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it has been October 2014 since I uploaded the last new personal character concept.

So basically Tower 57 got in the way, now as the game is nearly done I had some time to pursue this passion stuff a bit more, which means another illustration – This one depicts an old chief police officer.

21 colors for the sprite + background color + transparency

This time I kept the explanation is for the sake of correct grammar, a much bigger vocabulary and general felicity and sentence structure in my native language German, I haven‘t even tried to translate it – but if someone who is a native English speakerand could get it right wants to try it, jukst contact me.



Die vielen Arbeitsjahre, haben diesen Gendarm zum Kommandanten seiner Wache aufsteigen lassen. Seinem kritischen Blick entgeht nicht die kleinste Bewegung, und obwohl er seinen Dienst auch im gemütlichen Büro verbringen könnte, sieht er die Aufrechterhaltung der Ruhe eher als Berufung, denn als Beruf an.

Die Gendarmerie des Reiches ist Teil des Militärapparats und untersteht somit dem direkten Unterbefehl Ihrer kaiserlichen Majestät. Trotz ihrer geteilten Grundausbildung mit Soldaten, werden die Mitglieder nicht direkt in Kamphandlungen miteingebunden, sondern helfen indirekt durch die Bewachung von Militärischen Anlagen und Eskortierungen von höherrangigen Militärs.

Zur Hauptaufgabe dieser Institution gehört die Erhaltung und Hütung des kaiserlichen Rechts. Durch die strenge Kontrolle von Zivilisten, der exzessiven Strafverfolgung und nicht zuletzt auch der strikten Beobachtung und Kontrolle von Sperrbezirken, sind diese Beamten in den unteren Bevölkerungsschichten der Reichsstädte zumeist berüchtigt und teils regelrecht verhasst.

Trotz einer gewissen Ähnlichkeit der Uniform zu regulären Militärtruppen, kann man angehörige der Gendarmerie leicht durch den mit den Adler gekrönten Helm und dem polizeilichen Abzeichen von Kampftruppen unterscheiden. Die Wachtmeister dürfen sich zusätzlich mit Kreuz und Kordel schmücken.

Zur Ausrüstung zählt eine Perkussionspistole mit einem einzelnen Schuss, die vor allem dazu dient etwaige Unruhestifter unter Kontrolle zu halten. Zur selbstverteidigung, tragen die meisten Beamten Messer, die höhergestellten Wachtmeister können nach belieb auch Offizierssäbel bei den Militärschmieden bestellen.

Sind Beamte in den gefährlicheren Gegenden der Städte zum Dienst abbeordert, können sie auf eine Varianz verschiedener Infanterierüstungen zurückgreifen die sich bei der „Beruhigung“ aufgebrachter Mobs als enormer Vorteil herausgestellt haben.

Nicht zu vergessen ist das kleine Pfeifchen.

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So ein Wachtmeister müsste man mal sein!
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n richtiger Bösarsch
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Das Outfit finde ich echt gut gelungen! Ein mix aus mittelalterlichen Rüstung und der Steampunk look ist einfach nur mega!
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This is super detailed! So much texture, and shininess. Yes, shininess. I am making that a word if it isn't. 
This is going into the favourites for sure
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shiny stuff is beautiful
I believe there is a way of shading, which makes light which is much more interesting and fun to look at. ALso was one of the things I looked into the m ost in 2016 =)
Glad you like it and merry christmas.
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Merry Christmas to you too :)
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Almost realistic, very almost :D
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Didn't want to achieve any level of close realistic painting with this.
Instead I focused on getting the character with face, equipment and and body language across in a believable way and use quite a stylized painting style which works well with the specifics of pixelart.
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In your opinion, how important is facial likeness?
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facial likeness in terms of
-"you can recognize the person"
or in terms of "each characte rlooks distinctive"
or "each characte rlooks appaeling"?
or something else?
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distinctive and recognizable, i suppose. I dont have much reasoning other than, it is possibly be fun to see variety of familiar faces doing things ranging for unbelievable things to the most subtlest of acts that is executed perfrctly.

Like, seeing someone who looks like sylvester stallone doing hongkong comedy action like jackie chan.. in real life probably may end up being awkward, but if done with full control within cartoon, can look fun and appealing, i think. Kinda like foreign films who we have no idea who the characters are and yet we can feel more than forceful acting from five star studded celebrity.

or do you think it is not necessary?

Such realm had been overdone by 3d, as mocap tend to kill some of the motion and realism in 3d forces them to go all out with action and VFX... while common folks are not the most trained actors to use...
Cyangmou's avatar
very important I'd say, if it's an actual character.

I mean even if pixelart is usually super stylized if it comes to faces I am a big fan of diversive characters.
Unless it's for sprites where the face not really matters and you havve to animate it, then I go just for something whihc looks like a face.

I like to stylize character faces in a way to bring out what kind of personality they have.
ANd most actors have a face for a very specific character and only take on jobs which portray the character they can visualize th ebest. I mean if you think of Leonardo Di Caprio, Anthony Hopkins or Brad Pitt and a lot of others, they always play a very specific role. Same goes for Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone ofc.

I mean TOwer has a diplomat who looks like Lincoln, so any more explanation is kinda superfluous :D
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Haha, Lincoln? Lincoln lincoln? Abraham lincoln?

That sounds fun.

I'm just wondering since people are switching to 3d to replicate celebrities or try to maximize... "realism"
It got me into thinking, why would anyone go for 2d, other than "fun" and casual?

Like, i mean, movies are charming past times, and tendencies are, people like the personality in it.

So, i wonder if it has to do with the visuals, or maybe its the writing?

Because, not sure if i can take Titanic as serious if it is played by Jim carrey...
But then, even Jim Carrey wouldn't want his face in it? Maybe?

then, as an artist, is it logical to stereotype faces into a certain characters?

No offense but, it's a terrible labelling, and maybe well impact design.

I like lots of japanese pixel art games for, being able to have strange world design while still grounded in reality, 
and though, the writing are not's amazing how the pixels make you want to play alot...
Or at least, for nerds.
Am i making sense? Since 2d feels rather slow than 3d, people will then move into 3d just to get that "kick" in inspiration while working,
and then, their writing suffers because there isn't much variation and 2d/3ds slow delivery isn't exactly supportive.
So, i guess, maybe the faces, are kinda important?
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yep abe with a flamethrower ;)

As artist, most likely it's logical with the stereotypes in characterdesign. Pixar does a great job on the general shapes.
Most characters look like you expect what they should look like, because in most movies and most games there is to little time to geet really familiar with characters. The only medium where characters look significantly different than a stereotype is manga. But one could say that most anime characters in an average show look mostly the same with different hairs )I know the exceptions, but generalizing here)

SOme people like pixel art, some people dislike pixel art. It has different effects on different people, but cool to know that it works for you =)
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This hits the spot. Awesome character design, fine pixel art, great work!
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glad you like it. Thanks for the comment ^o^
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Really nice costume design!
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 Details are great! wow! interesting concept!
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didn't know you can read German :D
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