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Tower 57 - Logo

Logo done for my current project Tower57

Check out the Devlog

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Hey you used the gaslight font! Sweet, this looks great
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This game looks beautiful
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thanks a lot.
Hope you will have the chance to play it at a con, or you will buy it once it's out =)
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this seems like its going to be a ridiculously cool game
Cyangmou's avatar
hopefully it will get cool.
We posted an update just a few days ago and currently working on the first level.…

also if you have twitter, you an follow us there - we occasionally post small bits of news there
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Whoa!!!! Such an amazing work! You could make an 8-bit version of Bioshock! I really liked the game and Ayn Rand's books ^^ now I'm a fan of your work too:clap: 
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it's actually for a "16-bit styled" (not the exact restrictions but close enough) retro-future shooter while I don't post a lot about the gameplay stuff here at Deviantart you can find a lot about the game here: Tower57 Tigsource Thread

The most interesting thing for me about Bioshock in connection with Rand's work is, (Levine build a lot on Atlas Shrugged and the utopy of Atlantis) that Rand satirically shows in Atlas Shrugged "what's wrong with the world" and Levine showed with Bioshock satirically what could go wrong with Utopia.
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Omigosh yes yes YES! Bioshock's Rapture was the nightmarish mirror of Rand's Atlantis and the game made me realize her major flaw in the theory of objectivism. Also I really like the anagrams and the subtle references of her books mentioned in the narratives in the game, it was like an easter egg hunt and finding them made me too happy. I died at Infinite tho, I didn't have the strength to continue in Burial at Sea :iconlazepoolplz:

Also I checked the link you've sent me and the game looks hella awesome! I'll definitely support this however I can ^^
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I have to admit that I am a much bigger fan of the Fountainhead, than of Atlas shrugged - I won't even recommend Atlas shrugged, because it seems to me purely satirical.
Atlas shrugged has imo too much simplification and black/white painting if it comes to the characters. A lot of the dialogues in it seem to circle around the same core problem, just with really slightly alterations and the conclusion leaves very little space for interpretation. Some chapters in that book rather read like propaganda and especially if we look at other idealistic ideas like communism or similar stuff, that wonderful painting in Atlas shrugged won't work in reality, esp. not over generations - which is what Bioshock took up.
The Fountainheads main characters are all idealistic and ambitious. What I really like about that book is that it leaves a lot of space for interpretation and it shows that there are multiple way to reach a goal - of course reaching a goal is also connected to some sacrifices and so the characters all sacrifice something which might be important to them. Keating sacrifices his free will and does what everyone expects, Roark makes his own life hard as hell because he is to idealistic. Dominique sacrifices her happyness because she can't stand up to her true feelings in the society, Wynand sacrifices his integrity in order to make money and rule - somewhere between Toohey and Keating, Kameron reached everything and lost it again, which is tragic. Guy Francon never achieved fulfillment through his work and Toohey uses his intelligence to manipulate everyone around him - but all of them are really similar.
The most interesting part, which I think hits the nail on the spot although is the "publicity part" or the group were the theater critic says "everybody will think it is good, because I say so" - and the media takes care of the rest - and especially if you read it more than one times all the early ideas make a lot more ssense if you already know the whole picture.
I think it's a very interesting story about failure, falling down, but standing up and trying again - and this on multiple scales and out of multiple perspectives - and more importantly - there is no "judgment" or propaganda part, only the judgment through the situations the characters maneuvered themselves into through their decisions.

Infinite was for me not really a Bioshock.
I consider Bioshock 1 as the only real Bioshock. THe other ones are... sequels which capitalize on visuals or single mechanics which obviously worked in the first part.
Bioshock 2 looked like Bioshock, it was bigger, in my eyes it's even the best part of the series if it comes purely to the gameplay, but it just lacked everythin if it comes to the depth of the world and the characters.
Infinite takes up dimensions and physics. But I disagree with Infinite just on so many levels. It has nothing to do with anything I liked in the first Bioshock.
All the characters are in my eyes just pathetic and don't have a theme for their acts.
Infinite just slaps the label of "greatness" on Columbia while Columbia is blandly wrong - there need no explanations to be found to see that it is questionable, but that's maybe due to it's popcorn performance.
Infinite is nationalistic/chauvinistic, which is a very valid idea and can be turned exceptionally well in a horror story and there is also ton of very interesting source material which explains why it can get scary, manipulative and horrendous .

