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Soul Remnants - Gathering
Mato levelled a flat look at Ozpin over the video link.
"You want us to do what now."
"I want you to come to Beacon." Ozpin repeated. "I have reason to believe that your expertise will be welcomed."
Mato closed her eyes and sucked in a breath through her nose, before cracking an eye open to gauge her friend's reactions.
Saya and Yuu were deeply unimpressed and not at all shy about showing it, as was their wont. Yomi had a rather blank look on her face that she usually put on when she saw something she didn't expect, like Mato waving a can of coffee under her nose after a long hard night of studying, or Mato spontaneously asking her out on a date, or Mato doing one of any number of little things.
"Okay," Mato gusted out through a sigh. "I'm going to need a little more than that, before we all agree to essentially babysit your city. Does this have anything to do with those Maidens I see people talk about on the Internet sometimes?"
"The possibility of their involvement grows by the day,"
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Things Raynor's Raiders Are Not Allowed To Do
1. Don't shoot the TV in the bar. Just because the Commander did it, doesn't mean you get to. And he did it with an old-fashioned slug from a revolver; not a giant fuck-off gauss rifle!
2. Don't piss off the medics. You might think you're hot shit when you try and flirt with 'em, but they most definitely do not, and they won't feel much like patching up those stab holes you got when a zergling tried to bite your face off.
3. No touching the sample containers in the main lab. Just because they look like something someone scraped off a protoss nexus and a zerg hive cluster doesn't mean they won't try and eat and/or zap you.
4. Hellions are only to be piloted by certified Hellion drivers. Seriously, those guys are touchy about people touching their rides.
5. SCVs are not to be used for anything other than their intended purpose. That means construction and repair only. I don't want another racing incident like we had on that mining colony; Sgt. Keller's still finding shrapnel in hi
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Soul Remnant - Action
Down in the city, Mato and her group were showing RWBY around, pointing out various areas and persons of interest.
In Ruby's opinion, however, the people they were walking with were of greater interest than their peers. "So, what do you guys do?"
Mato shrugged. "Eh, it's not really that exciting. I used to be a middle school student with Yomi, Yuu and Kagari until I met Rock. Mom works for Threshold General as a nurse."
"And I worked at that middle school as a therapist." Saya put in. "My specialty was negative reinforcement."
Mato rolled her eyes. "That's one way of putting it..."
"Yeah Saya, most therapy sessions don't conclude with the therapist choking out the recipient of said therapy," Yuu put in.
"I'm sorry, what?" Weiss nearly shrieked.
"Excuse me?!" Yang snapped.
Saya shrugged, entirely unaffected by the death glares aimed her way. "Like I said, negative reinforcement. And Rock got me back for that, as I rec
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Soul Remnant - Threshold
For reasons unknown to RWBY, twelve of the thirteen towers that made up Threshold were paired and associated with a natural element; two each of wood, earth, water, fire and metal, one of light, and one of darkness. The thirteenth tower, known amongst students as the Centrum or Fulcrum, did not have such an affinity, intended to represent balance among the aforementioned elements, and thus was the ideal location for the Headmistress' Office in which Team RWBY now stood, furnished with little more than a shiny black desk and the chair behind it.
Ruby would not be surprised upon later being told that both of these things were made from the same black trees that surrounded Threshold.
"I suppose you are owed an explanation," Ram stated with a calm that was much like Ruby's experiences with Ozpin, but lifted of the burden of regret. "for the display in the arena." Yang snorted and folded her arms, but that was the most outward RWBY's reaction was. Ram continued as if this had never happened
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I'M BACK, BABY! by Cyber-Angel-Rowan I'M BACK, BABY! :iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 0 1
Blaziken was my first. My partner. The pillar of the ragtag collection I pulled together in the GBA days.
Blastoise was my tank. Reliable, steady, able to take hits and deal them in equal measure.
Empoleon was my performer. He dominated no matter where he was, be it the stage or the battlefield, and I loved him all the more for it.
Emboar was my powerhouse. A rough and tumble brawler always ready to charge in and damn the consequences.
Samurott was my fighter. I didn't care that he was an otter, I only cared that he was my starter. We fought, trained, bled and fainted together, and that meant everything to me.
Chesnaught was my eye opener. He introduced me to a new style, a more passive way of fighting. With him, a good defence was the best offence.
