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Upgraded GBA Fire Emblem Archer

This artwork shows the result of all the animations and tests I did on the archer earlier.

I used a different spriting style. check out the file below to see the exact changes:…

-colors are optimized for pc / tablets
-the character is slightly taller

The animation received another bunch of upgrades, mainly what I enhanced in the third part of the animation research.
It has a lot more secondary movement and all frames are cleaned up

1) :thumb718415228:
2) :thumb718415671:
3) :thumb718415960:
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Whatisthisgarbage's avatar
this looks like if Shadow Dragon's animations were actually good.
I love this
MagicKoi's avatar
The animation is obviously amazing, but I am really enjoying the pallette you used too!
Cyangmou's avatar
yeah haha, would be bad if I'd end up with something bad, considering how great the FE GBA anims are.
The colors are not that great bc. the GBA display isn#t that good actually.
On PC it would need to be Hi-Bit though to look and work super well.
MagicKoi's avatar
They ARE great animations and I am ALL about the hi-bit. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Dinar87's avatar
It's lit BRO!!

Ah you remind me of when I used to make fire emblem custom animations! Well done =)

Please make more of these in the future!
CoruFang's avatar
Nice! so fluent 
Hellrider115's avatar
Rebecca for best unit!!
Blackhook's avatar
Nice, but there the highlight on the archer's foor in the critical art moves around between the firing frames.
Cyangmou's avatar
indeed, must have been a copy paste issue, fixed this.
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