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Cataclysm Girl

Cataclysm Girl!
My retouch on this [link] picture, which is of Park Jeung woo®
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wah, death wing looks cute....but scary
Why cant this be the original look of Deathwing?! with something like that i would be glad to join here cause and slaughter everything ... even if i had to grow some aditional body parts im now fon of.(You know the whole Twilight thing and Old Gods thing)
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Her hair is a little bit different thats all. I prefer original one.
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The hair looks brighter than the rest of the picture and thats why people notice it only, overall the whole picture is color retouched. Its smoother and the colors are different, you can compare the original and this one and you will see something :}
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wow wat a hottie :O
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Lol, I'd be pissed if that was my pic. Do you have that guy's permission to post this? What's the point?
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Yes i have his permission. It is just a retouch. If you do not see any difference, just compare with the original.
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I just compared with original and dont see even the slightest difference O.o
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Its because you are blindfoulded.
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That is fully awesome
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Thank you kindly :}
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It's a pity she seems to aim for the slaughter of all mortal beings
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