmaxfunnies2550:MaxFunnies2550 43 40
[SFM/Gmod] EqG Vinyl Scratch by Sindroom [SFM/Gmod] EqG Vinyl Scratch :iconsindroom:Sindroom 266 54
Jaws Bites Into DEATH BATTLE
First Appearance:Jaws (1975)
Species:Great White Shark
Personality:Revenge Fueled, Kills anyone in his way,Mostly acts using 
predatory instinct

-Has killed numerous people (Armed and unarmed)
-Has destroyed multiple boats
-Killed many types of sea life (Multiple Sharks,Killer Whales,A Crocodile,An Elephant Seal,Two Giant Squids etc)
-Escaped capture more than once
-Has 19 films
-Can roar
-Tears through skin and bone like nothing
 --Snapped an Orca in half
-Can bite through metal easily
 --Tore apart mechs
-Crushes boats with little difficulty
-Killed Dunkleosteuses
 --Dunkleosteuses were said to have a bite force of 1,200psi 
-Killed Mosasaurs 
-Strong enough to smash a sperm whale into a rock wall
  --Average adult sperm whales weigh 32,000 lbs
-Took on bigger Jaws
 --With the help of humans
-Can out swim bullet
:iconrandomaneer123:randomaneer123 19 34
Sharktopus devours DEATH BATTLE

First Appearance :Sharktopus (2010)
Species:Hybrid Great White Shark/Octopus
Personality:Actually kinda human
-Killed various people
-Easily tears apart regular sharks
-Evaded the Navy more than once
-Survived an explosion
-Terrorized countless beach goers
-Took on Pteracuda
-Took on Whalewolf
-Can walk...
 --Does not need water to live

-Has TWO theme songs
-Killed Conan O'Brian

-Probably has a bite force of 6690psi (10x that of a regular great white)
-Easily impales and lifts humans and sharks alike

-Threw Pteracuda
 --Pteracuda is a Pterodactyl crossed with a Barracuda

  ---Pterosaurs are said to weigh up to 320 pounds
-Fought with Whalewolf
 --Whalewolf is a orca crossed with a wolf

-Decently fast on land
-Can out swim speed boats
 -Speed boats can travel a
:iconrandomaneer123:randomaneer123 19 9
Halloween Special! Freddy vs Jason - Pt.2

Previously, on Death Battle...
Jason realized that they were somehow out of the basement, and was back at the camp. And he was in the lake, drowning…like the last time…and there was nobody to save him…
No one…
Jason’s struggles slowly ceased. The strength left his body, and the child slumped back into the water. He sank beneath the surface, closing his eyes…
A hand clamped onto his wrist.
Jason’s eyes shot open, and he gazed around in confusion. Who had grabbed him? Hadn’t they tortured him enough? Weren’t they going to let him die in peace?
And then with a mighty heave, he was pulled out of the water.
Lake water dripped off Jason’s body as he gasped for air, taking great gulps of oxygen. He shook his head, trying toe blink the fogginess out of his eyes.
“Jason…” c
:iconjamesbreaker15:jamesbreaker15 44 64
Halloween Special! Freddy vs Jason - Pt.1

Johnny: All right, the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all.
Kym: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!
Camp Crystal Lake, 10/31
A wall of mist drifted across the glasslike surface of the lake.
It was the dead of night. The moon hung high overhead, but only a tiny sliver of the moon was visible, casting the faintest of lights on the desolate grounds below.
The area was a large, camping spot, but it had obviously been abandoned for quite some time. There wasn’t a dish, or a scrap of cloth, or a bit of food to prove that humans once treaded these ground, or whether there was life there in the first place.
A huge lake lay next to the campgrounds. Right now, it looked like an enormous expanse of smooth, gray glass, broken only occasionally by slight gusts of wind, which brought small waves rippling across the pond. At the edge of the lake, there was a wooden dock, its timbers h
:iconjamesbreaker15:jamesbreaker15 38 19
Mature content
The Payday Gang vs The Infected Battle :iconcobaltglacier:CobaltGlacier 18 17
Commission: High Heel by MykeGreywolf Commission: High Heel :iconmykegreywolf:MykeGreywolf 86 9
Some further elaboration on Death Battles
In a recent tag journal I did, one of the 10 facts about my self that I stated was this
Fact 6: I think getting pissed off, or angry, or anything extreme over the outcome of a Death Battle is stupid. It's a show about fictional characters fighting and at the end of the day it's all just an opinion. There's being a bit sad that your preferred character lost, there's not agreeing with the outcome of a fight, and then there's being TeenGohanFighter, and that guys an unrestrained jerk. (Let it be noted again, I have no problem if you disagree with fights or something like that, again it's all opinions. But for the love of god be civil about it)
And I feel that I should try my best to elaborate a bit more on that subject.
And this is of course not calling anyone out, this is just something I've wanted to say for a long time now, and since DB's been getting a lot of flak as of recent, well now seems better than ever, right?
And I'm going to restate this. I have no problem if you disag
:iconmr-pepsi-and-pizza:Mr-Pepsi-and-Pizza 5 6
Death Battle: Sub-Zero vs. Cinder

