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Templars Rest

It's a little piece which made me super happy, because I simply took the time to create it and it felt really good, because
recently I focused lately too much on freelancing and other stuff than personal art.

I felt since a long time that I wanted to go back to animated pixelart, knights and foresty environment.

It's a templar and his trusty stallion, resting in the woods on a windy day.

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I like a lot your work.

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So cute and chill!

Lovely. :)
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Mate, this is so smooth! I once saw this stream where the streamer was trying to create a moving pixel piece. It almost seems excruciating to make!
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Really depends on the skill of the animator, but also frame by frame animation usually takes long to make.
On the other hand I think the feeling you get from well 2D animation is a completely different one than from a 3d animation. SO it's an artistic choice.
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lol Hopefully Mary will show up for him
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I'm in love! Great art!
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That's incredible!!
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Deus *yawn* vult
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Technical question: Were the colours in the knight's armour and horse's face (along the bridge of the nose) intentionally matched to the tree?

It's funny because you can imagine it being uncomfortable for anyone sitting on the ground wearing armour but one can also imagine sleeping, the way you've presented it.  Nice job.
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They were matched to green because metal would reflect the green around, realistically it also could reflect blue.
But green here was imo the nicer choice, bc. it contrasted nicer with the red and the overall scene impression.

The goal also was not necessarily to have a super realistic rest, but rather sell that magical feeling of some quiet moment. And I wanted the character to be immediately recognized as knight, so he kept his helmet =)
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cute and peaceful
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Wooow, this is so amazingly well made !!!
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Very cool work Persona 4 Yosuke Gif icon 
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Nice, very cute.
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I feel relaxed already...
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