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Tower 57 - grande explosion

A big explosion I did for Tower 57, which will be used for big ka-booms.
I Had lots of fun with the preliminary studyies how those explosions work and I guess it shows in the 24fps effect.


Tower 57 - Logo by CyangmouWaterspout by CyangmouDr Cool's Cream-Truck by CyangmouTower 57 - Herald Angel Process by CyangmouPixwerk by Cyangmou
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if you put several more frames in, you would probably can compete with Metal Slug explosion effect. :P
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you know this thing is on 24fps like disney movies, while metal slug is at 12fps and the neogeo sometimes has framerate issues.
It's much smoother than metalslug actually if you put them side by side.
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first explosion is displayed with 50ms/frame
second explosion is displayed with 30ms/frame
means whoever build together the gifs made them a lot faster, than what was displayed on the NeoGeo.
It still looks ok if it's displayed with double speed (feels a tad fast though), and is not showcasing how the crators lied out the speed.
so sure those look as fluid as mine.

mine is displayed with 40ms/frame. As fluid like those speeded up ones, but the difference is that mine is actually intented for that speed.

And if you played Metal Slug on an arcade, you might remember that the framerate sometimes even dropped.
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*take a closer look* are right. Sorry. :P
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your pixels are amazing! You inspire me so!!
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Inspiring work  :)   Noticed your great work via here…

Very slick explosion by the way.
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checked out the link and yah, currently we are working on getting everything for a playable demo done, so by then it should be clearer how it plays =)
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Just lovely :)
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That was too loud. My eardrums are broken. I don't think I heard that- What?
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ka-boom =)
hope it also will feel that great in game if you blow up multiple things =)
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Looks really cool ^^ I like that smoke
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I can hear in my head the MMX5 explosion sound everytime it loops!!!... awesome! and it resembles Metal Slug too, nice explosion ;)
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yeah metal slug has some of the most awesome pixel art which is around. Definitely a great source for study, although I also have a lot of other references as well - also real life video footage.
Metal Slugs explosions are also not really far away from realism, I am still wondering if they rotoscoped it or not.
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what made this explosion, grenade?
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grenades, rockets and explosive barrels currently.
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that must be a pussy rocket for an explosion like that.
The best way is for the explosion of a rocket to sort of ricochet
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can't look at your diagram, but would be pretty interested in seeing it. Maybe you could upload it via imgur?

and it's more a swarm of small rockets, than a single big one.
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Is it, an airstrike or a multiple tubes launcher?

It's sort of crude, but yeah
The red line is the rocket, and the blue is where it would go if it bounced, but instead, that's where the explosion is propelled. Black is just an outline of what the explosion might look like
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