Madness Abe: Alright, the votes are in and the combatants are set. Let's end this battle once and for all.
UltraTech Facility
The Fulgore Unit fell on the ground, its chasis now filled with massive dents and a hole at the center of its body, sparks flying from it. The red eyes of the machine eventually slowly faded away as it shut down, leaving behind only its mangled form. Surrounding this particular unit were several more Fulgores, each destroyed and torn apart in varying manners: some were decapitated, others were simply beaten into. 
In the center with all the demolished robots surrounding was a tall man dressed in what appeared to be a fusion of Oriental-looking armor and winter clothing. Shoulder pauldrons with the heads of dragons decorated his shoulders with a similar-looking belt at his waist, a helmet with a trident-like design w
:iconmadnessabe:MadnessAbe 62 12



There's a new game some close friends I know who are in a new game company called Misunderstood Creature Entertaiment, they are working on their very first project called Meep the Legendary Spacebat! It's a fun side scrolling space shooter that plans on bringing something new to the genre along with a sense of humor! I really want to help them out with their project! Not only will the funding go to the team but a good amount will go the children hospitals with some of these perks! I have already donated and will be helping them out. Any amount of money helps and having more people know of this project will help out greatly! I really hope you'll help us out with this and enjoy the game! Thanks for taking the time to read this message and remember, for great cupcakes! X3…


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MrNate2015 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 21, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
It's honestly still hysterical that you literally gave up on Death Battle and practically deleted EVERYTHING just because ScrewAttack "stole" (I use that term very loosely) your idea. Again, IT WAS A JOKE FIGHT! In fact, wasn't the whole point of Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie a damn joke? So why did you get so damn upset over a damn fight that's soul purpose was a JOKE. ScrewAttack probably just wanted to do their spin on it, did they even KNOW you made your own fight? Even then would they stop and abandon the project just for you? NO. There have been countless of times a writer did a fight idea that ScrewAttack did and some of them are still writing fights to this day. And the saddest thing is that I looked up to you. When you gave me all that advice on Asriel VS RED:…

you helped me improve my flaws and become a better writer. In fact, I don't even think I'm the only one here, I bet there's others who were inspired by your work and always enjoyed the content that you made. You we're my inspiration, you helped me and other's become great writers... And you had the god damn NERVE to walk out on us just over a silly little joke fight. 

But hey, you probably left this account in the dust a while ago and I'm just a damn vulture pecking at the bones. I can't change anything right now but by some miracle, you actually read this, I hope this enough to actually make you think.

See ya 'round, hope you enjoy wallowing in your own disappointment.
PLCTheCd Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018  Hobbyist Writer

I shall drink to your health on your birthday!

Beer before Liquor; will get you sickerDrunk:iconbudweiserplz::iconwineplz::iconpintplz::iconwhiskeyplz::iconmargaritaplz::iconjackdanielsplz::iconchampagneplz::iconmartiniplz::iconheinekenplz:::iconrumplz::icontequilaplz:Efes Pilsen Bottle Efes Pilsen - Animated 2 Yeni Raki Efes Pilsen Can Emoji| Beer Marmara Gold Kulup Rakisi Istanblue Efes Malt  :vodkala: Tekirdag Rakisi Bazooka Altinbas Raki Tekel Birasi Lokka champagne Glass 1 Jim beam Emote [RT] Whiskey Wicca Glass Of Wine Emoji :winela: Wine Icon mini Wine Bottle Green [RT] Babilonian Wine :beercontest: Beer Emoji :cheers3: ChibiChelita BeerBacardi Icon big Bacardi Icon Bacardi Icon mid Bacardi Icon mini Bacardi Icon ultraminiEfes Malt Corona Extra Emote BeerMug Cheers :beer: Beer Mug Perv Thrusting Cheers fella white-wine (party) Cheers with Champagne Emoticon :vodka: :DrunkBummy: Drunk Revamp  Avatar for bloodmartini champagne Glass 1 A Drunk Guy  :vodka: Drunk Revamp :icondrunkplz:

Or non-alcoholic if you prefer that! Sweating a little...
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Happy birthday!  Pinkie Pie Party Canon icon Black Forest Cake Type 2 with candles 50x50 icon  

It's been a while since we last talked, hasn't it?  Hope you're still doing well!
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Happy Birthday, dude!
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Arachnid-le-Spider Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018
I love how you left because ScrewAttack 'somehow' stole your ideas, real mature of you to just ditch your audience over some silly little hunch. Ah well, I can't complain. Hope you're doing well wherever else you skipped off to.
Nitwitsworld Featured By Owner May 7, 2018

Why you left the internet?
NathanTheMoldy Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Can't stand drama. 
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