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-worry not for me-

spirit aching, heart yearning, mind wanting
the futility of it all is over whelming
you feign caring
you feign sincerity
...mind fucking

-worry not for me-

it all seems to fade away
spilling down, draining from me
everything is washed away
only the pain remains
a constant reminder of my fray

-worry not for me-

passing from it all
slip out of the coil
the one that holds us all captive
when the passing comes it shall go unnoticed
an end to the pain
a way out, the door is there

-worry not for me-

my friend we meet again
to dance our dance
how i have yearned for completion
you feel so cold against the temple
pressure gaining

finally the exclamation comes
from my friend

::release has come::

-worry not for me-

do not worry, do not question
you who did not want to be burdened
you who did not want your happiness questioned
you sit in your place of solace up in your castle in the sky

forget me now...chained below

-worry not for me-
blazef Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002

Interesting Poem here... I'm really no good at giving C&C...

I'll just say, nice job, keep it up.

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January 30, 2002
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