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Horde Wallpaper Pack

World of Warcraft.
Horde Wallpaper.
1920x1200px (wide).
3 themes, 6 wallpapers.
Red_Red / Red_Grey / Red_Orange
© 2010 - 2021 Cybazaar
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(No Blood Elves allowed)

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I don't mean to sound ungrateful but this Wallpaper would of been perfect without Cybazaar in the corner.
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Some people put watermark to completely "disable" downloads, i simply used this logo of mine back then.
And its small enough not to catch the eye :)
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for some reason i cannot download the pack, can you point me a way i can download it?
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Simply click on "Download File" and it will begin downloading. If theres problem with you downloading from DeviantArt, i guess i can upload it somewhere and provide you the download link :}
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I just tried to download from deviantart and i cannot open it.
Cybazaar's avatar Download it from here.
Make sure you have software to use the .rar file! :}
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what kind of software that can download rar file?
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You dont need software to download it, but to open it.
After downloading the file, google Winrar or 7zip. Install one of them and use to open the .rar file
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This is my new wallpaper :D
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Hell ye 'pal, good job. FO' DA HOORDE!
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Thank you, im glad you like it :}
Uhmm, I'm not sure what happened there, but I instomaticallyllylly made that pic my desktop, props man
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my new desktop image ;)
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Hehe thanks :3
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haha it won't let me download it, i think it knows i'm Alliance!

awsome job, i love both of these
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