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goretober 2019 prompt list

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Published: September 21, 2019
© 2019 cyaniiq
its almost that time of year again bois
made a prompt list bc i thought itd be fun and im sorta picky lmao
if you use this, tag me if you wanna, id love to see what you draw uwu

1 - blind
2 - impaled
3 - eyes + teeth
4 - scratches + bruises
5 - bisection
6 - plant growth
7 - yandere
8 - phobia
9 - sacrifice
10 - hanahaki
11 - doll/puppet
12 - pastel gore
13 - cannibalism
14 - decapitation
15 - stitches
16 - crystals/glass
17 - shot
18 - bones
19 - infection
20 - circus
21 - horns
22 - strangled
23 - guts
24 - glitch/cyber
25 - medical
26 - drowning
27 - mask
28 - heartbreak
29 - mutation
30 - possession
31 - trick or treat

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Oh boy I can't wait to use your prompt to attempt my first Goretober- if that's ok with you!

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CorruptedMemoriesYTHobbyist Filmographer
These are really good, I'll be using this!
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HexiticsStudent General Artist
A. Your art is so cute wtf??
B. Totally using this
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BurntToastttHobbyist General Artist

ooo def gonna use this !! also I was looking at your profile and our birthdays are rlly close!! I am on the 14th! Spooky October children

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chowfurHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for the list <3 I will be using it this year !!
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October-TearsHobbyist General Artist

I'm pobably going to use this one! It seems really nice, even if I'm not planning to do them all. I use Twitter and Insta, but I'll give you credit in each post <3

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PastryxHobbyist Artist
im gonna use this for my first goretober ^^b
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cyaniiqHobbyist Digital Artist
aaa cool!! ^^
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voreggNew Deviant

can i use this list? and if i can, do you have an insta? (so i know who to credit)

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cyaniiqHobbyist Digital Artist
sure!! and no i dont have insta but you can just link my da if you want ^^
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GlassyColorsHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh, this is a really good list! I think I may just use this one instead of making my own :000

Do you perchance have a twitter that I can tag? If not, that's fine, I can just link back to your DA also. Since I'm going to be using your list, it's only fair that I give you credit!

cyaniiq's avatar
cyaniiqHobbyist Digital Artist
i dont use twitter but just linking to my da is fine, thanks for using my list!! :D
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