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RIP cyberbat by cyber RIP cyberbat by cyber
R.I.P. cyberbat icon may you rest in peace

When faced with bitches with pms one must decapitate

p.s. bat things are originally created from the mind of liquify
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mrsaturn Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
i'm sure this has been reported to admins multiple times already so i'll hold back on that. but yes, you stole her work originally. you're lucky you weren't banned for the original rip, devart doesn't take kindly to you people.

although, this may be protected by fair is a sort of parody.
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weaponzero Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
as stupid as you are for ripping jenn, i don't see how this deviation violates guidelines
its a parody... oh well maybe i just dun get it.

regardless..... this is uhhh..... stupid. don't be a dick to jenn. EVAR.

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five Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
It appears that this submission includes photographic, and/or graphic art content that was created by another person.

The reproduction in whole or in part of another's artwork without prior consent is a breach of Artist's Copyright, and therefore not acceptable as a submission to a site where the rights of all artists are respected.

It is suggested that in order to retain the respect of your peers that you make every effort to provide original artist's consent, or as a minimum, credit the originator and link to the source.

Also, it is worthy to note that this deviation appears to violate deviantART’s submission policy, a strict set of rules set up to enforce artist's rights.

David Topping
DeviantART member

Paul Martin
DeviantART senior member.
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himynameiznate Featured By Owner May 1, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah Woah Woah, listen pal. You ripped a likeness of Jens batty. She told you to remove it. You did. But you couldnt leave it at that. Instead, you have to go and not only rip the likeness again, but do so for malicious reasons. Whether you think its okay to draw a character copyrighted to a private individual or not, this is an improper use of both Battila and Battshe. I suggest you delete this deviation before a drawn out legal battle. If you think this is in jest, I suggest you think again.

If you think Im joking, contact your lawyer. This is a serious legal violation of an artists work, regardless of how "inspired" this piece is.
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cyber Featured By Owner May 1, 2002

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nada Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
you must harbor deep resentment for jenn. ['When faced with bitches with pms one must decapitate'] why, i don't know, but grow the fuck up. you ripped her work off, you had to take it down, move on.
trendwhore Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
you're just pissy because you're not cool enough to have a handmade icon from someone as great as jenn, instead you had to go and rip one. Lame dude...very lame.
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caustic Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
:-( (Sad)
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vizion Featured By Owner May 1, 2002   Interface Designer
where the hell are these lil creatures from?
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lostlogic Featured By Owner May 1, 2002
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May 1, 2002
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