And now, I have a Torracat. I haven't travelled far with him, but he has taught me the value of a support team, of tactics, of choosing when to fight your battles and who to fight them with.
So, when you ask me "Who's your favourite starter
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BRS- Soul Remnant
"A check in mission?"
The group of first year Huntresses known as Team RWBY had expected several things when they were collectively called to Ozpin's office a few days after the great Breach of Vale's walls, but the assignment he had set before them was not on that list.
The man behind the desk nodded. "That is correct, Miss Rose. I need the four of you to fly out to the kingdom of Threshold and compile a report on their status."
"With all due respect, Professor," Weiss Schnee cut in. "why can't you just contact them yourself?"
Ozpin smiled slightly to indicate the lack of offense taken. "It's not that simple. Threshold is possessed of a certain… unique circumstance that renders outside communication systems invalid." He sighed, seeming to fold in on himself a little. "That aside, there is still much to be done. The walls must be repaired, houses and shops must be rebuilt, hope must be restored…"
"Don't worry sir," Yang Xiao Long stated confidently. "We'll get it done, no p
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RPG Maker - Inside a House by Cyber-Angel-Rowan RPG Maker - Inside a House :iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 5 8 New Setup by Cyber-Angel-Rowan New Setup :iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 0 1
Elites - Contemplations and Confrontations
The Apostle known as SZZU pored over the file in front of her, silently digesting the latest report that XNFE had compiled by way of her drones as she sat in a table in a comfortable blouse and pants that had been procured for her by the White Fang.
So they are here... They’ve been at Beacon for just about a month. It would be best to remain in hiding for now, until our victory can be assured. Even with the training, we could defeat them if we made an effort, but then there are the Huntsmen and Huntresses to consider...
The woman let her mind run over statistics and predictions, noting them down as they formed. “Hm. Not yet, but soon. Perhaps it would be best to let MEFE test them first. LLWO’s involvement was an unexpected variable, but it could conceivably worked to our advantage. What do you think, CRKY?”
Her hulking brother looked over from the chair he was seated on, occupying his mind by watching specks of dust float in the air and onto his suit - a
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Elites - Beacon's Test
Ozpin frowned as Mato finished her report. “So this Lirio simply brushed you off, as if you weren’t even trying?” Mato huffed, a rare glare plastered firmly across her face. “Yes, it’s like I didn’t just get through explaining this!” She sighed and made a visible effort to calm down. “We couldn’t so much as put a hair out of place on his head. Current theory is that we just don’t have the right amount of combat experience. Boosted reflexes and all that are cool, but without training we’ll just flail around all over the place.” Ozpin smiled slightly. “Well, I just happen to have this friend who’s in charge of a combat school...” Mato stuck her tongue out at him. “Ha ha. We can be there in ten minutes.” Ozpin glanced at the clock on his tablet. The next combat practice started in fifteen. That would be enough time. “That will do nicely. I’ll see you then.”
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Hatsune Christmas
If you asked Miku what her relationship to her many sisters was, she would give a generally positive response. With a few exceptions, she genuinely loved her sisters with all her heart.
She did, however, concede to the point that they could be quite a handful. Especially when they were all in one place...
The twin-tailed Vocaloid dropped into a perfect split as an errant blast of electricity sailed overhead, accompanied by an impassioned "C'MON AND TRY ME BITCH!"
Miku heaved a long-suffering sigh as Neru's powers of electricity clashed violently with Zatsune's darkness, cheered on by their respective siblings. Zumi came up beside her like a white-clad, adorably earnest ninja. "You wanna deal with this or should I?" She asked quietly in her squeaky voice.
Miku waved a hand. "You go ahead, I need to make sure Master doesn't have a stroke."
Zumi only nodded before flicking her wrists, dropping two small objects into her hands, before crouching right down and leaping high into the air over
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Elites - Forests of Beacon Part 1: Lirio's Test
Late the next morning, the four Black Paradoxes headed for one of the forested areas surrounding Vytal, hoping to find some Grimm to get their eye in with their Otherworld skills.
One and a half hours in, something else found them.
Mato had just raised her Black Blade to cut down a particularly annoying branch when a blast of light reduced it to ash. Everyone whirled around, weapons at the ready.
