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The Mummy Demastered - 17

By Cyangmou
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London Underground
vertical shafts
I always wanted to create my own version of the classic Castlevania staircase backgrounds, even cooler if that gets then used in an actual game.
But I wanted to do more with light and depth and push it graphically as far as possible.


This game was created by Wayforward Technologies for Universal Studios.
I worked on it as freelance bg artist throughout 2017, it got released on 24.10.2017
everything I show off was painted by me, I will upload more in the coming days/weeks.

you can buy the game here:…
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Almost a shame it's for a game... I hope you are locked in these rooms for hours and hours (or backtracking)  and its not a run n gun !! 
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t's a metroidvania type of game, so you backtrack to the same rooms some more times.
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AH nice, so people appreciate it :) 
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wow! That's nice!
Did you use a limited palette or just whatever color you needed?
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limite dramp length but not really limited. Tried to stay within 128-256 colors though for the overall style impression this game should communicate.
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Truly beautiful. Congrats!
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Stunning use of the colour.
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This is very eye-catching, good job. The thumbnail was irresistible :P
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yeah one of the "lovecraft green light" areas =D
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Reminds me of the ninja turtles
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it's an underground station after all :D
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this is awesome, dude!! 
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