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Tower 57 - Fire Grenades

By Cyangmou
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We were working on different grenade types, currently we added next to the normal grenades fire grenades and electro grenades.

As always there is more information and more gifs in the devlog update:
IndieDB Tower57

Tower 57:

Tower 57 - Logo by CyangmouTower 57 - grande explosion by CyangmouTower 57 - Hexapod by CyangmouTower 57 - Flamethrower Animation by CyangmouTower 57 - grenades by Cyangmou
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best of luck to the team!
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thanks =)
new update is out btw
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You honestly have no clue how excited I am for this game.
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thanks. WIll post an update at devart as soon as something playable is available.
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Looks really awesome!
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The individual flame sprites look good, but the later half of the gif looks weird, when the fire has spread out. It is not clear where the boundary of the are that is on fire is, and it also looks like flames are popping in and out of existence.
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well fire has an area effect in the game.
While maybe being not 100% realistic with the hitboxes and the visuals it fulfills the current gameplay goals.
But once more parts of the game are finished we might go back and tweak/improve/polish certain parts to get the perfect balance between gameplay and the supporting visuals.
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My guess it's because thats how flame and explosions used to look in old action games, like contra for NES
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I love coins and bouncing box the most!  Did you draw box animation by hand?
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The white flashing effect really contributes a lot. For a personal crit, imho I feel as if the health pack is a bit too fast (I'm sure a second opinion would say otherwise), everything still has a fantastic quality to it.
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Seconding the health animation speed thing, that's also something that caught my eye. I feel like, instead of making it slower, it could rest for longer in between the spins or make a single bounce between each spin.

And yes, white flashes are amazingly visceral. Maybe you could even get away with drawing the box on top of the fire during flashes.

...sry for backseat designing.
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the white flashing is one of those videogame effects which give a pretty good feedback for interaction and showing that you are doing damage.
Without it it's kinda obscure and there are quite a few games around (especially on nes) where the absence of this effect makes games really hard, because it leaves doubt if you really hit something.

Editing the frame delays isn't to hard, but for now we wanted to have a really catchy impression for important collectibles which ensure that you can play on - like the healthbox is
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Cyang man I really like your color choice plus this looks promising as hell, rock on bro.
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thanks =)
hope the updating goes along as well as during the last weeks =)
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Looks legit. I'm surprised the player isn't immolated by the flames that engulf him, but the flame are awesome all the same. Keep up the great work.
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the player burns. Can'tr really see it on that gif because of the cut.
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The effect looks great, but I don't understand it.

Does the fire grenade set things on fire before it even explodes?
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the fire grenade adds fire to stuff.
In this case the box explodes because the healthpoints of it reached zero - caused through the fire.
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Oh, lol ^^ That should have been clear to me :P
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That is grand, the cascading effects!
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he's so badass he can trow granades with the power of hes mind
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