Standing some distance away through the trees was a man clothed in black and green. His white hair glowed in the dappled light, giving him the feel of a fae creature.
“I was wondering which fool child had wandered into this forest.” He called over. “But from your power signatures I can see that you are no ordinary humans.”
Mato summoned the Rock Cannon. “Who are you?”
The man raised his head, his green eyes as hard as emeralds. “I am Lirio, of the Seven Apostles. And this forest will be your grave. Seishin toitsu: In!
Mato just had time t
:iconcyber-angel-rowan:Cyber-Angel-Rowan 4 14
If one were to stumble across the realm he inhabited, they would find it a very strange place.
A barren plain, stretching to the borders of a great sea, with a few small saplings situated at it's very centre. Some have withered and died, either from purposeful neglect or lack of nutrition, but several are still strong and flexible. Despite the apparent lifelessness, a strange energy fills the air, occasionally funnelling itself into one sapling or another.
The sole inhabitant of this realm is possessed of a monstrous appearance, but he is a relatively kind soul. Blunt, at times caustic, but supportive all the same.
The demon holds the power to see into other realms like his own. Each and every one of them is centred around a different place.
A large mansion of singers, squabbling like brothers do.
A smaller home, but no less lacking in love between it's six inhabitants.
An apartment complex, filled with dry wit and fantastic creatures.
An entire city, filled with
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KH: FiM - Tension Rising
When the girls woke up, they found themselves on the floor of the library. Apple Bloom eased herself up and shook her head. “Man, that was somethin’...” Then she noticed someone standing over them. “Aheh. Howdy Spike.” Spike was dressed in a combination of traditional Dragon Clan armour and magical clothing. He wore a black vest edged with thick red bands and featured a red zipped pocket on either side. The outline of the vest followed the curve of his ribcage, which meant his midriff would be quite exposed if not for the dragonfire-forged enchanted metal he wore under the vest. Purple all around apart from the front, which was a pale yellow, this armour granted him protection from just about anything the worlds could throw at him. Set on his shoulders were three-layered shoulder gaurds that tapered into points like the overlapping scales of the dragons he was descended from. He also wore a neon green belt to match his eyebrows and the multitude of spikes
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Kingdom Hearts: Friendship is Magic-Dearly Beloved
Twilight Report 1
The many worlds that exist separate to our own are at once both wondrous and dangerous in equal measure. Each world has it’s own way of combating threats, but at times outside help is required.
That’s where the bearers of the Keyblade, hereafter referred to as ‘Keybladers’ at the insistence of my friends, come in. Warriors that travel from world to world to solve problems created by interference from dark beings.
Keybladers are usually a scarcity, with only two or three rising from within a radius of a hundred worlds or so, but by some trick of the cosmos Equestria contains a ratio of Keybladers and similarly empowered warriors to regular citizens between roughly 1:1000 to as many as 1:50 in recent times (Appendix 1, “Equestrian census figures over the last century”). This has necessitated Keyblader schools across Equestria, along with a ranking system to determine the level of strength of the said Keybladers
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Persona 5 Joker in Smash Bros by Linkabel32 Persona 5 Joker in Smash Bros :iconlinkabel32:Linkabel32 163 10 Musical Trio by Kurus22 Musical Trio :iconkurus22:Kurus22 582 35 The Royal Sisters by Kurus22 The Royal Sisters :iconkurus22:Kurus22 474 28 Alicorn Gundam by sudro Alicorn Gundam :iconsudro:sudro 163 47 Go Go Pony Rangers by LordBojangles Go Go Pony Rangers :iconlordbojangles:LordBojangles 397 60 Mighty Morphin' Pony Rangers - MegaHORD by SeanMirrsen Mighty Morphin' Pony Rangers - MegaHORD :iconseanmirrsen:SeanMirrsen 521 114 FiNAL NiGHT by DP-draws-stuff FiNAL NiGHT :icondp-draws-stuff:DP-draws-stuff 94 27 Commission: Sword Practice by DANMAKUMAN Commission: Sword Practice :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 547 40 ATHENA as the Gladiator by Magnios ATHENA as the Gladiator :iconmagnios:Magnios 25 3 Atlantic Tracer by artof-ravnbee Atlantic Tracer :iconartof-ravnbee:artof-ravnbee 44 4 Color Study: Angel from Borderlands by Lukael-Art Color Study: Angel from Borderlands :iconlukael-art:Lukael-Art 204 9 Maybe one more round by R3dFangz Maybe one more round :iconr3dfangz:R3dFangz 25 0 Borderlands 3 by ZeTrystan Borderlands 3 :iconzetrystan:ZeTrystan 309 15 Atlas Rhys by NoahAsai Atlas Rhys :iconnoahasai:NoahAsai 172 0 sirens by gaypompeii sirens :icongaypompeii:gaypompeii 20 0


