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Tower57 - Sewers

That environment took quite a while so far. I really enjoyed working on this level - especially regarding it's story and the color scheme gave me a lot I could work with.
I also would love to finish it properly and add enough to make enough levels out of it, which provides enough playtime and challenges to overcome.

The main idea behind this was to have a really spacious sewer system for tower 57.
As the Towers were built and opened the waters were recycled down here before it got pumped up again. Some parts of the sewers, which housed cleaned water als were opened for lower class citizens.
After the nuclear catastrophe however there is too much radioactive waste around and the recycling-systems got overstrained. The once beautiful place got quite dangerous and is now overrun by mutants and failed exeriments.

I actually have many ideas what would be possible in the sewers, levers which change water levels, enemies jumping out of the water, moving platforms you can fall of down in the murky sauce, poisionous passages you have to trespass, but slow you down and  drain health, burning bridges you either have to extinguish, or find a way around or walk through it and take damage  and much more - you definitely get the idea.
If our Kickstarter campaign succeeds it might be possible to realize those ideas.
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Jimmy-Synthetic's avatar
I really love your work and I'm looking forward to Tower 57. It reminds me so much of The Chaos Engine
Cyangmou's avatar
glad it does. Release will be later this year, i hope you saw the latest news:…
MissyMona's avatar
Your pixel art is honestly some of the most beautiful artwork I've seen in my entire life. The prospect of the art in this begin turned into any kind of game is thrilling.
Cyangmou's avatar
Glad you like it.

Hope you have seen the alpha update with some gifs =D…
MissyMona's avatar
EEK thank you /so/ much for showing me this!
Caladium's avatar
Looks great, I want to play it when it comes out XD
Cyangmou's avatar
we just released an alpha version to some of our alpha backers a few days ago.
The beta version should get available somewhat around April.
We also intend to get the project done in 2016 =)
Mr-ShineSpark's avatar
You have come a long way since I fav'd some of your earlier stuff. Jeebus you're looking great.
AzKai's avatar
Jeeze you always pull me back into pixel art whenever I look at your amazing work!!!! :)
muravei's avatar
Ahh, yes! That's awesome!
AlainGalvan's avatar
Great work Cyangmou, I'm loving the mix of pixel art and SFX like the fireflies!
TwinBlazar's avatar
So when is this game gonna get released?
Cyangmou's avatar
Dpends on a lot of things

Basically if the KS-campaign we currently run will be successful we can boost the development speed by a lot
Our goal in case of success is set to March 2016 - although that means PC/Mac/Linux version and the basic game.

Then we have stuff we want to implement like Online Multiplayer which might take longer and will be added as free add-on.

Ports usually also take a while and are costly. If we don't reach the stretchgoals, we either have to look for other possibilities while development or check if it's somehow possible via sales.

If we don't get funded at all it might take a lot longer.
ePu3's avatar
are u going to be on steam?
Cyangmou's avatar
yup, game got greenlit.
Pix3M's avatar
Aha, you put plenty of effort into the transparency of the water. I like.
Cyangmou's avatar
water should look like water. For that style it looked bette rto focus on the transparency and don't use plain blue.
darellano-art's avatar
wow I like the enviroment, lights and the reflections, very cool
terff's avatar
Really looking forward to this game!  Nice work so far!
...Wait a second while I get my jaw from the floor...
jawdrop revamp 
RyanSilberman's avatar
This looks beautiful :D
horserax's avatar
oh i particually like this enviroment! looks like it has the potental for alot of cool puzzles too!
Cyangmou's avatar
will see how much stuff we will be able to build in. I don't think the game will lend itself to a lot of puzzles to proceed, but additional puzzles for additional rewards or alternative rooms/paths might be rewarding.
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