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The Mummy Demastered - 26

Public Building Hall

I put far too much time into this one.


This game was created by Wayforward Technologies for Universal Studios.
I worked on it as freelance bg artist throughout 2017, it got released on 24.10.2017
everything I show off was painted by me, I will upload more in the coming days/weeks.

you can buy the game here:…
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Nice take on The Natural History Museum
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Original London, bc. the movie/game plays in London =)
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Damn, if you continue this, I'm gonna have to make part 2 of the tumblr post with your backgrounds. These are breathtaking! I'm afraid I won't care much for the game and its gameplay, but now I feel I have to give it a go just to see the art in its place. Actually, some time ago I discovered that's an actual thing, game tourism: One YouTube series on this note is Other Places. For example, I really appreciated seeing The Witcher 3, has the same kind of landscapes we're used to in our parts of Europe around the alps (although mostly towards France, but I can find much resemblance to Slovenia/Austria as well.… Anyway, that was a bit of an off-topic. I'll have to go visit your art in the game for the same reason.
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got 4 left to post up to 30.
Feel free to share as much as you want of it on Twitter / your page.
I didn't have anything to do with the game / gameplay, I literally just painted the backgrounds and delivered the elements of what I am showing here.
And yes, game tourism is a thing, "themepark" games as well.
And sure, the Witcher is a very Polish product. It has a lot of Polish values and worldviews in it, and of course the world looks a lot like Poland's old medieval stuff =) It's currently one of the greatest games around in terms of realistic feeling fantasy.
Still all of the games are fantasy, if you ever saw true mountains, a game just won't do it =D
But yeah, if you think the game is worth buying for the art, sure do that.

Thanks Matej,
I appreciate your posts, and your news and everything you do a whole lot. Please keep it up =)
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This took time and it shows.
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yeah I think so. Thanks for commenting =)
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even more so once you see it after some really claustrophobic hallways in the game =)
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then that means it'll have a huge impact on the player
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"I put far too much time into this one."
That's okay, because it shows some loving amounts of detail...once again, excellent work!
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