Infinite also got hyped on a major scale, that's most probably the biggest problem, because it was developed for a more mainstream audience and not developed because there wa ssomething to say.
The material of gameplay the showed off n the first demos was much more exciting and innovative than what we received in the end.
The start of the game was slow.
There were very few things which would challenge the player to think about the game, again - it was a popcorn performance.
Infinite tells its core part of the story literally just through the long outro - While this is a nice "gag" we already know from the first game and was there because it had to be there, to justify the name, the game had aside that nothing from Bioshock.

I don't played Burial at Sea either, because that felt to me like another slap in the face, which was like "ah so you people liked Rapture more, and you like Elizabeth, so let's have Elizabeth in rapture" I literally just facepalmed.

I really don't think Bioshock is only just about Rapture or Big Daddies, or other visual stuff - despite that might be the most obvious to many.
It's a game which requires that the player thinks on his own - and a lot of other games I value e.g. like Metroid Prime and Dark Souls meet those requirements.  
I think what makes "Bioshock" (the first part great) great is the feeling of integrity this game because all just underlines and strenthens the very basic concept of true horror. And the more you just look around in the game the more scary it actually becomes - and even if it's just a headline at a paper.
The horror of Bioshock is caused through a bizarre mirror of twisted greatness and that is achieved by ideas and characters which are in line with their beliefs and are very Randish in their roots, the same goes for the world.
All of that is mixed with a fair portion of Lovecraft. You can't ecape, you are being watched, manipulated by something bigger and you eventually don't even have a free will at all - and that mixture just worked extraordinarily well for that single game. I don't like the sequels at all.
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Ahhhh, I want to play this so badly!
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I want to have something playable so badly too =)
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Turned out pretty great! Really like the font style and the perspectives in the image. The color choices gave it a nice classic feel, and the highlights made the lettering pop. Nice work! :D
Cyangmou's avatar
thanks for all you comments Lanarky, really appreciate that you often take the time to write something =)
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- Reminds me of Bioshock : o -
Cyangmou's avatar
That's good =)

I have a strong love for 1900-1960, craftmanship, capitalism, skyscrapers, trains, human heroism, the reasonable mind, science and the bizarre.
Therefore I love Ayn Rands novels.
The first part of Bioshock which is made up out of a lot of the elements above plus Rand really fascinates me too, exactly the same as all the other productions which use similar elements, but aren't as popular as Bioshock is right now.
CraftyPixel's avatar
- Never heard of Ayn Rands before, but that's cool : ). I love their style of design a lot. -
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Ayn Rand is a writer and philosoph of the 20th century (1905-1982).
The visual style is known as "Art Deco" which was practised around 1920-1940. Practically it's one of the very first styles one could consider as "modern".
It lives from strong planar and angular designs while it also has ornamental triangles, straight lines and circles, which makes it quite detailled compared to nowadays style architecture/furniture.
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Bankir Retro font? Wink/Razz is cool logo :happybounce: Clap 
Cyangmou's avatar
No, but there are dozens of art deco styled fonts around.
I love the angularity of most of them =D
Sicilium's avatar
clear - well, then good luck with further arts
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Very well done.

Some criticism - I honestly thought it was tower 51 rather than 57. Maybe just extend that slightly. Also not certain about the rest of the tiles in the game but this logo doesn't really feel like it fits the 'vibe' of the other tiles.

Superb work though and I'll keep an eye on the dev blog
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yeah will do something about the readbility of that.
The logo has to fit to all levels of the game, docking bays aren't that classy =D
Ultimaodin's avatar
Oh, so there are some more classy levels. Now I am further intrigued. :3
Cyangmou's avatar
currently we are working on a complete demo level, but if everything goes smooth there should also be some upper floors with different tiles =)
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