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Tower 57 - grenades

By Cyangmou
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Another week and Benitosub updated the Devlog of Tower 57.
Thought I'd be a cool thing to show off the grenades I animated, there are a few more things in the log which also aren't fully polished yet, but the project is coming along nicely.

Devlog Update
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I need to start following the devlog :0
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oh hey, didn't know you were back again. It seemed you went black for quite a while.
noticed all your comments -thanks =)
and yeah following the devlog might be best, because I post a very low amount of gifs here.
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I rarely sign into DA cause it's always so slow loading for me. It's really only this site that gives me such trouble...

But yes; thank you. I would like to see more gifs so I'll check it out.
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luckily that really changed over the years - nowadays most games feel really fluid and smooth, compared to some retro games which felt good back then, but if they would get compared to actual productions, it's obvious that they have aged.
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wow u animated the dynamite at different angles!!
nice work as usual *thumbs up*
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yo animated to fit all 8 directions.
Thanks Decroded.
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Dat's from the stream. They've killed the poor cargo loader T_T
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Love it! Though, honestly, I thought the forklift was going to explode when you moused over it x3
The explosion is tight. The barrel explosion ain't too shabby either.
I'm also pretty excited about the interface too. The movement seems to be very fluid - the turning doesn't look too unnatural.
I can't wait to see the finished product!
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well actually the forklift can explode, but the destruction system needs some finetuning regarding how often you have to hit something until it breaks.
There is a gif on IndieDB and TIGSource showing off the destruction of the forklift =)
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Oh cool! I'll check it out x3
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Holy shit that looks good
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If you like it make sure to check out the Devlog (link in the description)
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Kind of curious, how are you handling the player look direction w/movement combined? Are the legs a separate piece and the legs facing accordingly or are you doing it all in one piece with an animation set for each of the cardinal directions?
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Upper and Lower body are seperated. YOu can move in one direction while shooting in another and it will look completely believable.
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Super rad, thanks! I've been starting a contra style game with some friends in my  offtime and I've been trying to figure out the best way to do the body pieces, so it helps seeing what others are doing! :D

Also definitely looking forward to when yas finish this, keep up the fantastic work! ^_^
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depends always a lot on the gameplay and the projection of the game and what effects you want to achieve.
A single sprite is the simplest thing to pull off, every "extra" gets more time consuming.
Different kinds of games need different solutions for their graphics.

The next update will come for sure =)
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Grenade out !!!! 

This is nuts - loving the style you're bringing to this dark world.
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then I am pretty sure you also like the sawblade gun in the newest update =)
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Looking super fantastic Cyangmou! Does the gradient light follow the character around or he just happens to be standing on an illuminated spot?
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well it does follow the character.
We still have to decide if that light will be smooth or a gradient - and if it's a gradient we havve to decide if it will have the same pixel ratio as the background tiles.y
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I want to hire you so badly.
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I'm guessing this guy's bald and wearing nothing but shorts because he'll have a customizable look later, but everything including the player character looks stellar and, if I haven't already said so, great work!
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