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waterspouts are awesome, time to get some for the sewers.

Believable water animations are quite hard to animate traditionally though and this one took quite a while to do.

And there are only 29 days unless we will launch our kickstarter campaign for Tower57, I am really excited.

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that is awesome looking i like it amazing job

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The water's so fluid (b'dum tsch), great work!

Definitely looking into this kickstarter- if the effort in the art direction is anything to go by it'll be worth a donation.
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release will be today =)
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Awesome works !
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Oh god. how you doing the water are so amazing, I can staring at it for hours :love:
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well seems like all the long hours for that one really paid off =)
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When I play games I am always fascinated from the animations. Like this one. When I watch it and I am playing a game, I would like to do one on my own! (Just to say that I am so grateful for all the people like you who create such amazing animations and make a game so enjoyable :) ). I am curious, may I ask how much time does it take to make an animation like this one? (I imagine a lot!)
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yeah it's all about that tiny stuff, that a gameworld feels alive and like an amazing place you'd love to visit.
I personally tend to get back to games which had an amazing world and solid gameplay every once in a while just to revisit some places - I think visiting a world is a big part of gameplay for a few persons too, completely independent from the genre of a game.

It takes fairly long to create animations like those though. just for all the parts which are animated here (waterfall, water light and mist) I spent like 12 hours, not considering the huge column / owlhead which also needed to be drawn.
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Wow, the time you spent into this piece is really a great deal, but given the very good result you achieved it seems fair enough to me (I don't know what you think)!

Yes, when I play a game, whatever the game, I usually spend hours and hours exploring, if the animations and graphics are not too bad. I am not satisfied if I didn't explore all the areas. Only then I proceed in fulfilling the missions :D (Big Grin) ! And, yes, sometimes I return to an old game and re-play it just for the joy to wander around.

Thanks! :) (Smile) 
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on Disney movies significantly more than animators worked for 1.5 years on "just" 1.5 hours of output.

Animation, especially 2D animation, where you have to draw every frame is a lot of work, even if the output is consumed nearly immediately.
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That is really something! You're talking about the old Disney movies? I always tried to imagine people drawing each frame, what a work! I really love Fantasia, every now and then I re-watch it and each time I am fascinated from how the animators succeeded in the synchronization with the music. Tough work, but one of the best results ever, to my opinion.
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yup the early ones, like Snowwhite, Dumbo, Bambi, Pinocchio etc.
Of course they used computer techniques later on, I guess the first movie where they implemented something like that was Lion King.

Pixel art animation is very similar to traditional animation in terms of drawing all frames on their own.
The big differences are that pixel art can be shaded very detailled and that you can copy/paste frames and edit frames with rotation etc.

In case of the waterfall i drew 8 frames for the water, so even if the base construction takes just an hour and every drawing just takes then 30 min, for 8 frames you are already at 5h. This excludes all the tiny particles which are quite a bunch.

On the other hand if it's for a game with a 2D-projection of any sort you can reuse the assets multiple time and even use parts of some animations in other spots.
In movies they really drew everything completely independently

Though there are also a few gifs in the web around where the "recycled" animations in Disney movies.

And considering the insane amount of work, it's only fair that stuff gets used multiple times.
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Yes, of course, given the struggle you have to do, if you have the possibility to re-use assets, why not? When I think about movies like Snowwhite or The Rescuers, I can only hardly guess how mind-blowing it had to be to draw clothes moving and folding, frame after frame. If I remember correctly, Walt Disney and his collaborators made studies of real people's clothes in order to reproduce in the right way how a dancer cloth bends and folds after each movement. The results are obvious, I can just bow to these people (and to their buttocks).

Working with a computer gives you a lot of advantages, as you mentioned, which makes you save a lot of time. But, I think that, whatever the animation you're doing, whatever the tool you're using, the more details you put, the better and more realistic result you obtain. Yes, your buttocks would not agree ;) (Wink) . But it's more gratifying. And then you can play the game for hours and hours without getting bored :D (Big Grin) !
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Sure every artist who does good work draws a ton of studies. I even made studies for this waterfall, watched slow-motion reference etc. and then made really careful decisions how the values and how the motion flow should be simplified.
It's one of the few things I did, which came out really successful - and in the final game it will look even better, because the overarching palette got even more carefully balanced and well...

Without looking at any references no single piece of descriptive art would be be possible.

Getting really outstanding at drawing takes multiple dozens of years, there is so much you can balance at styling, and that you can amplify elegance, weight and simplicity.
Disneys lead animators did a great job with many things - true masters of their craft and their style.
It's sad that works of art in most cases never translate to money. It's hard to get a project done properly.

And realism, as well as a computer is wonderful.
Both together however become how they are used these days a style direction, which is made up out of a physically calculated world, which is mathematically correct, but can look boring or fake.
I am really looking forward what the newest Berserk Anime brings to the table, since the trailer used heavy CGI and the last movies were anime drawings build on 3D models, which looked kinda dead, but also wa san interesting style-study.

The wonderful thing about art is, that it evolves with one's view and experience.
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This is absolutely awesome
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Wow, amazing work!
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oh, great job! :clap: 
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