Right from the get-go it's obvious that you put a lot of work into this. I can clearly see lots of little things like subtle shading, c...




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


So, Pinterest is fucking dead. Who else noticed?
So who else saw the Smell Your Deviation thing today?
h ELP I've fallen into Steven Universe Big Mood Generator and I can't get out…
type·​cast | \ ˈtīp-ˌkast  \
typecast; typecasting
Definition of typecast
transitive verb
1 : to cast (an actor or actress) in a part calling for the same characteristics as those possessed by the performer…

Definition courtesy of Meriam Webster dictionary website.
It heartens me to know that even six years later, people are still playing and enjoying Borderlands 2.
Mato levelled a flat look at Ozpin over the video link.

"You want us to do what now."

"I want you to come to Beacon." Ozpin repeated. "I have reason to believe that your expertise will be welcomed."

Mato closed her eyes and sucked in a breath through her nose, before cracking an eye open to gauge her friend's reactions.

Saya and Yuu were deeply unimpressed and not at all shy about showing it, as was their wont. Yomi had a rather blank look on her face that she usually put on when she saw something she didn't expect, like Mato waving a can of coffee under her nose after a long hard night of studying, or Mato spontaneously asking her out on a date, or Mato doing one of any number of little things.

"Okay," Mato gusted out through a sigh. "I'm going to need a little more than that, before we all agree to essentially babysit your city. Does this have anything to do with those Maidens I see people talk about on the Internet sometimes?"

"The possibility of their involvement grows by the day," Ozpin allowed. "I've been doing what I can, but I'm at the point where I'm prepared to accept any help I can get."

Yomi hid her smile well. Mato was still a bit dim even after the years they'd known each other, but she'd developed a keen sense of intuition when it came to meddling old people and mystical powers that she suspected was Rock's doing.

Mato sighed and rolled her eyes, possessing none of her girlfriend's subtlety and proud of it. "Oh, for the love of… fine. We'll go. Ram's gonna push us on this and it's more work than it's worth right now to keep her off my back. We'll get a chopper and be there in, what, three quarters of an hour? Something like that. Come on girls, might as well go pack."

Yuu poked a button and the screen flicked off. "Looks like we're getting shoved onto a chessboard. Again."

"S'like the tenth time now," Saya grumped.

