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Tower 57 - Main Menu - Animated Mockup

By Cyangmou
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Here you can see the Tower57 Main Menu which I designed, illustrated and animated.

This menu will be the first impression the player will get of the game and I tried to come up with an interesting design which also takes advantage of the feel of the game.
I wanted to give the player the feel that he is in one of the countless elevators of the Tower and a glance out of the elevator window, foreshadowing what might come.

Tower 57 is a pixelart twinstick shooter which takes place in a 1920's retro-future world.
you can follow the games Devblog over at IndieDB

Tower 57 - Hexapod by CyangmouTower 57 - grande explosion by CyangmouTower 57 - Flamethrower Animation by Cyangmou
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© 2015 - 2020 Cyangmou
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i have it already, i just haven't played it yet
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Reminds me of skull girls XD 
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The concept of this game alone sounds really interesting to me. :D

Can't wait to see what else is planned for this.
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THe kickstarter campaign will launch on August 3rd 2015 - until then we have a countdown - and then we have kickstarter updates.

How much is feasible depends of course on the amount of funding we can secure.
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Ah, I see. Well good luck with the rest of the game development. :D
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Wow even the background is amazing!
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Overall looks fantastic however I must say I am not a fan of how the lighting looks. It feels like it makes all your glorious pixels blurry.
The animations are nicely done.
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the gif capture actually cut the lighting down to 256 colors, while in the game the effects are smooth.
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Ah in that case it probably looks a lot better in game. :)
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Looks awesome! Great job!
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I really hate menus that don't show you all the options. It's a basic UI no-no that some games seem to insist on having. However, this look nice and I like how the view rises and falls.
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it always depends.
usually you look through the menu 1 time.
His has a little positive feedback since the player can play around and gets a reward (moving bg)
Then you need the options like 1 time for this game, most likely if you set it up.
in 99% of the cases you either will use 1,2 or 3 which need 3 clicks to reach (fast) or you can directly open them via the keyboard commands (maybe even per special buttons)
In fact on consols you also hve to choose via joystick.

So just from the UI design it shouldn't be handled too badly.
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love the Cyperpunk design of background buildings, lots of details there.
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yeah they came out nicely, considering tha tthey are just flat shapes
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Now, that is what I call a “creative menu” =) ! Two things I notice:

 1. When the cursor reaches "6. Quit", 1/3 from "1. Local game" is cut off, while the others don't do that...
 2. ... besides when you're on "1. Local game" itself, which cuts the 6 from "6. Quit"out.

If you can fix those tiny issues, it would be perfect =) !

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Ah damn you are right - haven't spotted this myself.
I will ask benito for sure to fix it and make a new gif version.
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Daaaaaaaang. Awesome as always XD
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