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Seasnake V2

Started with this before I started with Creya but I felt it was too big for my current animation skills. However I finished the animation now. The next thing I'll do is definitely a smaller one with more attention to some general animating things =)

If it comes to the basesprite it's an overworked version of my first seasnake (which I made exactly a year before). In this short year I improved a lot, I got faster with spriting and also my general art skills are on a completely different level now.
The basesprite (without animation) took me about 3h of conceptwork and 3h of spriting. I am in average about 2.5 times faster with spriting than a year before.
(here is the link to the old version which was also my first non-tiled piece of pixel-art) [link])
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Queria criar esta imagem? Posso usá-lo no meu jogo comercial? 
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Wow very simple colors yet so
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Is there a special program you use, or can this be done in photoshop? If so, HOW??? Nothing changes frame to frame. Edit frame 1, it edits frame 2. Edit frame 2, it edits frame 1.
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it's a handrawn animation, just done in pixelart.
It's made with the same animating process like any hand animated movie is drawn, again just with pixelart.
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But how the Fickelly Dickelly Flakker-Forsaken FAQ do I animate on Photoshop???
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I don't use PS to animate, but using google might help you to find a tut.
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Idk what is this thing
but bring me more!

good job!!!
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the sad thing is that the interesting designs take long to design and the huge animated pieces take quite a while to create and the thing I could need most right at the moment would be a lot of time =D
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): i know that feel bro i used to sprite
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How do you animate it?
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frame by frame. Pretty much like a traditional animation.
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That was obvius, i was saying how, wich program do you use XD
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back then I used gimp. THese days I am using Graphics Gale for all my animations.
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How did you put the animation together? Its AWESOME!
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Oh this is beautiful~
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Cool mouth, it looks very alien!
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do the snake shake! *sea snake does it's movement*
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great work  !!!!
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those cute little arms >w<
Fantastic detail! A+
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