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The Mummy Demastered - 09

By Cyangmou
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The Forest Area
This area was the first one I painted for the project and with this one I had complete creative freedom and wasn't tied to anything existing.
I decided to go with a bright fullmoon night, you are in the outskirts of the forest, surrounded by massive old trees, while in the background you get a sense of the deeper woods. 


This game was created by Wayforward Technologies for Universal Studios.
I worked on it as freelance bg artist throughout 2017, it got released on 24.10.2017
everything I show off was painted by me, I will upload more in the coming days/weeks.

you can buy the game here:…
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Since when is a licensed movie game this much better than the movie itself? :)

Im playing this now and having a good time. Excellent work on the artwork! All of the backgrounds really works well. I really like the moonlit pine trees here

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A big part of the team just was excited to work on a game of this type, the IP lend itself well for the setting and Wayforward has a lot of experience with metroidvania type games.

It's a shame how hard the movie bombed - if the movie would have been better, the game probably also would have sold much better.

Thanks. Glad you like the artwork.

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I like wayforward. Noticed them from realizing yacht club games team used to work there and then I played Shantae and thr pirates curse and wanted to play more of their stuff. Seems a fun pöace to work with the amount of fun platformers they get out!

The movie really would have needed better chemistry between lead actors. I love Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser in the first two movies. Great stuff. Tom Cruise isnt quite the same goofball.

Have gotten a fair bit in the game now and its good fun. Nice pixel art throughout!

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This is the Smurfs SNES game seen through nostalgia goggles…
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yeah definitely.
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Beautiful work, I love how you did the trees and the color scheme is lovely
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thanks a lot,
And also thanks for all your comments, really reassuring and I appreciate them a lot =)
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Beautifully done night scene, it's bright enough for gameplay and still looks like night. Kudos—as always! :)
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Yeah it has been a bit of fiddling with the colors, to get a really good readability, but also the right mood. It's not very realistic, but indeed sufficient for what the level is about.
Thanks a lot for everything Matej and keep up your awesome news vids.
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I love you added mist. It somehow ties all the elements together!
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you just need to have mist for that magical eerie atmosphere =)
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Otherwise it would look like a normal forest.
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Agreed - the mist is my favorite part.
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