"Save the bitching," Mato ordered, "And let's go. Gather up RWBY, we're taking them too."


The two teams, plus Ren and Stella, were assembled in front of a heavy-lift helicopter fifteen minutes later.

Weiss took it in, noting the similarities between this and the various small craft that Atlas has at their disposal, and wondering if being built in a place like this made any significant difference to the final product.

Blake's eye was drawn to the logo on the side. "Is that…?"

Ren folded his arms, face unreadable. "Yep, Vortex Industries. Tech supplier for the PCS, and the last word in human-built Unformed defense. Communications, self defence, personal use, the whole nine yards. In any case, this'll get you back alright."

Team RWBY moved for the chopper, but Ruby stopped as Ren suddenly grabbed her sleeve. "Good luck out there. And… be careful."

And the reaper could only nod in reply.

The Vortex chopper was fast, crossing the distance in a little under half an hour, and they were within sight of Beacon when Mato spoke again.

"So that's Vale, huh?"

Yomi nodded. "Looks like. It's quite charming, in it's own way."

Saya shrugged. "Meh."

Yuu looked out the window, eyes lit with rings as she gazed down at the far-off Goliaths and the packs that surrounded them.

And far below, a man with white hair that fairly glowed in the midday sun shifted behind a tree, before slipping away entirely.


The moon was a source of eternal fascination for many on Remnant. Shattered in ages past by some long ago calamity, yet every piece remained more or less in place around the planet. Huntsmen and Huntresses often took comfort in the heavenly body no matter it's phase, drawing strength from the realisation that even broken, it remained unbowed. Some even believed it to watch over them in trying times.

Whatever their opinions, one thing was clear: Even if something could get up there, no one would want to stay.


The single word drifted through the void, the one who spoke lounging on a throne.

"The Shooter is in Vale," The man kneeling before her replied. "And she's brought her friends."

The throned woman nodded. "Good. And the woman who seeks power?"

"XNFE has approached her, and offered our services. No word back from her as of yet."

"Very well. You are dismissed, LLWO." Bored purple eyes returned to their contemplation of the planet below.

The man went, vanishing in a swirl of air and reappearing in a corridor of black metal.

"Lirio, mi amore."

Lirio didn't move as a woman in skimpy clothes and a large hat stepped from the shadows. "Mefe."

"You yet live."

"Our glorious leader saw fit to let me go." Lirio adjusted the ammunition belts slung across his pants and stepped closer. "The game has begun, and we both have to be ready."

Mefe sighed, wrapping her arms about herself. "I don't want you to get hurt. If we should fail…"

"We won't." Lirio took her hands in his. "If this works, we will be free. If it does not, we will be together in death."

Hidden by shadows and metal, the pair embraced, making the most of what little time they had.

"I have to go," He told her softly. "The old man wants me to switch with MZMA."

"Be careful, my love." Mefe tipped her head up, the shadows of her hat making her eyes jump out at him all the more. "Los Colmillos Blancos son viciosos, y tú eres un arquero."

"También soy un hombre que tiene mucho por qué vivir," he replied. "I will not die as long as you survive. Stay safe, mi bruja."

Mefe stepped back, and watched as another tornado took him away.

Then, she walked off, a single tear tracking down her face.


MZMA was not a happy man at the moment and not shy about letting the whole world know it, brooding in a dark corner in a nondescript warehouse in Vale.

"Pulled away from an elimination on a babysitting job," he grumbled. "The indignity! I should be out there, in the most exotic locales this planet has to offer, not stuck here on babysitting duty!"

"Aw, Big Snipe," came a teasing child's voice from the rafters. "Is that any way to talk about your favourite rabbit?"

That drew a chuckle from the man. "I haven't needed to babysit you for three centuries… XNFE."

The pink-clad rabbit girl floated down, supported by a cloud of pink drones, stepping off them at a safe distance and landing with a clack on the concrete.

