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Well Its been awhile since I've been around DA.  School leaves me with very little free time but I've started using digital art as a way of releasing some stress again.  I'd suspect there will be another influx of my digital crap in the near future...beware :d
i don't think I'll be around for awhile now that school is in full swing again...but I'll pass by from time to time :)
well i've finally found out how to generate png images from strings and ttf' now the site is lookin a little more pretty.  Now I have to work on the rest of the

It is now site with get a make-over with a pixel theme.  Why you may ask?  Well for one thing pixel art uses minimal number for colors and is small in size (HxW) so the images load slightly faster (for those poor suckers on dial-up).  Second, I'm addicted AGAIN...i kicked the habit of pixelart about 6-7 years ago but i was drawn back in by my increased exposure to it by such artists as Blackice and S1nk (thanks guys)  So look for the site to be online around the end of Aug.  ;)

hmmm... :pixentext: ...what is it?... new art group?  I think it may from what I've gathered from the forums.  If "anyone" out there reads this let this be known...i'd like in :D
Well once again we're on the brink of destruction (… ) ... 17 years left so say your goodbyes :o
Today when I arrived at DA I saw the DD was pixelSCENE - inner city by Blackice.  I havn't done any pixel art since I had a 90mhz pentium running windows 3.1 but this piece relit the once estinguished flame.  I've started working an a cityscape pixel piece as well...unimaginative - maybe - but fun none-the-less...check back in the next couple of days to see the result :D
Well whats new since my last update one the second on July...

:bulletblue: Been working on my website, [link] I hope to have it done Sept 1st
:bulletblue: Went on a trip down Sanibel Island in Florida...I don't have a camera but love taking pictures so I bought a Kodak disposable and went to town. I ended up with a couple of pics I liked and I'll upload then when I finally remember to bring them to work so I can scan them . I just hope the quality is fair when I scan them...
:bulletblue: I was lucky enough to have Olya's 55,555th page view :D

Thats about all for now...
Back to working on my website...I finally have hosting with PHP/mySQL support so now I can get something done.
Nothing like a little passionate debate...haha...heres the deal:

Attn Haters:

This is my opinion, don't like it?  I couldn't careless.  Using celebs or anything else for an artistic work, could be a wall, just a collage, anything...not copyright infringement unless your tring to make a buck from it.  Plain and simple.  Its for asthetic enjoyment...thats what art is.  Credit the place you found the image if you want but chances are they didn't take the picture anyways.  Any real artist would be honored that someone loved their work so much to compile it and add to it for no other reason than sheer enjoyment.  As for all you haters out there on DA with nothing better to do than bitch about it: just bite your lip, close the window, and grow the fuck up.  If you don't like looking at someone's compilation then don't but don't whine about it...find some other way to express your deep seeded anger, see a shrink i don't care.  Thats all I have to say about that. PEACE

Nothing new today...I'll update this  entry if something worth mentioning  happens...

Listening to:
3 n one - reflect
Nothing new today...I'll update this entry if something worth mentioning happens...
An unexpected 6 3/4" Infinities came in the mail yesterday...I was expecting them Wed so I guess even the postal system can surprise you every once and a while.  They were a little harder to install than I had expected because of the larger magnet structure.  I had to Jimmy rig up my own spacer and drill my own holes etc...needless to say I was up a little later last night than I had hoped but it was worth it because they sound awesome.  TODAY: install jbl amp when I get off work :)
Well update on the constuction of my car's audio upgrade...I have the 135amp alternator installed and yesterday I wired up my eclipses and installed them into their box.  Today after work I have to buy some more 12awg wire because I used all I had left on installing the subs in box.   Tomorrow my amp arrives from UPS so I can hardly wait.
Finally got my alternator rebuilt so  i'm going to put it in tonight after  work.  My amp is in the mail so  hopefully in a week or so i can hook up  my system :D.  For any audio gurus out  there that care heres what i've got:

Pioneer DEH1000 (base model but i  still love it)

Infinity 6 3/4" front doors
Infinity 6x9" rear  deck

2 12" Eclipse 88120.4  (500wrms/1000wmax)

Custom built wedge 1.00 ft^3 each  side

JBL BP1200.1 (subs running at  1ohm)
havn't decided on one for  components

4 gauge power and ground, 12  gauge speakers

Well thats it...feel free to note me  questions/suggestions
Well i have FINALLY found myself a decent forum on the web...the one that resides at if you, like me, are an audio freak or just a wanna be then by all means give it a look.

___/ :c:.:y:.:b:.:e:.:r: /¯¯¯

Would you kick me if i were to fall?
What does it take to get the collective rectum to fawn over your shit?  Either a 3dsmax shape duplicated and transformed 200 times coupled with trendwhore typography or a "tribute" to the senior staff in any shape or form.  

___/ :c:.:y:.:b:.:e:.:r: /¯¯¯

Would you kick me if i were to fall?
Well everything is pretty much shitty right now...two jobs, 14 hour days...i wanna crawl in a hole and die...

___/ :c:.:y:.:b:.:e:.:r: /¯¯¯
put a pistol to your forehead,
pull the trigger - make a wish.
little bit of brain matter,
how delish?
i'd love to see the brain cells splatter
too bad seeings hard with a hole in your head
-too bad-

i hate it all - the memories
i hate being haunted by them
knowing what could have been
constantly being reminded
rubbed in my face
-i hate it-

make it go away - the problems - life
knowing the EXACT moment when it all went wrong
knowing EXACTLY what i should have done or said
feeling of dread - feeling dead

the hurt is gone - all gone
everything that i was - gone
i AM changed - i'm not the person you once knew
i wish it were true - but no
emotions gone - warmness gone - i am gone
only a void remains - coldness IS my blanket
my very being has been torn from me - i am raped
i revel in the darkness now - it is my home

i am smarter now - wily now - protective now
i will not let my guard down
i will now longer be the emotional victim
i have no emotion left - nothing to steal
everything from me was been stolen
i will be the attacker now - no longer a victim
they are all evil - deserving of it
their turn to have emotions torn - tables turn
-tables turn-

oh Lord what have i become?
i am the personification of all i hate
i am hate - hate everything - hate for myself
one can only feign happyness for so long
why did i do it for so long then?
simply to keep my family happy?
friends? why?
i don't know anymore - been so long
been faking it for an eternity
happyness it an illusion - i am unable to conjure
i do not possess the majik to make it all better
i do not possess the answers until it is too late
i am hate - i am cold - i am the void
-i am freezing-

(sigh)...thats all

___/ :c:.:y:.:b:.:e:.:r: /¯¯¯
Personal Updates
Got the papers done so now i'm home-free for the rest of the semester homework-wise so now all I have to worry about is finals...w00t!

Current Projects
I'm kinda on a brush and cell phone art kick right now so you can expect to see some deviantions in those areas from me in the near future.

Fun Stuff
flash mini golf

High Scores
cyber - 18

(note me with your high score and I'll add it)

___/ :c:.:y:.:b:.:e:.:r: /¯¯¯