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The Mummy Demastered - 23

By Cyangmou
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Submerged Ruins
Underground Templar Ruins


This game was created by Wayforward Technologies for Universal Studios.
I worked on it as freelance bg artist throughout 2017, it got released on 24.10.2017
everything I show off was painted by me, I will upload more in the coming days/weeks.

you can buy the game here:…
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every now and then life can get you down.
but then you come back and gaze at gorgeous pixels like this and everything is OK again
Very nice pixel art! Clap 
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This is gorgeous~
I love the fading ripple effect on the water especially!
[Statue's really cool too]
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This game is on my "want to play" list. I love metroid-vanias and this one seems pretty up my alley.

This game looks like the only good thing to come out of the Tom Cruise movie... Mostly because Tom Cruise isn't in it. ;p
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As I mentioned earlier, I am just pretty much into Castlevania and I liked the old Mummy movies (which were a lot more adventure/Indiana Jones like)
The press says it's the best movie license game since a long time, but I only had my hands involved in the background art side of things.

So if it looks good,k that's cool, it's the part I did on the project =)
And Wayforward is the developer.
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Man, I'm loving these pieces. I'll eventually end playing the game.

This is really inspired from Castlevania SOTN. Or maybe I'm being dumb and it just look similar to us. Haha
Amazing pieces.
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Yeah inspirations are from Castlevania, COjntra, Metal Slug and all the 2D games I think which are great looking.
I mean it's not "ripped off" but very clearly inspired - I rather wanted to recreate the visual feel those games gave me as I played  them first time.
Actually if you put them next to each other, the difference will be pretty clear, but yes, I fully intented to rather speak to the memories =)
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