"So," She sing-songed, "I heard, that bow boy's, gonna hunt some Faun-us."

MZMA rolled his eyes. "And, why should I care about some worthless mongrels who aren't even worth a Big Snipe?"

"Because~" XNFE sang, "According to ZAHA, if we neblade a being with Aura and a Semblance, we will be able to use them too! And LLWO's hunting a really nice one, just for you, big brother~"

After a moment, MZMA grinned back down at her.

"Oh, this is going to be fun."


Not many Otherselves had powers centred in darkness. As the Flame to the Heart of their Realself, most had powers that involved light in some way, whether it be direct manipulation, a side effect of an ability or attack or indirectly through summoning or spellcasting.

Ninja Zero Two was not most Otherselves.

Dragon Slayer was musing on this fact as she pored over a book in her office, ensconced at the height of the Dusk Tower, a place that students tended to avoid.

A presence impinged on her senses, though she did not outwardly react. "Report, Zero Two."

"The Apostles have insinuated themselves with She Who Seeks, and seek to close her avenues of assistance," The small figure stated. "The Sword Master and the Drone Controller aim for misdirection. I don't know what they'll do about the Petty Thief and the Mute Tricolor."

"Hm. Acceptable. Return to your duties, check in a week from now."

"Yes Mistress."

Ninja Zero Two vanished the way she had come.
Soul Remnants - Gathering
Mato and Friends have been here before. They have Seen Some Shit, and they've learned it's best to just go along with it and have fun blasting people along the way.

The little bit with ATG!Ren is something I gleaned from RenVortex 's ATG series, where it's implied he and his father do not get on.

Also, Apostles! LLWO and MEFE, aka One True Apostle Pairing, MZMA, the GAME's answer to Michael Bay, and XNFE, aka "I was using drones before it was cool." I like the idea of those two being a family of choice for some reason.

Neblading! For those of you who are pure OVA fans, that is the process by which the Apostles (And maybe WRS, I don't think it's directly stated) absorb beings into themselves. It may or may not involve the thorn structures on their faces, I'm not entirely sure. 

You may have noticed a little bit of a name duality thing going on. Write this down, it's gonna be on the test.
A question for the Trekkies:

Which would be scarier? The proven existence of a lack of Klingons in our universe, or the reverse?
Ok, so, the bro got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Xmas, and he's been playing it for ~3-4 hours total. He's just gotten to the part where this adorable little thing is introduced:…

I like this one! She's my favourite!
So my brother found a thing that's number 1 on Youtube right now. Normally I don't draw much attention to that kind of thing, but this video deserves the spot, because it is GOLD!

I realised that I've never actually linked any videos of my all time favourite Christmas singer!

I shall rectify this!
So, I've got a new entry for my Worst Moments in Gaming List:


Pirate Invasion. Ten consecutive deaths by arrow or bullet storm in two minutes. And then, as night falls, the topper:

Skeletron Prime random spawn.

That's the kind of thing that pushes you beyond rage.
F*cking Amazon ads, making me loop CAN YOU FEEL IT for half an hour now.
It's over.

It's finally over. I can't believe it.

EDIT: It's Hellsing Abridged, I'm talking about that.
Huh. After all these years I finally have an answer as to why all the war shooters out there are focused around WW2:…
Apparently, Takahata101 voicing Lolicard is the limit as far as copyright goes.
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Well, I wasn't going to put anything else up for Pride Month, but then long time Internet fam member, certified squid and sister in asexuality Sumi-Sprite put a Pride meme up and I found myself unable to resist.

And before I go any further, I'll state for the record that if anyone reading this needs to talk about their LGBTQA+ issues, whatever they may be, both myself and Sumi are perfectly willing to talk about them.

1. What’s your gender?

2. What are your pronouns?

3. Is your family accepting?
I mean... yeah? The parents didn't raise a particular stink, but they didn't seem to entirely get it either. The sister accepts, if nothing else.

