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True Isometry VS Pixel Isometry

While the difference in angles is merely around 3.5° the whole result on low resolutions can be "mathematically correct" (isometry) or "mathematically correct & clean (pixel-isometry)!

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Wouldnt this be a voxel not a pixel?
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Voxels are always 3D matrices as far as I know.
Sometimes they appear as textured cubes.

This is simply a 2D drawing.
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i guess i was thinking more of the concept of a 3d pixel being a voxel than a 2d rotation of a cube.
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This stuff is so fascinating!
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DrawWINGs idk if you're still into pixel stuff (or if you've seen this for that matter) BUT I THOUGHT IT MAY BE USEFUL IN THE FUTURE. Whoops caps
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Oh my god girl thank you so much!!  <3

Still into pixel art, haven't done pixel art in a while, but wanna start making it again!!
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this random bit of knowledge might be useful to me in the future for my game sprites
I was wondering about that some weeks ago x). (if the constraints of pixel art have some influences on perspective)
Thanks for the tutorial and the answer =p
And all others tutorials which are awesomes by the way ^^
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