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Tower 57 - toll station

By Cyangmou
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Finally had the chance to do a house piece again, this time it's one which even should make it in a game.
I poured a lot of effort into it, it took took a ton of time, but the most important thing is that I also had a lot of fun with it and wanted to share it with you guys :D

Development is proceeding really well, I already made a ton of progress this month and  everything runs smoothly according to plan.
The next devlog update will get released in about 11 days.

-Kickstarter Trailer (from August 2015)
-Tower 57 on Twitter
-Development News

Pixwerk by CyangmouTower 57 - Logo by Cyangmou

Waterspout by CyangmouDr Cool's Cream-Truck by Cyangmou

And this was effectively my last "housepiece" (which wasn't intented as a pure tileset) from 2012:
Steampunk House by Cyangmou
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Can I use this in my project? I'll give you the credits, I promise. If you want to know more about my project, take a look at the maps that are on my DA profile :heart:
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Look at the name, this is done for a game already, so no you can't use it.
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I just asked a question, sorry.
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Woooow! It's stuning!
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You crazy bastard.
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yeah that was quite intense in terms of workload.
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Awesome! You've good drawing skills.:) Keep moving forward:)
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thanks a lot, hope I will :D
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Great! Love the round roof in the middle.
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cool, put a lot of effort in that. ROund stuff is always hard to pixel
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I like unusual and peculiar buildings in games such as stations and tolls, they're rare
and do I need to say this piece is fantastic? nope
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feels great though
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this is fantastic
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Wow really cool! Your effort definitely paid off.
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