4. What do you wish you could tell your past self?
"Buddy, you are going to go through some shit, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Also you need to brush up on coding some more, trust me on this."

5. What is your sexuality?
I"m a demisexual, which means I'm attracted based on an emotional connection to a given potential partner, but I'm also attracted based on... hm, I guess the best word is aesthetic? How one looks, but I don't discriminate body types, if that makes sense. For example, I once beheld a woman decked out in a black jacket and pants and white shirt with close-cut, dyed red hair and my first coherent thought was "HOT DAMN!"

6. Favorite color?
Any shade of teal, but particularly that unique shade that features on Rosalina's dress.

7. Sun gay or moon gay?
Uh, not sure what this means, but likely Moon Gay.

8. When did you find out your sexuality?
Only about two years ago, when Pinterest introduced me to the concept of asexuality.

9. How was your day?
Sort of neutral, really. A bit cold, but this is an Australian June. 

10. Do you have any gay friends?
Uh... I have a couple of ace friends? On the Internet? I don't know about anyone else, honestly...

11. What’s your favorite hobby?
It's a toss-up between writing and gaming, honestly.

12. Who’s the best gay icon in your opinion?
Insert typical ace response here: *Shrug*

13. which pride flags do you like the most design/color wise?
I kinda like them all. They each represent their respective prides quite accurately in my opinion.

14. are you openly out?
I mean, you can't be open about something that doesn't come up a lot. When it does come up, like now, I mention it if I feel like it, which I do in this instance. I'm with Sumi on this one; my orientation and the prerogative to share it is my business. 

15. Are you comfortable with yourself?
Oh, yeah. I know who I am, and for the most part I like that person.

16. Bottom or top?
Neither of the two.

17. Femme or butch?
I... don't think I can answer this, because the previous answers have rendered this moot.

18. Do you bind?
That'd be a no. I have, however, read some fairly negative things about it.

19. Do you shave?
Yep. Beards itch like you wouldn't believe after two weeks. 

20. If you could date anyone you wanted, who would it be?
I'd only date someone after I get to know them and like them enough to progress to that point.

21. Do you have a partner (s)?
I don't.

22. Describe your partner (s)?
See previous question

23. Have you ever dated anyone of the same sex?
I mean, I'm not exactly closed off to the prospect, but I never really connected with any of the guys I knew. Never considered them friends, much less boyfriend material. I might be open to the prospect if I can connect with a  guy and not get emotionally blue-balled by the pack instincts. As of yet, this has not happened.

24. Anyone of another sex?
Once, yeah.

25. Pastel gay or goth gay?
Totally Goth Gay. 

26. Favorite dad in dream daddies?
Haven't played that.

27. Tell me a random fact about yourself?
Random Fact: I was attracted to NiGHTS before I knew what attraction was.

28. Do you own any pride flags/merch?
I don't but I want to. Like a shirt, or something.

29. Have you ever been to a pride parade?
No, I haven't. I was planning to go to a couple of years ago, maybe find a purple grey and black flag to tape to my wrists or tie round my neck like a cape, but it turned out getting to it required booking a flight, which is one of the few things I'm not ready to do without close parental guidance.

30. Any advice to someone who isn’t out or who is exploring themselves?
My principal advice would be this: Take your time. I'm still exploring the exact dimensions of my own orientation, finding out where the all the hidden rooms are and what button combination is required to access the Dragon Transformation Potion stockpile and whatnot, and everyone learns about this sort of thing at different speeds. Work on finding people who accept you for who or what you are; that's what lets you find out where you stand in relation to the world around you. And if you don't like it, change it. I'm not saying it's simple, or even easy, but you will find people who will support you, and you will find happiness with those people. And remember there is always a community at your back, one who has dealt with this shit before and will again, and will help you if you need it.

I'm usually content to let people continue these things if they want, but I am going to raise a shout-out to Miku-Nyan02 , fellow ace and one of the major people that helped me on the path to figuring this whole thing out.


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