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dalek chess

this is something i did during school
while the others were making basic chess pieces i made this ^^
took so long to render the 360 version which you can find here [link]
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I love this design so much. So about a month ago I showed it to a friend of mine, a serious Dr Who fan. To cut a long story short, his associate and I 3D Printed the Board. Also creating a bunch of pieces from my friend's favourite characters. Then we gave it to him as a Wedding present. Made a back plate of Metal with rounded bubbles, fitted the board to that, added an Acrylic top, then fitted Magnets to into the bases of each character piece. It really turned out great. It's not the same, the colours are the preference of the person we gave it to. Gold and Black.
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Very nice work. :wow:
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Can you release the models for tabletop simulator so we can play?
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What kind of Dalek are the pawns?
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I tried to create a smaller dalek drone that acts as a repair and maintenance unit. Hence the lack of weapons and smaller scale.
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start making these and selling them. I want one
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love this work the closer you look the more unique touches you notes. 

show what kind of mind I have where after I seen this I instantly tried to think How you could make this real 
noted some comments where you said you had a 3D printer don't know how they work but if you could create a hollow version of the peaces you need to float and then attach a magnet on the inside you then place a polarising magnet in each square on the bored and so create the same floating appearance as the globe desk toys you can get (or bigger version the Magnet train) (don't quite know if it is that easy it was just after 5 minuets of research) but the possibility is there 
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I have thought about that but the problem is with the way the magnetic fields would interact with each other. The daleks wouldn't stay upright and try to flip over so the the magnetic poles  connect. 
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Someone needs to invent this.
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This is EXTREMELY cool!!!!!!!!
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sorry haven't invented minturised anti gravity particle generators yet
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Get a 3D printer and print out this epic piece of awesomeness!
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Have a 3d printer, currently using it to create another project of mine.
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If you ever make to sell let me know you have a sale waiting
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Thanks I will be sure to let you know.
I'm currently working on a (Private) prototype. so far i have a basic 'hover' effect going which i should be able to incorporate into the board. if i ever make a full one just curious as to what you guys think it would be worth. i'm assuming that i'd have permission to use the design if i did finish prototyping? (i'm talking a physical chess board like this, not a PC game)
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