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Tower 57 - Monorail Column Process

Little process animation I captured for one of the countless setpieces I am currently creating for my game Tower 57.

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Pixwerk by CyangmouTower 57 - Logo by Cyangmou

Waterspout by CyangmouDr Cool's Cream-Truck by CyangmouTower 57 - grande explosion by Cyangmou
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your process is really nice cyan, may i ask a little question?

how does gesture works? i find it pretty hard from gesture to desing sketch, do you know somewhere i can learn or study this?
anyways this is pretty nice, cant wait to play this game
Cyangmou's avatar
gesture is just the main flow.
Basically you can study it by drawing humans or animals. Basically you are doing a ton of quick pose sketches with "stickmans" and try to capture the movement.
It also works if you are drawing frames from 2D animations because the keys usually have really exaggerated and well designed poses.
megaa19's avatar
ah, i see now, thanks for the fast reply cyan. dont stop being cool :)
TLTroy's avatar
oooooh jesus, i wish i understood shading like you do
BizmasterStudios's avatar
Very nice to see your process. 
Boefjim's avatar
Shading is where the real magic comes from! ^_^
Felixader's avatar
Huh that gesture thing - do you use it to quickly, like, get "the feeling" of the image/idea in your head onto the "paper". I don't know if this question makes sense to you, sorry. :-P
Cyangmou's avatar
gesture basically sets the main rhythm of the image. While proportions and forms get refined throughout the process and mostly take out dynamic angles, it serves as a very rough "guideline".
But since this is a metal column it' s not as important as if you'd draw humans or animals with dynamic posing.
However I think it is highly useful, and I am using it for nearly every drawing to roughly nail down the general flow.
Felixader's avatar
I have you know you have taught a fellow (not as refined as you though) artist a new thing. I mostly work with a roughly palmsized sketch beforehand. I will now add the gesture thing to my tools, it sounds really compelling. :-P
Cyangmou's avatar
cool that it inspired you =D
Felixader's avatar
I already used it this morning to quickly scribble some basic ideas from a dream into my notebook. :-P
junthegamer's avatar
Great job as always cyan, keep it up!
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